Sunday, December 25, 2011

Romance and Romantica Short Stories Free Online

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~ One Night of Passion...Is All That Is Needed to Change Two Hearts Forever

(Found on this Site)

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~ A Forbidden Love ...So Powerful They Will Do Anything To Save It

(Found at Pages of Romantica Blog)
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~ Seductive Deception ...Lies and Love Buried within Fiery Erotic Passion

(Found at Erotic Pages of Romance)

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  1. love is what we get and is sacred.......... a girl is really happy when she gets her real BOYFRIEND.... and at that moment shes ready to sacrifice anything for him. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so very very much! Love makes us do crazy things. I agree, Shenaz sacrificing everything for your true love is sometimes the only thing we can do.



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