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Cary ~ Mizz Romantica

Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 7

Chapter 7

Kate was mortified. She knew who it was without even looking. It was the man who's words she had hung on for the last two years. How could I have let this happen? What am I doing?

"I-I am terribly sorry," he struggled and abruptly turned about. "Had I known I would have never approached."

Bellford rose to his feet and held his hand out to Kate. She stood on her own and turned from both of them. Occupying herself in an attempt to hide her whelming tears she brushed out the mangled dress draping her body. The murmurs of the two men at her back were trailing off. Kate closed her eyes tight with dread. So many things ran through her mind right now. Questions of what she was doing with a man she barely knew ran rampid. The embarrassment of what was witnessed by a man she called a close friend.

Their voices vanished from behind her giving her the courage to turn around. Kate quickly gathered her possessions by the large tree next to her. She gazed down at the blanket where she was just laying in a strangers arm. She imagined it was still warm with a passionate fire that was minutes ago all she wanted.

Kate bit up the corner of her lip for a brief moment then slowly stood straight. As she did her gaze locked with his.

Her wide glassy eyes told him everything. "Are you alright?" Bellford asked softly. A long silence filled the space between them. Nervously his fingertips ever so slightly brushed back and forth against his palms catching Kate's attention. He watched her eyebrows pinch and she studied his hands. He immediately stopped.

The questioning look she gave him caused him to turn from her and begin to pick up the blanket. He could feel her gaze on his back burning into him. Finally he said, "I thought we had the property to ourselves. He has given his word for silence. I have known him my whole life so I can feel secure in the fact he will honor it."

The sound of rain drops made a loud ticking sound on the canopy above his head. The unexpected pouring from the heavens was not welcomed in Bellord's mind. "It would appear we may have to wait out the rain here. I have always loved this big old tree." He gazed up at it from it's base. Idol small talk is not going to bring her any comfort right now. She must be upset because she has not uttered a word yet. I knew how difficult this was going to become from the beginning with her. Bellford's mind drew silent. His heart was pounding with fear and confusion of his truth and what he was going to have to tell her. Damn it! I need to tell her. She deserves to know the truth about me.

Bellford turned to her a he said, "Kate I want to tel-"

She was gone. Letting the basket fall to the ground he took off running down the path. Stomping through puddles that quickly filled back in after his boot exited them he imagined she would be not that far ahead. The earth under his feet was growing soft and slick with every passing second.

Through the haze of rain he saw her up ahead. "Kate!" She did not stop and turn to him. "Kate! Wait!" His voice bellowed in the mist out to find her.

Kate felt hands close in around her upper arms seizing her from moving. Their bodies emerged as one. Bellford did not release his grip from her. He held her back against his chest in the pouring rain on a muddy path among the wild flowers around them. A soft panting escaped past her lips and it caught his breath.

He watched the rain cascade from her sodden hair to her neck. His lips touched her moist chilled skin gently. Against her whispered, "Katie please."

Tears hidden by rain drops fell from her eyes. The warmth of his lips kissing her name to her skin felt so right to her. Torn by the love of her past and the man who held her in the present left her numb. How could she feel so much for a man she had just met? A man who reminded her so very much of the love she had lost.

"Don't run from me, from us Katie."

She turned out of his arms and gazed up to him. "You remind me of him Bellford, but you are not him. I can't let him go. I thought I was ready to. I do not think I will ever be able to." Kate took a few steps back. The look in his eyes was saddening. She could see she hurt him. "I'm sorry," she whispered to him through the roar of rain.

He watched her disappear down the path towards the house. Stunned by her words he stood there letting them repeat them selves in his head.

Kate opened the carriage door and took a seat. The man waiting for her in there was quiet avoiding any eye contact with her. He handed her his coat.

She reached out and took it from him slowly. He felt her hands trembling as they touched. He looked to her and saw a deep despair in her eyes. "Kate, you have every right to move forward."

Kate's lips started to quiver and she felt the tears stream down her face. He moved off the seat from where he was and sat next to her. He pulled her to him.

She let her head rest into his chest and she let out every emotion she kept guarded to herself.

"Jagger, I can't let him go. I don't want to. I miss him every moment of every day I breath," Kate cried the words into his chest.

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