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Where do all these stories come from? Answer, I don't know. I have dozens of them stored on this computer, a second computer and a third I lost in a house fire a year ago, my USB, and written in notebooks and yes, even a on few pieces of the kids homework.

I have learned over the past three years that when I get an idea for a story line to quickly grab whatever is closest to me and get it out of my head. The ramifications of not doing this, for me anyway, are maddening. In the beginning I use to put it off until the house was quiet and all the kids were in bed. By doing this it would haunt me all day. Scratching at me like an itch I wasn't able to satisfy. I now have stories lines written on some pretty odd things. Last year I wrote out an entire storyline on the back of one of my son's homework pages. I don't stop to look at what I'm grabbing most of the time. I xeroxed a new copy for him and he was fine, poor kid. It was after this that I went out a bought a huge stack of folders and filled them with blank notebook paper. This way when I feel the urge to write I have them on hand. I also carry post-its in my purse and shoved some in the glove box of both cars and the truck.

Most of the time it will start with one character and sometimes it ends up being a secondary character. This was how my first novel "Surrendering" came to life. It was Devon's grandmother Grams, who introduced herself to me. That old woman was gibber jabbering around inside my head for a week before I put her to paper. Out of this novel also came Landon Fields and Brook O'Brien for the second novel in the saga "The Temptation of a Kiss".

I realize by admitting my characters talk to me I sound crazy but, truth is truth. In all honesty, it is these characters that tell the story not me. I am merely the hands that type their words to life. I never understood when other authors give advice on what to do when a story line is not working and they say just forget the story and start over. With that said I think I am lucky in that way I guess. There have been times I did not like where a story was going and changed it only to find myself a few hours later deleting everything I have rewritten. For me fighting or monitoring what is coming out is never a good thing for me. I write until I'm done or too tired. The next day I reread what I had typed and very few times I add something or switch things around a little. Mostly what you read in all my stories is what came out the first time in one sitting.

I am clueless to where the stories come from and have learned the hard way to listen and just write. For me, my family will be the first to point this out, I go into a writer's trance and the world around me falls away. I do not hear anything going on. I have 3 teenagers, one 6 month old grandson, a husband, 4 dogs, and one pissed off cat most of the time and they all disappear when I am writing. It is safe to say when my house caught fire had no idea until it got so smoky I couldn't see the computer screen. True!

Sometimes I get a story line idea from a song or a line in a movie.  Most of the time it comes to me when I lay my head down to sleep. I suggest to anyone who is thinking about writing a romance novel or any kind of novel, to just sit down and start typing or writing it out on paper. It will come to you. Listen to others conversations for ideas on a story line.

Character Development. The odd mysterious journey into my head and meeting some of these people can be confusing. I find that every story I write has many people in them. Most of the time there are the two main characters and before I know it there are 7 to 15 other second and third characters running around in and out of my chapters. I believe the reader has to feel every little thing the characters are as they read. I think my stories are very emotional driven and I also have a heavy amount of dialogue.

Not to long ago I was watching a show about physic mediums. She had said when the spirits talk to her they all do it at once and want a turn to speak. The funny thing was is that is how I feel when I'm writing. Every time I start writing a dialogue they all have a comment or opinion to insert.

Hooks are key for any story worth telling. A strong griping hook is usually how my story ideas come to me. A heated jealous man question the woman he loves or two lovers running for their lives. I also try to end each chapter with a hook as well. My short story weekly chapter readers I believe are not happy with this. I get comments and emails often about it. I am in love with the fact others out there love my stories and characters as much as I do.

The all important plot of the story. I never have any clue where my plots are going. I do try my best to make sure all conflicts are resolved by the end of the story. The characters are happy or dead most of the time. On occasion I have left a lose end or two hinting of a second story developing with a secondary character. Example is one of my short stories, "One Night of Passion" Jagger a secondary character was mentioned to have gone missing and readers are asking what happened to him. My reply is always that's another story in it's self.

Writing about sex was easy for me. Some people are uncomfortable with it. I say if you feel too naughty writing it than don't. It will reflect in your writing. Most of my sex scenes always happen to move the story forward.

I am a very sarcastic woman naturally and I see this all over my writing. Humor helps us connect with others. Odd corks a character might have that a reader might have. A weird family member or neighbor. A nosy mother or mother-in-law. A boisterous Grandmother. This is my future goal by the way. I hit age 65 and I'm going to be more me than even I can handle.

If you allow yourself to be free in your writing you would be amazed at what comes out. Try it!

I just proof read this and I do sound crazy ha-ha. It is what it is though. Why fight what you've been given. Just roll with it.

Please feel free to add to anything you feel goes into a romance novel or share your story with us.


  1. I agree about scratching down the terrific words while they are in my head. Once there, I'm like, "OMG that's perfect" but if it's not on paper within 5 minutes they are forever gone and no matter how I try I can't ever find them again.

    I am good with writing the sex action and vocabulary, but I have trouble with the pace, - as usual, it's over too quick. I need to work on more detailed descriptions to make the sex scene last. Any thought on this?

    1. LOL Darian! Over too quickly? hahah oh no. Um if you are writing a sex scene between a male and female have you tried writing it from the woman's POV? Not every sex scene has to be long drawn out sex. I think what makes a great sex scene is the passion you capture between the characters whether it is a one night stand or a couple falling in love. You have to feel what your characters experience in that moment and write every little thing down. Write using all 5 senses.

      Best of luck, Darian. Thank you for commenting. I'd be thrilled if you posted a link so I can read your stories!


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