Novella in the Works ~ Untouched

Romance Lovers, you will not want to miss this saga.

   Untouched is the story of a young woman, Molly McQuillen, who has loved a wickedly handsome man, Clint Ravensdale, for as long as she can remember. Clint is Molly's brother's childhood closest friend and found himself falling in love with Molly as a young lad.

   After a very long engagement, Molly and Clint await their new life together with excitement as it draws close. Clint sneaks into Molly's bedchamber window to ask her one last time if her answer will be yes on their wedding day. Molly teasingly smiles with no answer for him. Clint must know her answer and attempts to draw it from her with devilish kisses placed in the most wicked places on her body.

   Rudely interrupted by Molly's maid Pearl, he is forced to leave her in a heated frenzy as he crawls back out the window. As he kisses Molly, Clint promises her his show of affection will be worth her waiting. Molly's last words to Clint are, "Forever and always yours." Words Clint will play over and over in his mind.

   Upon the eve of their wedding late in the night, Molly has disappeared with no clue to her whereabouts. Clint cannot let her go. The memory of their last night together hunts him horridly. He knows she loved him and despite the fact he is told she never did, he continues to believe and searches for her.

   Clint, years later has made a career out of finding missing people. He is sent on an assignment to investigate a woman accused of murdering her husband. Astonished at the sight of a woman standing before him he has spent ten long years looking for, he begins to slowly come apart. Molly is safe and within arms reach of him to hold again. Why did she leave? What had changed her mind about loving him that night? How could she have caused him to spend so many waisted years in search of her, worrying, anger, heartbroken and unknowing of her safety? Why?

   Confused by the fine lines between right and wrong, Clint must make a choice. Innocent or guilty. Molly's fate is now in his hands.

   To be released in the spring of 2012...if the world doesn't end. Lol

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Chapter 1

   Clint climbed the old thick ivy vine to the bedchamber window and snuck inside. The room was empty. She was nowhere to be found.
   From the other side of the door and down the hallway, Clint heard singing.
   “La de da de la,” Pearl sang as she entered the bedchamber. “Miss Molly, I have your bed dress. Are you ready yet Missy,” Pearl, her maid asked.
   Molly emerged from an adjoining room. “Oh I will never sleep tonight Pearl. I do not see the point in dressing for bed. I am bound to pace the floor all night, only to reveal puffy eyes in the morning. I will look simply dreadful on my wedding day Pearl.”
   Pearl began undoing the buttons on the back of Molly’s dress. “I will send for tea and slip in some brandy to aid you in sleep Missy. Do not worry, you will sleep.” She pulled Molly’s dress off. “There is no need for you to be nervous about tomorrow Miss Molly. I am certain Mr. Ravensdale will be gentlemen.”
   Molly giggled. “Pearl I am not at all nervous. The excitement of tomorrow is what is causing my sleeplessness. As for Clint being a gentleman, well, I hope he will not be as such.” Molly heard Pearl’s gasp coming from her back. “A wedding night would not be much fun nor enjoyable with a gentleman in my bed.”
   Pearl started laughing. “Miss Molly, I fear Mr.Ravensdale may not know what to do with you.”
   Molly turned to Pearl and said, “He is not without experience I believe Pearl.”
   This made Pearl’s laugh deepen. “That is not precisely what I had meant Missy.” Pearl finished and left to fetch tea.
   Clint stood in the corner of the dim room watching Molly in the mirror as she brushed out her long strawberry blond hair. He had tried to turn away when she was changing. He caught a glimpse of her bottom. Four long years of waiting to see her bare bottom was three years and three hundred sixty four days too long to wait. A man has needs and Clint’s have been on hold for Molly.
   He listened to Molly as she started humming. She stopped briefly to check her teeth and tongue. Clint could not help but chuckle to himself at the sight of her. He watched for another few minutes as she practiced her smile, he assumed for tomorrow, but could also tell it was not a smile for him. That smile was real and just for him.
   Molly started to put on lotion when she heard his voice from behind her.
   “What a beautiful bride you will make for someone tomorrow. Who may I ask is the lucky man?” Clint asked with a smile.
   Molly smiled back at him in the mirror. “Oh I am not sure you know of him, but I can pass on your kind words to him of his wife to be.”
   Clint rushed over to her taking her at her sides and tickled her. Molly let out a small scream followed by a giggle.  
   “Well perhaps I shall leave him a note to tell him I stole his bride to be for my own.
   Molly turned and faced him with a big smile. “I think he shall be heartbroken Sir.”
   Clint took her up into his arms. “Not nearly as heartbroken as I if I don’t take you for my own Missy. This other man could not feel half for you as I do, so, there for I you are to be mine.”
   Molly kissed him sweetly. “Well my new husband to be, may I ask your name?”
   “I am Clint Dillon Ravensdale.” He kissed her back. “If you shall have me I vow to love you more with everyday that comes to pass.” Clint deepened the kiss.
   Molly pulled back and stared into Clint’s eyes. “Well I dare say how is any woman to resist such an offer.” She smiled and whispered, “Kiss me if you promise to be honest and true to your words Mr. Ravensdale.”
   Clint held her tight and backed up with her in his arms heading towards the bed. He kissed Molly with all the passion and love within him.
   Molly could feel it run through her entire body. She squeezed him tight as the emotions began to over whelm her. She had waited her whole life for Clint to ask for her hand and now it is coming true. “Clint show me tonight that you love me and take me.
   “Molly we should wait. I want your wedding night to be special for you. I have no desire to steal it from you this night.” Clint kissed her again. “As much as I want to I cannot.”
   She pulled back from him enough to look in his eyes and said, “It is merely a piece of paper. I want this now Clint. A piece of paper tells my heart nothing. Your touch and words tell me everything.
   Clint gazed into Molly’s glistening eyes and said, “Are you positive you don’t want to wait Molly?”
   “I can’t. Please Clint, I love you,” Molly said. She broke their kiss staring into his eyes again. “I have always loved you and do not need to wait for you to be my husband tomorrow.” She kissed him gently and then whispered through the kiss, “Show me how much you love me Clint. Tell me I will always be the only woman you will ever want.”
   Clint fell with Molly in his arms to the bed. “Does this mean you will say yes tomorrow?”
   Molly giggled. “You will have to wait and see.” She smiled up at Clint and leaned in kissing his neck. “Say you love me Clint.”
   “Moll, I could never love a woman more than I do you.” Clint pushed her nightgown up around her waist. He moved his hand between her legs and softly brushed his fingers against her wet skin. “I will get a yes out of you before this night ends.” He flashed a devilish smile at her.
   Clint pulled his hand away and took Molly’s hand to sit her up. He slowly drew her nightgown up and over her head, tossing it to the floor after it came free. Clint laid her back down to the bed. It was the first time he had seen her fully naked. Taking his time, he kissed every inch of her skin.
   Molly wanted Clint more than she needed air to breath. His hands were everywhere on her body. She didn’t feel nervous or shy. How could she? Molly has known him her whole life from before she could walk. She could not remember a time when she did not love him.  
   She felt him trail his tongue down across her belly. “Oh Clint I love you so much,” Molly said. She ran her fingers into his thick black hair. She could smell the smoke from the fire in it.
   Clint gazed up at her. “If you love me then say yes to me now. I have to know Moll.”
   “You know what I will say tomorrow Clint,” Molly said.
   “I want to hear you say it Moll,” Clint said.
   “No I won’t say it yet. You have to wait,” Molly said.

copyright 2011


You will have to imagine what Clint does to Molly to persuade an answer from her.


  1. I have the rest of this story on a USB packed away with my belongings from the house fire we had. I promise after I finish moving I will find the USB and post the rest of this story. Thank you to all the readers who are asking!

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  2. I really want to read the rest please put the rest on soon

    1. I will writ the rest of the story hopefully by the end of next weekend, Thank you for requesting it!



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