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  If you are considering the possibly of self publishing until you are discovered, then these websites below may help you get started. At the bottom of the page are more web sites for everyone, not just writers.

Blurb is a website for you to create your own book cover and it is also print on demand. It is FREE and simple. Just down load the program for free and you can start immediately. I personally love this site and use it myself.

Creatspace is a website with Amazon. This one is also FREE. I have not yet gone through the many steps required to down load their program though. I've heard many good things about using this program. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Lulu has a well established reputation in the self publishing world. I need to do more digging around with this site. I know people who have used it in the past, but I always like to investigate things for my self.

  Keep in mind the first thing you want to check into is your rights for your novel. Does the company want you to sign away any part of your rights? If so, run. This is your Novel and unless they plan on paying for the marketing, printing, editing, and everything else that goes along with publishing your novel, then walk away.

  Compare pricing with the different companies you are considering. You may find it will be cheaper to place a large order for a discount price from the company and then sell your novel on your own site.

  Print on demand companies only charge you when a book is ordered through them. You can even set up your own website or blog and sell your novel yourself. Blogger does free hosting for websites and goggle has many tools to assist you in selling your product. Amazon and createspace offers the same service as does Blurb. Most of these companies offer you a link for your customers to review and purchase your novel at their site. Do not be in a rush to jump in and start selling. Research your options first.

  Self publishing seems to be the choice for many new writers today. I say try both. Send out all your query letters while self publishing at the same time. There have been writers who have be noticed by an agent or publisher this way. I figure what have we got to lose? Research it for yourself and decide what you can handle as well as what your budget is you are working with. A plan of action is always the first step before you start walking.

Blogger ~ You're on it.

Google  ~ Nothing more needs to be said.

Meetup  ~ Wow this site is so cool. Any kind of club or group in your area is created here. Look into it and maybe start your own a book club.

All About Romance

Shelfari  ~ I really like this website. You can build a bookshelf to share with your friends and of course the rest of the world. Check it out.

Romance Books Forum 

Autocrit Writing software  ~ Software created for editing.

AgentQuery  ~ This web site was created for writers. So much helpful information for new writers. A must see.

RWA national  ~ Romance Writers of America

Writers Net  ~ Also a must see. This site is basically a dictionary of writers, authors, editors, and publishers. Wonderful articles and professional information.

Google ebook store  ~ I had no idea this site was floating around out there.

The Passionate Pen  ~ Informative website that sells romance books by new and established authors.

Kindle Publishing Blogs  ~ Sign up and publish your blog, newspaper, or magazine to kindle.

The Everything Guide To
Writing A Romance Novel  ~ This is a wonderful book to have on your bookshelf. Written by two know authors Christie Craig and Faye Hughs. It is a must buy for new romance writers. I highly recommend this book. The link about connects you to Amazon so you can read reviews or purchase it.

Get Published TV  ~ Dale has numerous How-To-Videos on how to get published as well as videos on editors, publishers, book covers, marketing and Do's and Don'ts. He is informative and very entertaining. He was an editor himself so he offers honest inside information about what steps to take.

Calibre ~ It is an ebook converter for your reader device. You can organize and store all your ebooks in one place. The program converts any file into what you need for your device or you may just store an ebook file there in a folder. This program is FREE.

Open Office ~ It basically the same thing as Microsoft word but better. The program offers more options and features than word will and it is FREE. I have both word and open office. I will always go to my open office more often than my word since I downloaded the program.

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