Sunday, June 16, 2013

I have writer's block!!!

Okay I've recieved enough comments and emails about chapter 18 from Tempation of a Kiss to post this. I have writer's block and do not know how to cure it. This has never happend to me for this long before. HELP!!!!

I've tried writing a few times and either i stare at the screen for an hour and reread past chapters or I write something that has nothing to do with this story and honestly is just shit.

Any suggestions other than taking a walk which I've done, would be helpful.



  1. When i have writer's block I start writing something else completely or i write poems or I look for the thing that inspired me to write in the first place it works for me maybe you can also try it out.I am a huge fan of your stories so I hope you will write soon!!

    1. Vivienne, thank you for the suggestions. I've written an entire new short story almost now, lol. I like your idea about going back to where you were inspired. I think tonight I'm going to read the last four chapters of the story from where Brook and Landon came from. Maybe their first kiss will do something for me. Or maybe I should let Grams, Devon's grandmother have her 15 minutes because that is what comes out every time I start to write...ugh.

      Cross your fingers your idea for me works ;) and thank you so much!


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