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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 6

Chapter 6

Bellford helped Kate down from the carriage. She turned to see a grand stone stair case leading up to a castle. "My goodness Bellford, this is your home?"

He chuckled. "No, it is a close friend of mine. He has graciously allowed he to stay her until I secure more solid residence once I figure everything out."

A warm sensation engulfed her hand. His touch was gentle as he held hers. It caught her breath momentarily. She has not felt a man's touch in this way in two years and she fought the feelings to hide it from him.

Bellford gazes back at Kate following behind him linked with his hand. He chuckled silently to himself. Katie, you are biting up the corner of your lip again. "It is right up ahead," he announced to her.

"What is Bellford?"

He stepped aside to show her and felt Kate give his hand a sight squeeze. "You approve?"

"I'm speechless Bellford. The colors are magnificent." She took in a deep breath. "So fragrant. I can imagine it must be what haven smells like." Kate looked up to him. "How did you know I love gardens?"

"Your spirit says a lot about you Kate," he said softly. "Will you wait here for just a moment?"

"Oh of course," Kate said. His hand released hers and she was suddenly filled with an emptiness. She watched him disappear into the castle. Kate turned her attention out over the stunning gardens. Who is he? Why does he make me feel as if I am the only woman in the world when I am with him? This is moving too fast for me. God, the way he says my name is seductive. He causes me to forget my thoughts.

"Oh good you are still here," Bellford said as he approached her.

Kate gazed at him coming towards her. How am I to stop myself with him? He causes so much desire buried deep within me to surface. Since the moment I met him I've lusted desperately to kiss him, explore him, tease him, seduce him, and now at this very love him.

"Kate?" Bellford leaned in closer to her. She was still gazing out over the lush gardens. "Kate," he whispered.

She turned abruptly to him. "Yes," she whispered back. His hand found her cheek and Kate closed her eyes. She felt his lips find her other cheek and he ever so softly told her "Time is ours today and only ours. Follow me Katie. His words where so gentle and rhythmic ever one surged through her as slow as they came out of him, leaving her dizzy. He took her hand in his and lead Kate down a path over grown with flourishing greens.

Neither of them spoke the duration of the walk. She noted his steps were paced so she would not struggle to keep up with him. This gave her a smile. He is thoughtful and considerate. His eyes are honest. Why should I not begin a new life with consideration with him in mind. Although I should at least find out if I like his kiss first. Oh what am I saying? I can not kiss him yet. I do not even know him. I feel as if I've known him my entire life. I could not possible kiss him. Ok, if he kisses me I will allow it but I will not encourage it nor kiss him first. Just one kiss or two maybe. Kate gazed at his back and observed his structure. You are so tall and strong. I want to feel his arms around me. I really want to kiss you Bellford.

"What?" Bellford asked as he stopped and turned around. Kate slammed right into him and fell in his arms. He dropped the basket he had grabbed from the castle and caught her.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Mmm," Kate replied while gazing up into his eyes.

Bellford smiled widely at her. "We are here." She did not remove her eyes from his. Bellford's smile softened to a more serious expression. "Your eyes are searching for something Kate when you gaze at me. What are they looking for?" She didn't move. She didn't answer. He placed his thumb over her bottom lip gently stroking her. "Beautiful," he said. Looking back to her eyes her cleared his throat. "I have brought food and wine with me."

Kate stood up straight rather quickly and took a few steps back. Pushing down the material of her dress seemed like a good task for her hands to hide their obvious tremble. She was not sure yet if it was from his words he so seductively spoke to her or the way she felt in his arms or the fact he was so close and did not kiss her.

Bellford patted a spot next to him on the blanket he had spread out. Kate elegantly took the place next to him. Bellford Chuckled at her. "Suddenly so lady like Kate when just moments ago you had stumbled over your own feet and into my arms."

Kate stopped her lips from curling up as she knew he desired them to do. "I believe it was you who stopped abruptly in my path, thus, causing my stumbling into you Mr. Bellford."

His laugh was deep at her glance she threw to him. "I had only turned to ask what you had said Kate." He raised an eye brow to her.

She let a smile slip as she gave him no attention. Bellford opened the wine and Kate held the glasses for him. "Are you hungry?" she asked.

"I am always hungry." He reached over past Kate brushing her arm as he did into the basket. "I did not pack this. One of the maids did so I am not sure what is in here. He pulled out a cloth pouch of big red strawberries. "Fruit is always good."

Kate reached in and pulled out a ceramic bowl wrapped up tight. "I wonder what this is?" she said. Kate removed the wrapping and saw a glop of brownish red pudding. Her mouth made an awful expression which cause Bellford to look. Kate brought her hand up to her nose attempting to block the stench.

Bellford chuckled, "Liver pudding I think."

Kate shook her head in wonder. "I am not eating this."

He reached in and took out a jar of honey. "Well I'm curious to what this will go with."

"Not the pudding!" Kate stated with a giggle. Kate pulled out a plate and took off the cover. "Oh!" she dropped the plate and jumped over. "Dear God Bellford what is that thing?"

He poked it with his finger. "Honestly I do not have a clue. I see veins though."

Kate's face bunched up. "Why is it I who are pulling all of the uneatable food out of the basket and who packs these items for a pic nik?"

Bellford took another item from the basket. "These are my favorite. I have a wicked sweet tooth for cake."

"I do also," Kate said. She reached in and pulled out a jar. Her eye brows pinched together.

Bellfore grabbed them from her hand. Kate looked at him with surprise. He place them over with the other items Kate pulled out of the basket.

"What on earth did you do that for Bellford?"

"I did not want you dropping them and breaking the jar open once you realized what you were looking at," He said with his hand reaching into the basket again.

"Well, what are they?" Kate asked.

"Cow's eyeballs," he stated calmly.

"Do you have a witch working for you?" Kate asked with disbelief.

Bellford chuckled. "I told you I am just a guest here." His hand emerged from the basket with a hand full of grapes. he gazed over to Kate with a smirk. "Grapes."

Kate shoved her hand into the basket once more. "I will get something worth eating from here." She removed a small dish wrapped in cloth. "Why is this thing oily?"

"Perhaps I should open it Kate." He reached his hand out for it and she pushed it away.

Slowly uncovering the dish she peak in. "Ah see not so bad."

Bellford leaned forward to see. "What is it?"

"Eggs and they do not smell nor look dead."

He chuckled in her ear as he leaned closer. "Are you going to try one?" he asked.

"Yes I think I shall." As she held one up he say the other side she had not seen.

"Kate no don't" He snatched it from her hand. "It is balut and up do not want it. Trust me."

"And why not?" She took it back from him.

"Because," he reached out and laid his hand to hers," It is a half developed duck."

She dropped it in his hand. "No more pic niks with you Bellford."

He reached behind his back and picked up a strawberry. He placed it close to Kate's mouth. "What if I were to just feed you these on our next outing?" He watched Kate smile and then slowly opened her mouth for him. He placed the tip of the strawberry in her mouth and Kate closed her lips around it. She gazed into his eyes and then very slowly bit down. She saw Bellford's mouth open slightly and she shook her head no.

Kate pulled away slightly and said, "Never." He offered the rest of the strawberry to her. Kate again took it into her mouth and as she bit down the juice trailed down her chin. Bellford leaned in and licked it from her neck and ran his tongue up stopping at her chin.

"Mmm. I'm not sure if it's you or the strawberries but I have never tasted such a sweet lushes fruit before." He heard her let out a small mumble of something he could not make out. Reaching behind him he grabbed another one and bit into it. His lips were nearly touching hers. He placed the bitten strawberry to her wet lips. "It is definitely you Katie." She bit into it again in such a way it forced the juices to flow down over her chin past her neck and onto her chest.

Bellford reached up and traced the stream from her lips down to her chest and back up again. He rubbed it over her lips with his thumb. Kate opened for him and took his thumb in sucking rather softly on it. Bellford moaned as he watched her and felt her tongue play with him.

He slipped his thumb out and slid his tongue in and Kate welcomed him passionately. Her hands ran up his chest and around his neck. Bellford turned her under him laying her down. Neither of them broke the kiss.

She drew her knees up further round his hips pulling him closer as she did. He moaned into her mouth. Kate ran her finger threw his thick long dark hair. It was fierce with passion and a longing she had only once felt before.

Bellford broke their kiss moving his eager tongue down Kate's neck. His hand found her buttons on the front for her dress and could not get them undone fast enough. Finally Kate felt a cool breeze skim across her chest.

He gazed down to her bare skin beneath him and paused. The sight of her naked breasts caused his cock to throb harder then it already had been. Placing his mouth over her nipple her took her in with a fierce longing he would not hold back from. Kate's grip on his hair tightened as she gasped with pleasure.

"Be...Bellford," she moaned. She opened her eyes and watched him move from one breast to the other. He pushed them together flicking his tongue between them. Her body began to thrust up towards him with a rhythmic desire as he pushed back on her. She wanted his hard long cock to push it's way deep up inside her.

Bellford moved his body off to the side of Kate. Reaching down he pulled up her dress and tugged away the material from her body.

Kate said in a breathless frenzy, "Hurry." She felt the warm of his hand on her between her legs.

"Kate you are so wet," he said. His lips found hers once again and he kissed her so deeply that his hand paused where it lay.

"Bellford?" They heard a man's voice say.

Bellford quickly removed his hand hidden from the man and turned around the best he could as Kate covered her breasts. She began feverishly buttoning up her dress.

The man caught sight of her. "Kate?" he said a little louder.

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He Has Captivated Her In So many Ways.

The Soft Deep Sound Of His Voice Resonates Within Her. This Strangers Gaze Burns Her Cheeks Warm With Desire. His Strong Gentle Touch Forces Her Body To Ignite Leaving Her To Tremble Long After He's Left.

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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 5

Chapter 5

Kate did not sleep much that night. She ran through in her mind about the charming mysterious Mr. Bellford. He reminds her so much of the man she had loved her whole life. The man she was now forced to let go and forget. She tossed and turned in her bed. The covers were now twisted and tangled around her legs.

It's not far. Bellford should not be the one calling for me tomorrow. She closed her eyes and saw his smile peak out from under his over grown beard. Mr. Bellford.

Kate threw back her covers and got out of bed. Shuffling her way over to the double french doors she pushed them open, letting the cool breeze in around her. The balcony over looked the gardens below. Dew covered vegetation bounced the moon light off it's delicate parts. A big brilliant moon flooded over the earth with a cool pale silver light. A twinkle now and then added to the magical feeling of the night.

Is this right? Could this be what I was meant for? Mr. Bellford seems to good to be true. Kate's mind stilled momentarily. What if I fall in love with him and he is taken from me like... She silenced herself from speaking his name. The pain it caused from just thinking it was too much right now. Kate gazed up to the stars and whispered, "I would have waited a life time for you. Please believe me. I have to move on now. I wish so very much it was all different, that it was all what I had always dreamed it to be. But, it isn't and never will be." A large tear dropped from her eye missing her cheek on it's way down, landing on her hand. I want this to be the last time I cry for you. From this point forward I want to think of you, us, and it bring about a smile to my face and fill my heart with happiness.

Kate left and walked back threw the french doors. Turning to close them, she decided at that moment when the doors shut it would be the end of her mourning for him. Tomorrow will be a new beginning. The doors clicked shut and she rested her forehead on the frame. "Ok, this is going to be hard. I can do this. I have to do this."

Within a few hours the sun was beginning to rise. Kate had finally fell asleep and was woken by the birds outside her window. "No. Go away birds. It's not time yet. Let me sleep just five more minutes." Five minutes turned into three hours. Her eyes flew open and she looked at the clock. "Oh no!" She jumped up. It was now nine a.m. Mr. Bellford is set to arrive at ten.

Kate saw her close laid out and a bath already for her. How on earth could Nelly have known I was to got out this morning? Standing there baffled she heard Nelly in the hall. Kate rushed to the door.


"Yes my dear?" Nelly turned toward Kate in the hall. "You are still not bathed?" She shook her head at Kate and shooed her hands at her to go back into the room. "On with ya little lady. You will surely be late now."

Kate stopped once in the room and asked, "How did you know I had an appointment this morning Nelly?"

Nelly fussed with the bedding and answered with out looking at her, "Well the note of course my dear. Now get in the tub before it goes-"

"What note?"

"The one sent to my room yesterday evening. What do mean what note child?" Nelly looked at her with confusion.

"I did not send you a note Nelly."

"Well someone did my love. Now get in the tub. It is a quarter past. Time is a wasting." Nelly turned Kate around and removed her nightgown. "I will return in fifteen minutes to dress ya child."

Nelly closed the door and Kate sat down in the tub. Maybe it was Sues who sent it to her. Yes it would have to be. Kate washed her hair quickly and before she could finish with the rest of her Nelly came bursting in.

"Alright my dear up and out with ya. I lost track of the time and it is nearly quarter to ten."

Kate rushed into her close and Nelly fashioned a lose bun on top of her head. "My child you are stunning. I do not know of another woman in all of London that can look as you do with only fifteen minutes to dress." Nelly kissed the top of her head and softly said into her hair, "You look like your mum my love."

She loved it when Nelly told her this. Nelly had loved her mother as much as she did. Kate smiled. "Thank you Nelly."

"Yes, well, alright off with ya now. Go enjoy your day." Kate placed a sweet kiss on her chubby cheek and left the room.

Descending down the grand staircase, Kate saw Mr. Bellford standing with her brother Gary. She paused until she heard Gary laughing with him.

"Good morning," She said cheerfully.

Gary looked at her and smiled. Kate saw the bottle of expensive brandy in his hands. Her gaze flew to Mr. Bellford. He winked at her discreetly which made her smile too much.

"I have not seen you smile like that in a long time Kate," Gary said.

"Yes well it is a beautiful morning," Kate replied. After a moment she stepped forward. "We should be on our way now. Have a wonderful day Gary."

Gary nodded and left to his study.

Bellford escorted her to the carriage. He held out his hand for Kate. She gazed up at him and slid her hand into his which caught her breath unexpectedly. The carriage pulled away from her home and she suddenly felt nervous.


She glance to him.

"Why are you nervous?" He asked her softly.

"I am not nervous Mr. Bellford,." Her statement was followed by a nervous laugh.

"You are and I know you are because you bit up the corner of your lip." Kate stared at him. "And that laugh was a nervous laugh too."

Kate finally blinked. "Perhaps I am slightly nervous Mr. Bellford."

"Kate. Please stop calling me Mr. Bellford. You can call me just Bellford."

She burst out laughing. "Not much of a difference. Ok then Bellford. So may I ask where you are taking me?"

He flashed her a devilish smile. "You may but that does not mean I will answer." He watched her head fall back as her laughter deepened. "It is a special place that I thought you might enjoy."

Kate composed herself and gaze to him. "What is different about you today?" She studied him a few seconds longer. "It is you beard." She motioned with her hands to her own face. "You have groomed it."

"I did. As beautiful as you are Kate I was embarrassed to stand next to you yesterday looking as I did," He said.

Her cheeks warmed the instant he said it. "I thought you to be handsome either way Bellford." I can not believe I just said that to him. Why am I being so bold?

He smiled at her. "You did. Well I wish I would have known that this morning. I would have left it." He chuckled as he saw Kate's mouth open slightly. "Katie I'm just teasing." She smiled at that.

The rest of the ride was comfortable and their conversation went smooth, easy, too easy for them. Kate noted out loud to him it felt like they were old friends reunited. Kate of course blushed again when Bellford replied he could have never seen her just as a friend.

Kate gazed out the carriage window as it pulled up to a large building. "Where are we Bellford?"

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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 4

Chapter 4

With her heart racing and her body thoroughly trembling now with shock, surprise, and excitement, Kate turned around.

He chuckled softly. “I have never seen someone so disappointed to see me before.”

Kate let her eyes fall to the flowers behind him. “I thought you to be someone else. It seems we have cross paths at another bad time,” she said. Her lips formed a straight line

“What could be so bad? It is a splendid day out and you are here in the fresh air with good company,” He winked at her then added, “That would be me of course.” Bellford then smiled at her. “May I join you Lady Kate?”

“If you wish to,” Kate said flatly. She sat back down on the bench slouching over with her head hanging in her hands.

He took a seat within respectable distance next to her. After a short moment he said, “What is it that has you so troubled Lady Kate?”

Kate let out a chuckle of sorts. “Where shall I start?”

“From the beginning I suppose. That is quit often where people start a story, although we could go backwards,” Bellford said.

Kate giggled and lifted her head out of her hands. “I do not even know where to begin. My family, my future fiancĂ© which I loathe, the man whom I thought loved me or the fact that I wish I was someone else.”

Bellford caught her eye and said, “Start with today and go back.”

“As you know, I am to marry Beckum. I have just discovered he has already paid my brother Gary for the match more than two years ago. Because he has spent all the money on his mistress and gambling he has no way to pay the funds back to Beckum.”

Bellford broke in, “Can you not borrow from a relative?”

Kate shook her head no. “Gary and Susana, my cousin, are my only family that I know of who are living.”

“I see. Was the sum large?” Bellford asked.

“Too great for me to pay back. I had no idea this exchange had taken place. My brother is selling me to pay off his debits not to mention the company of his mistress,” Kate said.

Bellford asked, “Is that all that bothers you Lady Kate?”

Kate gazed up to the sky. “It is the smallest part of what troubles me.” She paused then said, “I was informed the man whom I had loved has d…died and is not returning for me.” Kate took a deep breath. “I never told him how I truly felt about him. Without him I feel empty. He is all I have ever known and the only one I will ever love.”

“I am sad for you Lady Kate. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Kate’s gaze fell to the ground in front of her. “I fear there is nothing left to do Bellford, but thank you.

Bellford could not take his eyes from her. He felt a strong desire to cheer her up. “I need an escort for tomorrow, would you be interested in being my company for the day Lady Kate?”

Kate looked to him. “Where would I be escorting you to Bellford?”

He smiled a devilish smile then said,“That I cannot tell you.”

Kate’s head fell back with a hard laugh.“How am I to escort you if I do not know where I am to escort you to Bellford?”

The smile on Bellford’s face widened at the sight of her laugh. He chuckled as she glanced at him and laughed again. “I promise you will enjoy it…immensely Lady Kate.”

Kate looked at him. “Immensely?” She giggled again. “How could a lady turn down immensely with such promise?”

Bellford laughed. “I suppose a foolish one would.”

“Kate! Whatever are you doing? I can hear you from all the way inside the shop. Your un lady like behavior is causing gossip,” Susana said in a harsh hushed tone as she approached them. “And who might you be?” Her glare fell to Bellford.

He stood up towering over Susana and bowed before her. “I am Sir Bellford. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”

Kate rose to her feet. “I met Bellford yesterday Susana. He was kind enough to keep me company while you were visiting with friends.” She flashed Susana a wary smile.

Susana eyed him up and down. “Yes well it is time for us to return home.” She looped her arm threw Kate’s and began to walk away.

Bellford reached out and took Kate’s free hand in his. She turned quickly towards him with surprise. He laid a gentle kiss on top of her hand.

“Until tomorrow morning at ten, Katie,”Bellford whispered.

Kate’s eyes widened and her heart leaped. She watched Bellford smile at her and then turn and walk away.

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