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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 3

Chapter 3

Kate raised both fists in the air ready to strike at what she could hit on him. Gary grabbed her by the wrists and held them tight.

"You are a foolish woman Kate. He is not coming back for you," Gary said.

"Let go of me Gary," Kate snapped at him.

"You will marry Beckum and you will be agreeable on the matter," he said.

"Release me now Gary or I'll scream," Kate said.

Gary tightened his grip on Kate. "He never loved you Kate and you were stupid for giving yourself to him. Everyone knows you are ruined. Who else will take a used woman like you? No one that's who. We are lucky Beckum has waited this long for you."

Kate let out a loud scream of frustration that filled the room. "He did love me! And you are right; he is not coming back for me because he is dead!" With all Kate's might she pushed out of her brother's grasp. "It does not change anything Gary. I hate Beckum." Not waiting for his response, Kate turned and went up to the third floor to her bed chamber. By the time she made it to the door she was crying.

She threw her body to the bed face first and sobbed until she fell asleep. Kate dreamt of him on the ship. Men were shouting and jumping over board. It was night with no moon to give any light. It scared her. She awoke screaming for him just before dawn broke.

Later that morning Kate hid away from her brother and the rest of the house in her drawing room in the back. She gazed out the window over the garden. With fall rushing in faster than normal the garden was wilting more every day.

She could not get her mind away from her dream last night. The thought of him drowning or worse at sea was killing her. The memory of the last time she saw him was all she had now. The passionate way he had kissed her caused Kate's body to shiver. When she closed her eyes she was able to still feel his hands on her body. The way he held her tight kissing her neck as his finger slid inside her. The words that he whispered to her as he did it. She remembered how needy it had caused her to get, asking him for more, more of him. "Why did you have to leave me?" she mumbled.

The door burst open and Kate's cousin Susana stood in the doorway with her hands over her chest. Kate immediately spun around from the commotion her cousin caused.

"My dear dear Kate. I heard of the dreadful news." Susana walked with a brisk step to her side at the window seat. "Do you know he was to be the earl of White Wood? Could you imagine him an earl? Such a pity that he is gone."

Kate rolled her eyes. "I'm not up for company Sues. And yes, not even yours." She let her head rest against the chilled pane glass of the window.

Susana looked her up and down. "You look simple horrid Kate. I insist we get out for a stroll in the park." Susana stood. "Come on Kate I insist."

Kate did not move. "I need to be alone right now Sues. Please leave me be I beg you."

Susana grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She gave her a closer inspection and winced at her appearance. Placing her bonnet on Kate's head she stated, "This will have to do. As for your puffy eyes," Susana wrinkled her nose at Kate, "Just squint if you see anyone we know."

"Sues you know the entire ton," Kate said.

"Yes, well, we can walk on the east side where not a lot of people go. Alright then let us put on your coat." Susana snapped her finger at the maid outside the door. The young girl rushed in and handed it to her and then bowed quickly. Susana obviously frightened her and just waved her away.

Kate took in a deep breath of the fresh air. It did feel good to get outside and stand in the cool autumn breeze.

Once in the park Susana did not waste any time with small talk. It just wasn't her style.

"You are going to give Beckum real consideration aren't you Kate?"

"I have no intentions on spending the rest of my life with a man I do not love nor can stand to be in the same room with Sues," Kate said without looking at her turning her attention to what was left of the summer flowers that lined the pathway.

"Lots of people marry with no love at first. Besides he is not that bad Kate. I've spoken with him on occasion and he-"

Kate stopped and looked at her. "For God's sake Sues, the man knocked me down yesterday, insulted me as I sat at his feet, and then proceeded to step over me as if I was no more than horse droppings!"

Susana said, "Yes well, I believe he must not have recognized you otherwise he would have assisted you in getting up, but that is besides my point."

"That is exactly the point Susana. He is an arrogant pig who speaks of nothing but himself," Kate said.

Susana let out a long dramatic sigh. "I believe it to be in your best interest to think about it Kate."

"You mean my brother's interest Sues," Kate replied sharply.

"Yes and you know why Kate? Because what effects him also effects you and your future. If he is penniless then so are you." Susana sighed again.

After a moment Kate asked her, "How much was he paid for me?"

"I do not see how that matters Kate," Susana said.

"It does to me Sues. What is my happiness worth to him?"

Susana stopped and sat down on a park bench. "Fifty thousand pounds."

"What!" Kate shouted.

Susana took her arm and pulled her down on the bench next to her. "There is no need to make a scene Kate." She glanced around her quickly.

"Has Beckum asked for it back?" Kate asked.

Susana fiddled with her gloves make certain the fingers were just right. "Yes and Gary no longer has all of it. He paid off a few debits I believe and the rest I am not sure of."

Kate sat back and said, "I know where it went and so do you Sues. His Madam Sasha received a big portion of it I bet."

"Kate you do not know that to be true and do not start accusing blindly. Our family's name has been dragged through the mud enough the last couple years."

Kate knew she was referring to the night her brother and half the ton caught her naked in the conservatory. Kate blushed slightly.

Susana gazed at her briefly. "It was obviously worth it from the way you are turning pink Kate." She turned to her and said with a straight face. "Now that you know he is not coming back for you I think you owe it to us, your family, to consider Beckum, otherwise we will lose everything Kate."

Kate pinched her eyebrows together. "Your country estate too Sues?"

"Yes almost everything Kate. Please promise me you will think about it," Susana said.

Kate looked away and then shook her head yes.

Susana hugged her. "I will inform your brother." She patted Kate's leg and said with a cheerful tone, "I am in the mood for some sweets."

Kate felt sick like she had just been kicked in the stomach by a donkey. She knew Gary had put Susana up to this, although, she is just as snobby as Gary so she was sure it took Susana little persuading to do so.

"I would much rather walk a bit longer if you do not mind Sues," Kate said.

"Well, I cannot very well leave you alone out here," Susana replied with a wave of her hand through the air.

Kate started to walk towards the shops on the other side of the park. Susana caught up to her. "Will you please slow down Kate? Ladies are not suppose to walk this fast," Susana stated.

"Well Sues according to my brother no one views me as a lady anymore as of two years ago," Kate said.

"I'm sure he was merely upset when he said it," Susana replied growing short of breath.

"Yes and I could give two pigs and a chicken what all of the ton thinks of me," Kate said. Her anger was beginning to show now.

"Will you please? Slow down Kate," Susana said. "Stop...please!"

Kate halted and Susana slammed into her side. Susana took in a long deep breath. "Now then." She said in a stern mothering tone. She continued as she brushed down the fabric of her attire. "If you insist on carrying on this way you may walk by yourself Kate. I will not be seen galloping through the park like a pony. I am a lady and I would like very much to be viewed as such." With that being said, Susana walked past Kate with her nose held high.

Kate rolled her eyes at her cousin's snobbery and followed slowly behind her. Susana was exactly like Gary and it mad Kate crazy. She was seven years younger than both of them and they always made it a point to remind her of that fact often. Both Gary and Susana were welcomed babies and Kate was an accident that had caused her Mother's death at birth. The doctor had said she was too old to bare children at forty six. Another thing Gary also held over Kate's head.

Susana greeted some friends outside the bakery and Kate took a seat on a bench under a tree within eye sight of Susana. She was far enough away to afford herself peace and quiet and close enough to appease Susana.

A gust of wind blew some of Kate's hair across her cheek. She picked up her bonnet sitting on the bench next to her. Kate was startled as she caught sight of the man's hand on the back of the bench next to her shoulder.

"You are far more stunning without your bonnet Katie." The man's voice was deep and soft and slow. She knew that voice well. She realized she was holding her breath. Kate slowly stood up.

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