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I thought I had kick writer's block ass out but it came back and slapped me in the face BUT I sat down last night and forced myself to just type until something came out of one of the characters from Temptation of a Kiss and now you will be happy to know none of them will shut up again.

Yes I know what's coming next....when will I post? Tomorrow night, that is Sunday night after I have wrote a few chapters so I can give all of you waiting a good long read. This will give me more time to write as you guys read.

I pray I never have writer's block again. It came to the point I thought this story was never going to be finished. I was literly in tears some nights. I hated letting you guys down like this and the guilt was killing me!

Thank you for hanging in there with me everyone :) I'm lucky to have ALL of you!


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Hi Everyone... short story while I have writer's block.

While I am struggling with writers block on The temptation of a Kiss I wrote most of a short story. it is a follow up from One Night of Passion.

Breathless Passions

Jagger Wilds and Ginger Millings

I'll give you a little teaser but WILL NOT post until I have it finshed.

~ Prologue ~

Lord Pennington whipped to face him. With a trembling fist he drew it up. “You will listen to me damn it! he roared.

Jagger stood where he had entered in the doorway and did not move. His calm demeanor and casual lean on the door frame only fueled his father's fury. “What are you two men to gain from this arrangement?” He glanced over to Mr. Millings.

You disobedient bastard. How dare you make a fool of me,” his stepfather screamed.

Jagger let out a loud chuckle. “I believe you do that all on your own, step father Pennington." He leaned forward off the frame and walked over towards the others. He held out a hand and waited for her to take it.

Ginger glanced wide eyed between her grandfather and his father. “I would like a word in private with you, Lady Millings.” Jagger said. “Do not mind them. Take my hand.”

Her eyes met his bright brown eyes. She had only just made his acquaintance but yet felt a level of trust she could not explain. Reaching her hand up she placed it in his. The strength enclosing around her hand gave her an assurance it would be alright. Ginger watched him as she rose to her feet. The stern hard expression he held for the two men in the room only moments earlier fell away as he smiled at her.

He led her out the doorway and down the hall. With her hand still in his Jagger held her with a secure grip. “There is no need to tremble, Lady Millings." His tone was softly low as he rubbed his thumb over the top her knuckles.

She glanced up at him. Jagger led her onto the balcony in the rear of the townhouse. “I did not expect the evening to unravel this way. My apologies, Lord Wilds.”

He chuckled quietly. “No apologies necessary tonight. I should have seen this coming from my father. His selfish need to secure a future heir is no shock to me.”

Ginger turned towards the night's sky. “I believe it may have been my grandfather's idea. He has always said he desired for me to marry wealth and preferably to a titled family, which you are.”

Jagger gazed at her dark black hair moving in the breeze. Little wisps of it trailed across her cheek and over her lips. “I want you to know you are not the reason for my refusal. I have just become the age of twenty five and am in no way ready to be a husband to any woman. As beautiful as you are Lady Millings, I will not marry a woman you does not love me.”

Ginger turned to him. “I understand.”

You couldn't be a day over twenty yourself,” Jagger added.

Two months ago,” Ginger said and then laughed softly. Turning back to the stars she let out a long sigh. “To be honest, I am relieved you disagreed with the marriage. It will give me a little more time.”

Time for what?” Jagger asked. His gaze fell back down to her profile. The brilliant light blue of her eyes captured the sparkle of the stars above.

Ginger's eyes fell as she bit up her bottom lip. “Time to find someone who will love me for me I guess. To be forced on a man whom you don't know is.” She paused for a moment. “Degrading and embarrassing.”

Not to mention I'm sure terrifying,” Jagger added.

Yes,” Ginger giggled. “I was so nervous at the thought of meeting you and then to know I was to be introduced and married as fast as possible. Sadly if it is not to be you then my grandfather will soon find another suitor for me.”

No wonder why you were trembling," Jagger said. He couldn't stop staring at her.

Well, that has seemed too subsided now.” She gazed up to him. “Thanks to you,” she said softly. His square jaw clenched and she wanted to reach up and stroke him gently. He was beyond handsome.

How about if we make our own arrangement?” Jagger offered.

An arrangement?” Ginger repeated.

Seeing that you will be pushed off onto the next willing man and I will forever be hounded by my stepfather, what if we agree to tell them we are to marry but not for five or so years from now. If before that time you find your true love I will release you from our engagement.”

Ginger smiled at his idea. “And if you happen to find yourself ready and in love I will be happy to do the same for you.” she said.

“To be truthful, I can't imagine any man not finding himself falling in love with you,” Jagger whispered.

Ginger's heart quickened. “Your words are too kind, Lord Wilds.

Jagger.” He leaned in a little closer. “Please, call me Jagger.”

Alright, Jagger. Call me Ginger,” she said as she inched slightly forward. She couldn’t fight it. A sensual lure was pulling toward him. It was something in his eyes. The way he gazed at her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before, so intense and undeniable. Everything she was feeling was right there in his eyes for her to see. Jagger who are you?

Ginger,” he said as he moved his hand up to her cheek. The tips of his fingers caressed against her soft skin. The heat he felt caused him to pause for a moment. It was intoxicating to feel her.

Yes Jagger,” she finally said gazing into his eyes.

His mouth was just inches away. Telling himself that what he was doing was wrong and reminding himself to stop was to different things. Her breath carried a scent of sweet candy drops and cascaded over his lips with soft tempting gasps. “I'm going to kiss you now.”

Ginger gazed at his tanned skin in the moonlight. His red strong lips beckoned her to them. She had never before been so taken by a man. Growing breathless with passion her eyes slowly closed. “Please,” she whispered as their lips met.


~ Chapter 1 ~

He stared at her waiting. At some point she was going to look over and notice him. Slowly he walked the far outer perimeter of her circle. Jagger knew this day would come and thought of it often.

I would be ever so grateful if you were to accompany me to the art show tomorrow afternoon, Ginger.” Nancy asked with pleading eyes.

Ginger smiled wiry. “I do not think I will be able to schedule that with all the-

Is there any way I might be able to persuade you, Lady Ginger?”

She turned quickly. Nancy's quiet giggles behind her were hidden from no one in attendance. “Marquis Vore, how do you do this evening?” Ginger said as she curtsied before him.
Jagger paused watching the exchange. Is this him?  

I'll post the story when it is complete and NOT before :) 3 more chapters to write making it 13 chapters total.

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I have writer's block!!!

Okay I've recieved enough comments and emails about chapter 18 from Tempation of a Kiss to post this. I have writer's block and do not know how to cure it. This has never happend to me for this long before. HELP!!!!

I've tried writing a few times and either i stare at the screen for an hour and reread past chapters or I write something that has nothing to do with this story and honestly is just shit.

Any suggestions other than taking a walk which I've done, would be helpful.


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Words Whispered So Softly ~ Regency Romantic Story

Passionate Whispers in the Night

The 3rd Novel a Series

Quentin and Hanna

The deepest of desires can at times start with the simplest of whispers. A passionate soft utterance of longing spoken in a moment without any thought to the aftermath of consequences. Once the words escaped past his lips there was no turning away from what he saw in her eyes. Quiet secrets buried within her emerged in a fiery hidden wanton. It took hold of her every thought from that night and every night forth. Time ceased. The earth stilled. The gaze in his eyes told her everything, she was forever going to be his someday.
Coming Winter 2013

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Blogger is not allowing me to comment back to you guys. It is also giving me a hard time with creating links in my posts. I am so sorry. The Temptation of a Kiss story is posted up to chapter 17. I am working on the next 2 chapters and will have them up in the next couple of days.

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments. Your support and valuable feedback is what drives me to keep writing and sharing. For all the readers asking, yes there will be a happy ending so please don't worry :) This story will run to about 30 chapters so we are more than half way there...I think, hahaha.

I will WARN you now the ending is not going to be the typical HEA ending because it will then move into the third Novel in the series, although I am thinking I will write this one and then post it all at once. The passionate comments that I love so very much and am beyond gratful for, about posting the next chapter a.s.a.p for Landon and Brook are making me smile and LOL. Can I hook an ending of a chapter or what? You poor readers! My favorite comment so far was, "Brook is underwater for heavens sake!" Loved it ;)

Big surprises are coming up. I won't reveal anything but you might want to link into the feed on this blog just so you don't miss anything.

Happy Reading Everyone,


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Free romantic stories online The Temptation of a Kiss ~ Chapter 17

~ Chapter 17 ~
Landon was leaning on the railing right outside the french doors. Running his hand up through his hair he let out a long breath. Damn it! How the hell did she know I was here? “Good evening,” he finally said in a low impersonal tone. Good evening? I'm standing outside her door as she sits in a bath and this is all I come up with? Landon cupped his hand over his mouth and shook his head. Idiot.

How long have you been here?” Brook asked but praying it wasn't long enough to hear her conversation with Sarah.

Too long I suppose,” he replied. Little trickles of water falling from her body splashed gently into the water as she sponged along the length of her arm. He could see it all. She looked stunning in the candle lit room. Hair pinned up with nothing but bare skin glistening with water.

Did you happen to start peeping before or after Sarah's arrival?” Brook asked as if she could care either way.

Landon cleared his throat. “Before and I am not peeping.” He did his best to sound serious and somewhat offended by her insinuation.

She could hear his smile in his words. “Oh no? So you are not standing against the railing, I'm assuming, and quietly watching without an idea of what to do from this moment forth?” Brook sat up slightly straighter allowing her breasts to peer above the rim. A grunting noise came from across the threshold of the doors. “What was that, Lord Fields? I did not quite hear you.”

Slow deep breaths was all he could manage. Her full large breasts captivated his gaze as they bounced against the motion of the swirling water around her. I could watch her all night. She's acting as if I was not standing here.

Brook placed the sponge to the back of her neck and wrung the water out over her. Sitting up completely now the rim of the tub revealed everything from her lower waist upward. Letting her head fall back she dipped the sponge into the water and brought it up above her chin and slowly squeezed. “Mm,” she moaned.

He gazed at the steady stream of water splash on her neck and flow down over her chest dripping off her erect nipples. “My god,” he whispered. His mouth was overly wet as he licked his lips. If she pushes this any further I will. His thought seized as Brook reached up and removed the pins holding her hair in place. Thick long red locks fell around her shoulders and down covering her breasts. This is unreal. Wait what is she doing?

She immersed herself under the water and then just as quickly as she descended she emerged up straight. Brushing the bathwater off her face Brook pushed back her hair as well. Slowly licking her wet lips she said, “You may want to take your leave now, Lord Fields. I will have to stand to wash my body soon and do not want to torture you further.”

Torture does not begin to describe what you are doing to me, Red. Brutalize or punish may be better suited words of choice here.

I assure you I will be fine. If you are at all insecure with me standing outside your room than by all means I will not hesitate in bidding you a good night,” Landon said in a steady tone.

Brook was tongue-tied for a trice and then a small giggle escaped out of her. He is challenging me. How amusing…insecure. If it is temptation he desires than it will be a wicked enticement he will endure.

Your presence does not unsettle me in the least bit. I will admit though, I am curious as to why you seem to find yourself in my room or within the proximity of it every night.” Brook wet her sponge again and began to wash her shoulder. “The thought as you have told it is just simply for a silly little kiss does not warrant such behavior.”

Oh no?” he replied.

I would say not,” Brook said. “Is it at all possible you visit nightly in hopes that I will invite you into my bed?”

Landon chuckled. “If it is your bed I desired to be in I would have already been in it, but that is not the reasons.” He shifted from the uncomfortable throbbing that was now verging on painful. If I wasn’t so bloody hard I could play this game all night with her. I cannot believe she is this tempting in such a naughty way. I assumed she would be playful but this is mind blowing.

If I were to ask of your other reasons, would you confess them to me?” Brook’s voice was soft and smothered with a sensual tone that was everything suggestively improper.

He watched her deliberately lean back pushing her chest upwards and to his shock she pressed her delicate hands to her breasts squeezing them both gently together moving in a circular motion.

Taking a few steps forward he suddenly stilled as she rubbed her thumb and finger down to the tips of her nipples and clasped them before releasing. Landon gazed at her mouth parting open. Red supple lips made the most beautiful shape for him. His throbbing length began to dip with needy release. Damn it. Placing his handover himself, Landon pressed his erection against his hip where the tip was uncontrollably seeping through his breeches now. I have never had this happen before. What the bloody hell is she doing to me? I have less self-control then a school boy right now. Landon didn’t move until it stopped. Not a full climax but it was close to it.

Brook’s risqué demeanor was far beyond suggestive and she had never felt more herself or free in her life. If this is to be the one night I am to have with him, than it will be a night he will forever compare against all others after me. Gradually she moved her feet up on the rim of the tub curling her toes over a bit in a seductive playful way. Brook extended one leg upright in the air.

You haven’t yet answered my question, Landon.”

His fists tightened a second at the sound of her voice. He was mere steps away from the door and could see down into the tub where the bubbles were now dissolving. Releasing his fists and ran his hands through his hair a few times before he answered.

I do it to ensure you are safe and the color of your room is soothing,”

Brook giggled. “I truly thought you were going to drop your guard and be forthcoming right now.”

Landon pinched his lips together. What is she asking of me to profess a deep love for her?

She placed her leg back down into the water and lifted the other placing the sponge to her ankle. Long strokes hugged the slender shape of her leg.

I am well aware that you are not interested in pursuing a relationship with me in a public romantic way. And I understand why. What if I were to suggest, that just for one night we could be together with no regrets in the morning?” Brook lowered her leg and trickled the water over her bent knees above the water. “If you can agree to not hold anything back than I will too.”

His mind was racing. Part of him wanted to leave and the other part wanted to tell her everything. What if she cannot forget this night happened? Is it possible for us to do this and still look at each other as nothing more than friends?

Landon stepped in the doorway and stood there. “I do it to be close to you. Watching you sleep makes me feel more alive for some reason and I can’t figure out why. Ever since that night I spent with you I have felt the need to be near you.” He took a step closer and gazed into Brook’s eyes. “I lust after you in the craziest way. I keep thinking if I bed you it will stop but my deepest fear is it won’t.”

Brook gazed at him with a shameless plea of longing. He stood before her barefoot and shirtless. His chest was heaving roughly. Her eyes lowered from his perfect torso to his bulging erection. Obvious effects of her teasing displayed across his breeches and she could not help but smile to herself. Brook rose out of the water.

He slowly walked closer to her. “But the biggest reason is that I might get the chance to kiss you again. The temptation of your lips, your kiss is madding to me.”

Landon’s hand slid around her waist and he pulled her to him leaving no space between them. He watched as her mouth open and a small gasp escaped over her lips. Reaching up he rubbed his thump across her full moist lower lip. “Do you think it to be so silly now, Red? All this for just a kiss.” he said.

Each word trickled out in a low needy rhythm that captivated her wholly. She shook her head no in a barely noticeable way. The sensation of his thumb caressing her was weakening her knees all the sudden. Brook’s hands flew to his broad shoulders.

He moved a little closer with his mouth as his thumb still stroked her lip. Brook could wait no more and closed the distance between them with a hard demanding touch as their lips met. His hands moved to either side of her face and he struggled to slow the kiss but as hard as he tried he couldn’t resist her yearning for it.

Picking her up just as he was holding her body he walked with her over to the edge of the bed and set Brook down. She began to pull him down onto her and somehow Landon managed to remove the only piece of clothing that separated their bodies.

His length began to again seep forth with a stronger need for release. He broke their kiss and moved down covering her breast with his mouth. Just that simple shift eased his body slightly. It’s her kiss. God, how could one woman’s lips bring a man to his knees with bursting emit?

The greedy kneading he was doing to her beasts drove her wild not only with his hands but with his tongue. Hard generous flicks of his tongue sent surges of pleasure throughout her body.

Brook moaned as he pushed her breasts together taking up both nipples and sucked hard. He freed them from the warmth of his mouth and repeated with intensity over and over until Brook was arched up and grasping at his neck.

Landon pulled away moving to the side of her beast running his mouth along the underside of her breast. A line of kisses crossed over to the other breast. He gazed up at Brook who had her eyes shut.

Moving down he was careful not to miss any area along waist and trailing across her belly. He had never licked a wet woman before and loved the sexual sensation of it.

Brook wrapped her hands around his arms and pulled him up to face her. She leaned toward him and placed her lips to his. Slow steady their tongues entangled with one another.

He leaned on his elbows beside her head and at first the kiss was gentle. As the seconds past neither of them could restrain for needing to penetrate one another with the deepest of kisses. To Landon nothing could ever be sexier. Both their heads moved without rest. Unfathomable desire to create the most profound kiss was bring them both to the point of release.

Brook drew her knees up inviting him to move closer. Landon positioned his erection at her opening and then swiftly pulled away resting it to her midsection. She could feel a pulsation against her belly. A warm spray tickled her where their bodies met.

Landon let out a long loud groan. He again held back but this time it was painfully hard.

Lifting his head he gazed at her as she stared up at him. I’m not going to last more than three seconds in you. He wanted to say it out loud but had the feeling she already knew. Her eyes were sympathetic in a way and he felt like he failed.

He took hold of her legs and pushed them up towards her head. Brook slid her hands along the sheet at her sides and as she did she felt the sensation of his tongue slip inside her as deep as he could go.

Landon,” she cried.

His hand reached up and touched her in the most sensitive area and he pressed down gently rubbing. Hard thrashing’s of his tongue penetrated her as she grabbed the sheets almost from under her.

Loud moans turned into rapid gasps of whimpers as she began to climax. Landon held her down as her body trembled. One last cry of his name and her body jerked up off the bed with sensations of pleasure unlike anything she has ever felt before.

He waited until her body relaxed before easing his hold on her. Landon moved up the side of her and Brook took hold of his length and began to stroke him with a firm grip.

Landon’s body jerked wickedly. Oh no no no no, Red. He watched her wiggle down the bed. She gazed up at him and very slowly licked her lips with the tip of his length just inches away. Hard throbbing sent his body to a place he knew he could not come back from this time.

Taking his erection she placed him to her lips and rubbed the tip over her mouth. Oh shit! Bloody hell, Red!

With their eyes still locked she opened her mouth and took him in. Slowly she sucked down further until the tip of his length pushed against the back of her throat. Without warning she gagged on him slightly.

He loved it. Landon held the back of her head a pushed in her hot moist mouth deeper. She sucked harder as he pulled back all the way until he left her mouth. Brook quickly took him in again and moved faster as far down as she could.

Landon’s fingers squeezed her hair as his body tightened. With pulsating need he released deep in her throat. He didn’t close his eyes and watched her beautiful lips wrapped around his length for the first and last time.

Brook sat up pulling the sheets with her. Wiping away what spilled out from him she then smiled at him. “I had no clue what I was just doing.”

Landon looked at her with surprise. “Really?”

Yes really.” Brook started to giggle.

He reached out taking her hand he pulled her into his side. “I would not have thought that. You were amazing and I can honestly say I have never before been so aroused up until this night with you, Red.” He trailed a finger up along her arm.

Brook nestled in closer and rests her head on his bent arm. “Will you stay here one more night?” She asked. “In the bed this time.”

He gazed down at her profile. Brushing away a lock of still wet hair from her cheek he answered, “No.”

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The Temptation of a Kiss ~ Chapter 16


~ Chapter 16 ~

Brook followed not far behind him in silence the remainder of the walk back. Well now I've done it. The one person I feel the most comfortable with for some odd reason, is not talking to me. When am I ever going to learn to just shut my mouth and listen? I don't blame him for growing so cross with me. I am a Irish redheaded mule.

She gaze up at the back of his shirtless body. Even in the moonlight his muscles bulged with every movement of his arms. Brook reached up and touched the top button of his shirt at her chest. Perhaps if I had been slower to react he would have drew me up into his arms and buttoned his shirt for me. Lingering slow caresses of his fingers along me. Beautiful green eyes gazing into mine as he did it. That rakish smile of his creeping across his handsome face as he worked his way up the front of his shirt on my body.

Oh,” Brook yelped. His back was as solid as it looked as she found out when running right into him. Her palms rested on him a moment longer then they should have but she was mesmerized by the feel of his naked skin. The sensation she felt instantly surging through her unlike anything she had ever experienced. Ending it was not a thought.

Landon slowly turned to face her. His glare was firm and not at all what she had hoped to see. His normally bright jade eyes seemed dull and dark. His jaw was clenched tight and his posture even more so.

Pardon me,” she said softly. As soon as their eyes locked Brook's darted away. She couldn't bring herself to hold his gaze. The fear of him seeing what she was feeling is too risky.

Quentin cleared his throat as he approached them. “You can enter in through the back staircase. It leads up to the second floor not far from your chambers.” He looked to Landon. “At this late hour she should be undiscovered I think.” No one responded to his suggestion. Quentin reached out and patted Landon's shoulder.

You can escort her if you don't mind,” Landon said. He didn't wait to see Brook's reaction and did not care what Quentin's was, although he knew him well enough to agree he was acting ungentlemanly towards Brook at the moment. Making his way up to his own chambers he walked with no regrets. It is for the best. The whole night was going further than I had ever intended in regards to her. I've showed her more of my feelings than I should have ever done. She knows we cannot become involved. I know my boundaries with her and yet both of us seem to wait for the other to say differently. To drop our guards far enough to easily welcome each other to cross. All this has to stop tonight.

He made it into his room. “I've spent so little time in here I don't even know where my clothes are kept.” After fumbling through a few drawers he gave up. Sitting on the edge of the bed Landon removed his footwear and laid back in the dark. Ticking rhythmic sounds kept his mind on nothing but that. Besides the occasional mummers of passerby’s the estate was quiet.


Brook waited at the dressing table for her bath to be filled. Eyes fixed on the scarf she had found in Landon's coat pocket she heard nothing of the three maids behind her talking about the night's events. She felt drained. Empty to the point of ghostly. Just a mere image for others to look at. She was facing the mirror and could not bring herself to look in it. How could everything have gone so wrong so quickly? He kissed me, underwater, he had kissed me. I saw the fear in his eyes, it was there. I sensed it in his hands as his entire body trembled while holding me. Why then the hollow gaze he looked at me with before he left? It makes no sense to me. Brook's attention was draw to movement in the doorway.

May I come in?”

Brook turned to see Sarah standing there with teary eyes. “Do not fret, Sarah. I am perfectly fine.”

Sarah could not hold in her tears any longer and ran for Brook's embrace. “I do not know what I would have done if you were hurt or worse.” Sarah pulled back from her. “You are the sister I never had.” Taking notice of Brook's condition she bit up her bottom lip. “You are a mess? Has anyone sent for a doctor?”

Brook smiled. “Sarah as you are for me and it will always be this way. Now wipe your tears I do not need a doctor I am alright. Devon, Quentin, and Landon rescued me.”

Sarah took the cloth Brook held out to her. “Who was the man? Did you know him?”

No,” Brook shook her head.


Landon's finger tapped to the rhythm of the clock on his bare chest. He could still feel the cool water washing around them as they kissed. Her grip on his hand as he held her was chilling. Only because at that moment he did not know whether he would lose her or not.

His eye flew open at the memory of her body as he pulled away his coat from her. Thank god we were not alone. I would have taken she and I know there would have been no turning back. Her taught nipples hidden by a thin layer of torn material and just long enough to cover her where my eyes wanted to see most. I bet she's breathtaking, every inch of her. Landon sat up. “This is ridiculous.” He pushed open the french doors are strode over to the railing. His jaw was clenching again. I'm going mad.


Devon had said Landon was giving you air underwater,” Sarah said with a slight curl of her lips upward. He was also told by Quentin that Landon turned a pale color that was nearly a gray blue when you disappeared under water.”

Brook's gaze moved to Sarah. She had wondered if he had visibly reacted to what was happening to her. Brook stood up and walked back over to the dressing table. “I honestly have no clue what he was doing or thinking,” she said. Reaching down her took the scarf between her fingertips.

Are you going to keep denying what you feel for him, Brook?” Sarah asked.

She tried to swallow but couldn't. “You know as well as I do and everyone else for that matter that nothing can ever become of us, Sarah.”

She rose from the bed and walked over to Brook. “That is simply not true. If he loves you or even wants to find out if he might, then nothing should stop him from doing so.”

Brook looked to Sarah's reflection in the mirror. “If means not knowing or maybe and it is not worth the risk he would take. Sarah, he would lose everything and his family would disown him.” Her gaze fell back to the scarf in her hand. “If I had been born to a respectable noble family than maybe things could be different but that is not my reality is it?”

Sarah rested her hand on Brook's arm. “I see the way you both look at one another. Isn't it worth finding out? I mean the possibility that he may want to love you more than needing the approval of his family is not so far fetched, is it?”

I don't know Sarah. I will not allow my heart to wander there,” Brook said softly. She had almost confessed her thoughts as to having one magical night with him and than never looking back. “I may find love one day like you have with Devon but it will not be with Landon. Somethings are just not meant to be and I'm okay with that.”

I understand. You know there was a time Devon and I seemed hopeless,” Sarah said.

Brook laughed quietly. “Yes I remember. The poor man was passing out all over London.”

Sarah's head fell back with laughter. “Odd and romantic wouldn't you say?”

Brook placed her arm to her forehead as if to swoon. “Very I would agree.”

A knock sounded at the door. “Yes,” Brook said.

Three maids cracked open the door. “We have the last of your bath water, Lady O’Brien.”

Oh please come in,” Brook answered.

I shall let you relax in your bath and see you in the morning,” Sarah said.

Good night Sarah and please tell Devon thank you again for me,” Brook said.

A few minutes later brook was alone. The warm summer air floated in through the open french doors. Quentin had assured her the estate was going to be guarded on a twenty-four hour watch until her departure, so she had no worries about leaving the doors open.

Brook slipped off her robe and dipped her foot into the steamy bubble bath. Sinking down, hot soothing water engulfed her body. Sore muscles she had not even known were there hurt and ached as she rest motionless. Minutes passed. The strength to lift the sponge to her neck was not even there.

Finally she closed her eyes and said, “I know you're there.” She had wondered but now knew as the breeze carried in his scent in through the doors.