How To Start Writing When You Do Not Know Where To Start

  I found this great website set up for new writers trying to get a foot in the very heavy large door. They have so many good tips and information all new writers must know before they start the long journey of selling their novel. The website is called Agent Query, so check it out. Agent Query

Justin Larbalestier is funny. His idea of a spread sheet is a good one. He offers advice on characters & plots as well as many other things. How to write a novel

Ginny Wiehardt has a list of ten questions and answers on The website will provide you with the link to her site for further advice. The answers are short, but informative. Agent FAQs

Writer Beware site is for writers. It is a must see before you start your quest for an agent or publishing house. Writer Beware  is a source of advise and warnings for writers, especially if you are new to writing. I was surprised how much I was not even aware of about fees, publishing, and agents.

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