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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 10

Chapter 10

The room fell silent. A deafening sound that choked Kate. She starred at Jagger's expression that was nothing but blank. No shock or panic, just simply blank.
Her own voice rang out again in her head. Feeling her bottom lip start to quiver, Kate just gazed at him waiting, even hoping for salvation from herself at this point. He had to say something. She felt the sting of a salty burn emerge.
What have I said? What have I just done? A single tear fell down her cheek dropping to the floor. She watched Jagger follow it as it fell. His gaze slowly drew back up to meet her. Jagger please don’t look at me like this. I don't need your pity. I need help. I need-
A hand closed around Kate's arm and she knew who it was. "Come with me Kate." Her gaze never left Jagger's as she was pulled out of the room, she also did not shed another tear. Her fate was sealed and the reality of it smothered her quickly. The grim notion that the man who was unfit to be a husband to any woman was her future now.
Within seconds she was guided rather roughly into the study and sat in a chair facing the desk. "Explain to me what the hell you think you are doing?" Gary shouted. "You better pray Beckum has not changed his mind Kate."
She closed her eyes. The pungent stale cigar smoke rose up filling her senses. I could run away before the party. I can tell him it is my fever and I am sorry. Perhaps my fever will return and I will be lucky enough to be taken by it.
"Kate!" He slammed his fist to the desk.
Her eyes flew open as she was startled by the sudden noise. She stared at him with wide eyes not having a clue of what he just said.
"Beckum wants a word with you," Gary said.
"I-I am not feeling well Gary. Can you arrange for him to visit tomorrow?" Kate gazed down to her hands in her lap. They were trembling with fear, anger, uncertainty, and sadness. "I will give my sincere apology to him. Right now I feel quit nauseas to be honest." Without looking at him she awaited his answer. He had not sat down and was pacing the floor behind her.
"I will take your apology now," Beckum said from the doorway.
Kate heard the door slowly creek as it began to shut and then the click of the gadget locking in place as it closed with an echo. The sound struck her like a death sentence. She stood and turned to him. The room was dim and Gary was gone. His dark figure shadowed the door behind him.
Beckum's arms crossed over his chest. His stance was solid. A hard cold glare set on Kate. She knew this was going to be the moment that would change the rest of her life.
"I am sorry." She said with a steady tone. He didn't respond or move. "Please understand I was not aware of Gary's plans to marry me off. It was brought to my attention only recently."
"You have known for two years. I have paid a considerable amount of money to secure the marriage. At the time I was assured you would be agreeable. At this point I could care a less what you want. We will marry and you will be agreeable to it," Beckum said.
"Why? Why would you want to marry a woman who has no desire to marry you?" Kate asked.
"It is not a matter of what you want Kate. I have paid for you and you are now mine. I own you," he said. Beckum took a few steps closer to her. "I could have held out longer but I felt I had waited long enough." He chuckled softly almost as if to himself. "I was the one who sent word to him Kate. I was the reason he left the island. I was also the one who had him killed."
Kate couldn't speak. A thousand things raced through her mind and all she heard was he killed him.
"He was never on that ship. He boarded the ship I sent for him. The one I own. To ensure I would not lose my investment...I had him thrown overboard where he meant his fate," Beckum said.
Kate rushed towards the door and he took hold of her arm swinging her around towards him. "Do you know how easy that was for me Kate? So easy I can arrange for others around you to disappear as well, and no not your brother. People, um, let's say more dear to your heart."
"You are a monster," Kate whispered.
"I've been called worse. You are going to announce our engagement and you will also from this point forward be quiet and respectful," Beckum hissed.

Kate struggled in his grasp. Beckum chuckled loudly at her feeble attempts. She stomped on his foot and twisted the skin on his arm between her fingers.

He shook her violently and then raised his hand to strike her. The door opened and Kate turned her head to see Susiana standing there.

Susana locked eyes with Kate and held it briefly. "Pardon me." She said and gazed up to Beckum. She turned and walked back through the door. Before it clicked shut she heard the slap Beckum gave Kate across her face. Susiana paused, straightend out her skirts and patted her hair in place at the sides of her head. She than continued down the hall passing Gary on the way. "He is nearly finished with Kate."

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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 9

Chapter 9

Kate stood at the top of the spiral staircase gazing down at all the guests.

"Kate, will you not come down and join us?" Susana asked.

The men in attendance all gazed up to Kate. Gary glared at her funny. Kate responded with a smirk of sorts. She was feeling happy and free and she was not going to allow Gary or anyone else for that matter to hamper her good spirits tonight.

As she began to descend the stairs Bellford appeared in the doorway to the music room. Kate paused and stood there half way down the stairs. He was leaning against the doorframe just watching her.

What is he doing here? Gary! Oh of course, he plans on playing me to the highest bidder. She glanced over to Gary who was still starring at her. He squinted his eyes at her. Kate plastered a wide smile across her face, tilted her head and squinted back. Ok then Gary. You will regret this.

"Kate." Susana said as she climbed the stairs.

"Yes Sues," Kate said.

"What are you doing? Your guests are awaiting you."

Kate walked past her. "They are Gray's guests not mine Sues," Kate said. She could feel Bellford's eyes on her as she made her way to Jagger. "What a wonderful surprise," Kate said as she embraced him sincerely.

"You look lovely tonight Kate," Jagger said.

"Thank you," she replied. Looping her arm through Jagger's she led the way into the music room off to their left. "Will you join me in a toast?"

"What are we toasting too?" Jagger asked.

Kate released his arm. "I think we shall toast to wonderful friends and to my upcoming birthday." She took a wine bottle from the server table and unwrapped the foil.

"Kate my Darling, the servants are more than capable for serving our guests," Susana said with a fake amused tone. She held out her hand to Kate.

"I also am perfectly capable of serving them as well, thank you." She turned her back to Susana as she struggled to pop the cork. "Jagger would you please get some glasses." Just then the cork popped. Kate smiled as she filled every one's glass.

After pouring her glass she lifted it and said, "Let us give thanks to Gary for bring us all together tonight." Kate gave him a slightly evil smirk. "Here's to you Gary." She said and then chugged her glass of wine. Before Susana could object she poured another one for herself.

A few more guests arrived. Susana had invited a handful of people. Kate was acquaintances with some of them.

Jagger walked over to her and offered to top off her glass. "You are in quit an odd mood tonight Kate. One would think that you being in a room full of people you don't really know and your future husband you would be nearly this chipper about it."

"Standing at the top of the steps tonight Jagger, I realized you are the only one in attendance tonight that is a true friend," she turned and faced him, "And that is enough for me to smile tonight."

He chuckled softly as he raised his glass to her and toasted to that. "Your brother is a smart man Kate."

"Smart? More like sneaky. Look at him. He cares nothing for what I want. What interests him is who is willing to pay the most money for me." Kate sipped her wine.

Jagger gazed out over the crowd. "He has to do his best to secure your future Kate."

Kate titched. "We both know that is a lie Jagger. He needs to pay his whore." She said it a little loud and drew the attention of some of the others.

Jagger could not help but chuckle. "I agree Kate but you will benefit. You need to move forward with your life."

Kate remained quiet. She did not want to think about him. If he had come back she would not be standing here right now being sold for her brother's debits. She would be happy in the arms of the man she loved.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Bellford approaching her. Kate turned to him. His dark hair swirled in waves as it feathered perfectly back. His eyes sparkled in the candle light. She remembered how soft his closely trimmed beard felt against her skin. The way he smells. His eyes. The way he calls me Katie. Her eyebrows pinched together as she tilted her head.

Bellford saw Kate studying him hard. "Good evening Kate."

Her expression hadn't changed. She remained quite as she looked at him.

Bellford nodded to Jagger," Glad you were able to make it."

"Who are you?" Kate asked.

Bellford's eyes darted to her. "I'm sorry?"

Kate moved closer. She searched his eyes for a long moment. "Who are you?"

"Kate I realize you are upset with me." He lowered his voice. "I want to apologize for the other day. It was impulsive on my part and I should have-

"I believe I kissed you as well but that has nothing to do with what I just asked you," Kate said. "If I'm truly honest, I will admit I seduced you with the way I was eating that strawberry." She watched Bellford's mouth drop open slightly. "Would you not agree I aroused you by that?"

Kate heard gasps coming from behind her and Jagger walked away trying to hide his laughter.

"Excuse us Mr. Bellford." Susana said as she pulled Kate out of the music room and into the hallway. "What do you think you are doing Kate? You are making a spectacle of not only yourself but this family as well." She released her grip from Kate's arm.

"This so called family is trying to sell me off!" Kate said.

Susana glanced at the people starring at them through the doorway. She walked Kate down the hall further out of ear shot of others. "I understand this is difficult for you Kate. There is just no other way darling." She turned to look at her. "We will lose everything."

Kate met her eyes and said, "It should have never fallen to my shoulders Susana. I am not the one with a whore and I have no interest in spending money to keep up with a false facade for my so called friends." Kate walked away back to the party.

Gary was clever enough to distract the guests by asking Mr. and Mrs. Hasselt to play a piano forte. She entered the room with every intention of finding Bellford. She spotted him standing in a crowd of giggling women, most of them young and single.

Kate found her glass of wine and filled it up again. Gary watched her from across the room while he stood with a small group of men.


Oh dear god. Kate rolled her eyes before turning around. "Yes Beckum."

"Has Gary spoken to you about your birthday party?" he asked.

She looked up into his eyes. They were empty. Kate raised her glass to her lips and began to drink. Beckum reached up and took the glass from her and placed it down rather rough on the table next to them. "I asked you a direct question and I expect an answer when I do." His voice was harsh.

"I may choose to answer you and I may choose not to. You do not own me, Beckum."

"Yet," Beckum interrupted.

Kate went to take her wine glass and Beckum covered her hand with his and pressed down firmly. She looked to the base of the glass.

"You will learn to respect me and abide by my word," he hissed at her.

Kate saw another hand cover theirs. "If you ever lay your hand on her again I will have no problem doing the same to you." Kate gazed up to see Bellford standing before her.

She felt the sting of tears peaking at the corner of her eyes. The rest of her life flashed in her mind. The way his words came out at me is only the beginning. He spit on me as he spoke on purpose. She glances over to Gary and Susana who were watching intently at them. And worse yet, they know it. Both of them. They are willing to give me up to a man who has no problem hurting me in front of these people. She gazed back to Bellford who now had her hand free from Beckum's and had his back to her. The men were arguing but she could hear them. Kate was numb. Utterly numb.

She turned and left the room and headed for the back hallway. The part of the house she seemed to forget about since that night two years ago.

"Kate wait," Bellford shouted.

She didn't pay him any attention and turned the corner towards the library. He caught up with her and gently took a hold of her upper arms. "Katie please wait."

"Stop calling me Katie!" She whipped around to him. "You cannot call me that. O-only he can call me that."

He watched the tears flow down her cheeks and he slowly walked towards her. "Only who can call you that Kate?"

She took a deep uneasy breath. "He did and you can't. He always called me Katie."

He reached out for her. "Who?"

"J-J." Kate choked on her own words. She fell to her knees. "It hurts so much. He never came back for me. He never really loved me."

Bellford kneeled down and took her up into his arms. After a few minutes he whispered, "Kate I want to tell you something."

She pulled back and looked up into his eyes. The hallway was dim and only lit by the moonlight coming through the windows. "You are so handsome. So many things about you remind me of him Bellford." Kate couldn't help herself, she kissed him. He restrained from it and she could feel it. Kate found herself pushing onto the floor and climbing on top of him.

He pushed her back slightly. "Kate I do not think we should be doing this."

She kissed him again. Her hands moved to his shoulders under his coat.

"Kate please. I really can't do this." Bellford pleaded with her.

"Yes you can. Now kiss me back," Kate said. She took a hold of his shirt and ripped it open.

"Holly shit Kate," he shouted.

"Shut up and kiss me Bellford." She threw herself on him again.

He grabbed Kate's arms. "Stop."

She leaned back on her knees. "Why? You were so willing to the other day so why not now?"

"Because it is not right for us to do this Kate. It is wrong of me to allow you to want this when you truly don't," He said.

Kate stood up. "Okay, I understand then." She stormed down the hall around the corner and towards the music room.

Bellford ran after her as he buttoned his coat. "Kate wait you didn't let me finish."

She entered the music room and walked straight up to Jagger who was standing with a number of other people in the room.

"Jagger I need to speak with you," She said.

The others in the group simmered down and waited. Kate was a mess. He dress was out of sorts almost as much as her hair was.

Jagger's eyes darted to the doorway where Bellford just entered. He heard her say his name but did not look to her. "Yes."

Kate cleared her throat. "Jagger." He gazed down to her. "Will you marry me?"

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What Time Periods is Regency Era Romance Novels

All my stories are based in the Regency era. I was on Amazon today looking up ebook reviews and as I read through them, a few comments were thrown around about what era the ebook was set in. Let me tell you guys right now, it wasn't pretty and the women commenting were mean about it. Besides the caddy arguing back and forth, there was a huge debate on what time period the Regency era falls into. So here is what I have found.

 This is what wikipedia has defined as the Regency era. I have always found wikipedia to be a reliable source.

The Regency era in the United Kingdom is the period between 1811—when King George III was deemed unfit to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent—and 1820, when the Prince Regent became George IV on the death of his father.

The term Regency era sometimes refers to a more extended time frame than the decade of the formal Regency. The period between 1795 and 1837 (the latter part of the reign of George III and the reigns of his sons George IV, as Prince Regent and King, and William IV) was characterized by distinctive trends in British architecture, literature, fashions, politics, and culture. If Regency era is being used to describe the transition between Georgian and Victorian eras, the focus is on the pre-Victorian period from 1811, when the formal Regency began, through 1837 when Queen Victoria succeeded William IV.

So it is considered to be between 1811 to 1820. Unless you are like me and opt to use the extended time frame from 1795 to 1837.  Shh, don't tell the mean ladies who like to comment on Amazon.

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New and Up Coming Author

C.J. Theleen has a new blog that posts her journey as an Author. Her first post is a creepy tale of betrayal, revenge, and the unthinkable. A challenge that was done in a 1,000 words or less and she nailed it! It brought chills to me as I read it. Stop by and say hi to her.

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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 8

Chapter 8

Jagger rubbed Kate's arm as she sobbed into his chest. Damn you. She never deserved this, any of this. You should have told her.

Kate composed herself as the carriage arrived at her home. "I feel so foolish. Please promise me you will forget what you saw."

"I would have never went to find Bellford had know what? Let us not have further mention on the subject Kate." Jagger tried his best to smile for her comfort but inside her was mad, bloody mad.

Kate said her farewells, darted to the front door and then stopped. She turned and gazed back out over the street. I could've swore I felt someone staring at me. The sidewalks were empty not a soul to be found. A rush of air blew her skirts and Kate spun around.

"Little lady you are going to catch your death standing there like this," Nelly scorned her all while yanking her inside. "Honest to Betsy you are soaked clear through Kate." Nelly untied the ribbon on Kate's bonnet. "Do not move child. I will run a bath."

"I think you to be a mind reader Nelly," Kate said as she watched Nelly disappear around the corner. Standing there in the foray she was quiet. Almost feeling like a stranger in her own home or a child waiting for directions.

Before Nelly returned Kate had removed all items except for her dress and piled them neatly for Nelly to take. Catching her own reflection in the mirror she noticed her dress was not quit right. Oh dear God. She heard Nelly's heavy foot steps approaching. Kate took a shawl off the coat rack in front of her and wrapped herself, just barely get it around her as Nelly turned the corner. She offered Nelly a sweet smile.

"Alright dear, up the stairs with ya love," Nelly motioned with her hands.

Once up in her room Kate quickly unbuttoned her dress and striped it from her wet skin. Before long she was in the tub and alone. Although it was late afternoon the room was dim. The candle light played with the slight motion of the water around her. Soft glimmers danced on top of the water. Beneath appeared black and bottomless, much like the way she was feeling at the moment.

Nelly dashed in startling Kate to death. "do you no longer posses the gaging of time child?" She strode towards her tipping her fingers into the water. "Out with ya," she snapped. "Sitting a chilled bath water is no better than standing in the poring ran child."

"I had not realized it had draw cold," Kate said softly. She watched Nelly pull out her evening dress for her. "Nelly."

"Yes love," Nelly said.

"I do not feel much like having dinner tonight. I am quit spent and would like to go to bed early."

Nelly walked over to Kate and placed her lips to Kate's forehead. "Well, you are not running a fever." She turned and pulled out her nightgown." She helped Kate dress. "Get into bed and I will send for a spot of soup," Nelly raised her eyebrows,"That you will eat love."

Kate knew better then to protest Nelly's orders. She has yet win an argument with her.

Three days later Kate was still in bed and now with a cold. "Nelly what day is it?"

"It is nearly Friday," Nelly said.

"Oh no. How am I to attend my own birthday party like this in two days time? Do I look as retched as I feel?"

Nelly giggle. "Well love aside from your swollen runny nose causing you to sound like ole man Drowsing, puffy eyes, paler than usual completion, and let us not forget you are breathing like a are breathtaking."

Kate let her head fall back to the pillow. "I'm doomed," she mumbled.

"Do not fret child. I have sent word to my sister and she has made you a special tea," Nelly said.

"As cheerful as you are by the news Nelly, I prefer to wait out my cold." Kate sneezed into her pillow. Nelly pinched down her eyebrows to Kate at that. She took it in her weak hand and slide it to the edge of the bed. "Auntie Fern's last concoction put me to sleep for two days. If you not remember you thought me to be dead and Gary was furious with you."

"Oh hosh posh child! This one will be fine. Your brother need not to know of it." Nelly gazed at Kate with a smirk.

Kate let out a sigh and buried her head under the covers.

"Besides love, your brother has invited company for dinner tonight and you are expected to be in attendance," Nelly added.

Kate flew out from under the covers. "What!" She grabbed the pillow at the edge of the bed and sneezed twice into it and then threw it to the floor. "Who is coming?"

"Child you have a cloth on the bed side table for that."

"I cannot reach it," she answered quickly. "Who is to attend?"

Nelly laid out her clothing on a chair fearing Kate may grab it to sneeze into. "i was not given the pleasure of that information even though I had inquired. He gave me a number of four extra."

The knock at the door drew their attention. Nelly opened the door. Kate watched a maid come in caring a tray and pinching her nose closed.

"Thank you dear, "Nelly said.

Kate sniffed the air. I cannot smell a thing. She watched Nelly pour a cup and then hand it to her. "Why was the maid holding her nose?" She asked gazing into the tea.

"I have no a clue love now drink it," Nelly ordered. "You must drink the whole pot of it within the hour and one more beginning an hour after."

"What odd name has she given this one? The last one she named was sleep away."

Nelly poured Kate another cup. "I cannot say."

"Kate laughed. "Can't or won't Nelly?

"My love just drink it and hush your your mouth," Nelly said.

Three hours later Kate was dressed and ready for the guests. "I feel amazing Nelly. I look even more amazing!"

Nelly smiled at her in the mirror. "Yes you do love now it is time to await your guests down stairs."

"No I think I shall make a grand entrance after everyone has arrived." She smiled at her own reflection. "I am beautiful aren't I?"

"Nelly pulled out her chair and said, "Everyone is awaiting you now child."

Kate turned to Nelly and hugged her. "I love you so very much. I think you to be the sweetest, cutest, little chubby woman I know Nelly." Kate released her and walked towards the door with dramatic fashion. "I think I shall be the talk of the party tonight Nelly."

Nelly picked up the tray after Kate had left and gazed down at the empty tea cup. "Good lord what was I thinking?"

Down in the kitchen one of the staff approached her. "Nelly, what are we to do with this tea labeled Conceded Truth from you sister?"

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Poem ~ Cries of My Heart

By Helen Fink

Like a boarded up abandoned house, she was closed and hidden away. A beauty within shut down by those in her past. But he sees deep within her. Her eyes reveal the soul of hurt and longing to be accepted for her. He is the one she knows. There's no need for words as they know each other's hearts. As he wraps her ever so gently within his strong arms, they sink to the floor and become one. Never to be lost again.

Thank you for sharing,
~ Cary

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FREE Short Romance Suspense Story

Other Free Short Love Tales
Short Romantica Suspense Story
Found at Pages of Romantica Blog
Sinful tales of love, lust, and uncontorable desire.
by Pages of Romance Publishing
Connor Welling & Missy Ashton

Short Romantica Story

Chapter 1
A Forbidden Love.

With a torch in one hand, he took her hand in his other and pulled her towards the stairs leading down.

"Wait!" she cried. Gazing back to the guards quickly closing in on them, she had but moments to decide. Nervously clenching her night gown in her hands she squeezed her eyes shut. The pounding of the guards feet were drawing closer. "Missy," she heard him say. Opening her eyes she gazed down at him with breathless un decidedness. "Where are you taking me?" Missy asked him.

"Somewhere we will not be found, and you will be safe." He held out his hand to her once more. "Please Missy," his tone was deep and commanding. She could see fear in his eyes.

"I see her! This way!" One of the guards shouted.

If she didn't make a decision soon there fates will be sealed. "Conner," she whispered to him and placed her hand in his.

He smiled and said, "I would have taken you anyways. You know that don't you?" He watched her lips curl up in that tender way that had first caught his eye. A shadow of dark gray covered Missy before him. She screamed with surprise. Her hand left his and she was dragged away.

Conner felt his body falling backward and then an excruciating thud to his head. They must have tumbled down two flights of stairs before stopping in a mangled pile. Three of the four guards rose to their feet. The forth lay dead with a broken neck. "Take Lord Welling to his father," one of them said and then spit on Connor's feet. He pulled Connor's head up by his hair. "Ha, he shouldn't be any trouble now."

"And the lady?" one of the others asked.

"Secure her in the dungeon. I will deal with her shortly myself."

The others laughed wickedly. I need to get up. She needs me. He could not even manage to lift his own head up. Fighting the black silence that was coming for him was mute. Connor blacked out.

He found himself back at his father's home. A great gathering of friends and family came together to celebrate his older brother Garret’s engagement. He felt like he had not seen everyone in so long, it was odd.

"Connor, you will be next in line my friend," Ben patted him on the back. "It is good to see you again my friend."

"Ah," Connor said shaking his head. "Not any time soon. I am not Garret and have nil desire to marry just yet." He sipped his brandy. "I have heard throughout town you are back on the market."

Ben's lips pinched together. "I have to say Connor; I do not know what I was thinking last season. I mean we are not that advanced in years. So what is the rush?"

Connor lifted his glass to Ben's. "Well for now the heat is off me with Garret’s wedding, but I assume not for long. Between my father wanting to secure a male heir and my mother insisting someone give her a grandchild before she is too far in years, I'm going to disappear for about five years to the states."

Ben laughed. "Give me a heads-up and I will be sure to join you." The room began to buzz with loud whispers which grabbed Ben's interest. He nudges Connor and pointed to a small group of people standing in the doorway. "Is that not Heath Ashton?"

Connor recognized him well. "The older gentleman beside him is his father." He glanced across the room to try to catch his brother's attention. Garret was already headed towards the door with a smile on his face. Connor watched as his to be wife, Garret's fiancé, joined his side and greeted the group with warm welcomes. He gazed over to his own father in the corner with his mother. He appeared to be occupying himself with a few men in conversation, but could see his father had a watchful eye to the door.

"What is this all about Connor? Your two families hate one another," Ben said.

"Loath one another would be a more correct statement. I can only assume they are here for Garret's wife to be," Connor said.

Ben chuckled. "Theresa you mean."

"Who?" Connor turned to him.

"Your brother's soon to be wife-your soon to be sister-in-law," Ben said. "You do remember meeting her do you not Connor?" Ben ended with a chuckle.

"Yes I do. I just can't ever remember her name." Connor observed his brother and Heath leaving the room followed by Heath’s father, John Ashton. "Pardon me for a moment Ben," Connor said and walked in the direction his father was standing. He placed himself beside him. "Father," he said with a nod as his father glanced at his way with a stern face. Connor waited for the right opportunity to excuse them from the group. He noted his father's finger tapping against his glass. Connor knew he was agitated with the situation, but he also knew his father had to have given his permission for it as well. Garret never crossed his father on any matter.

Connor looked down at Miss Haggerty who at some point in time plopped down next to his mother on the chaise. His poor mother smiled with a wiry smile at Miss Haggerty and then Connor and back to Miss Haggerty. It had not yet been a month since Connor told old round Lady Haggerty to shut it…at the opera…in a singing opera voice as loud as he could, after a bottle of brandy filled his belly. If that was not enough to warrant an unpleasant visit to his mother, he then turned, grabbed Haggerty’s niece and kissed her hard and long. Followed only by an announcement to pluck her innocence like an apple from a tree.

Miss Haggerty rolled her eyes at him, so Connor gave her a little wink.

Beverly, Connor’s mother rose to her feet quickly. “My darling. I believe our son wishes to have a word with you.” The group fell silent.

He starred at his wife then said, “Pardon us gentlemen.” Connor walked with his father out through the French doors closing them behind him once they were out on the balcony.

“I presume this is about Ashton?” he did not give Connor a chance to respond. “Theresa is under the care of John Ashton. Not related in any way of course. But he has offered the Sunny Acer’s estate as dowry and your brother is finalizing the paper work as we speak.”

Connor chuckled. “Why now? I mean you have been trying for years to acquire those fields.”

“It is just business Connor. He has no use for it and all of the estates surrounding Sunny Acres are in my possession. I can only assume he came to the conclusion it is but a nuisance to own it.” His father turned to leave.

“Sunny Acres has been fought over for three generation between our two families and then suddenly he has no qualm about releasing it into your hands father?” Connor stood up straight and shook his head at him. “I don’t believe it.”

“You do not have to believe it son. You only have to accept it.” He then walked away.

Connor looked up at the night sky. The moon revealed only half of its self to the night. Every star flicked with a twinkle.

“Oh forgive me. I was not aware someone was out here.”

Connor turned upon hearing the woman’s soft sweet voice filled with surprise. The sight of her caught his breath momentarily. Her slender frame glided further out onto the balcony. “I do not mind,” he said. “The balcony is plenty big enough for us to share.” Connor could see she was trying not to give into a smile. He scuffed a line on the stone with his boot and then moved to the other side of the balcony. “That is the line that you are not allowed to cross.”

She pinched her lips together tight. “So this would be my corner over here.” She motioned to her left.

“Well you are not going to get both corners.” She smiled for him. “You do have to share.” Connor said. She let out a giggle at that. He gazed to her hand and noticed no ring upon her finger.

“I can share. I’m good at sharing,” she said and moved to her corner of the balcony. After a moment she gazed up. “Sometimes is looks as if the sky has been sprinkled with glitter.” She pointed up. “Night time is my favorite hours of the day.”

“I find that to be true for myself,” Connor said. He watched her gaze at the moon. “She is only half shy tonight.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Connor walked a little closer towards her. “The moon.”

She glanced back over to her left and leaned out on top of the balcony railing. “Oh, I see. Or you could say she is half daring tonight.”

“Are you a daring woman?” Connor asked with a devilish under tone. “Or are you shy?”

She glanced back at him as he drew even closer to her. “Perhaps both.” She twirled the fringe of her plum colored shawl around her fingers. A gentle breeze blew all the lose locks of hair around her check and chin.

Connor watched her tuck a few pieces of hair behind her ear. “Not at the same time I hope. That would be confusing for everyone around you.” He leaned on the balcony with his elbow. “Although very entertaining I might add.” It was hard for him to tell in the moon light what color her eyes were. Light green or blue he guessed. Her hair was so blond it nearly appeared white in the light.

She was still laughing as she walked over closer to where he stood.

“Ah, I expect that you remember and honor the line please,” Connor pointed down to their feet.

She looked down and drew her hand to her chest. “Oh dear, I nearly did forget about the line. Do forgive me. I do not know where my head has gone.” She gazed up to him with a shy smile. "I believe all this heat on my skin has me losing rational thought." She raised her hand to her check and slowly pulled back the hair that had come lose again. She watched him watch her. "This night air feels as if it is growing heavier and I seem to be having difficulty with coherent reasoning's." Her voice was so sultry she didn't even recognized it.

Yes, well, I had figured as much. This time I will over look the matter, but next time…well, I don’t know about next time but,” She laughed hard which made Connor laugh. “Let’s simply say next time there will have to be a reckoning so sorts.”

“A reckoning,” she repeated while still laughing.

“Yes…a…reckoning,” Connor said as he gazed at her. Her beauty is stunning. Blue-her eyes are light blue. God she looks perfect in every way. Who is she? I bet her name is as beautiful as her big blue eyes.

“My sincere apology. I pledge to respect the line from this day forth,” she said as she gazed up at him again. Your eyes are as dark as the night covering us. So mysterious and yet warm. I feel- He smiled at her breaking her train of thought. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Is it a difficult one?” Connor raised an eyebrow at her. She shook her head no. “You may then, but I retain the option whether or not I feel the need to answer.” She smiled wide at him. “Your smile is contagious.” She covered it with her hand. “This is shy you, right?”

She removed her hand resting it on her chest. “I told you sometimes I am.”

Connor said softly, “I like the shy you. What else makes you shy?”

She gazed down at her hand on the balcony. “Blurting out things I shouldn’t.”

Connor tilted his head at that. “Give me an example.”

She giggled. “Do you know Miss Haggerty?”

“A little too well,” Connor said. He was curious to where this was going. Did she know of what he had done?

“Ok, well, about a month ago she was at the opera, as I was with my cousin, and some man shouted for her to shut it, and then said he was going to pluck her nieces innocents. Well afterwards she would not stop talking about it. So in a room filled with people I told her it was about time because the woman was turning into a spinster and she might actually enjoy it. I then added it might drive the gloomy witch out of her.”

Connor covered his mouth but could not contain his laughter. She started laughing with him till tears ran down her face. “I think you and I are the only ones to find this funny,” she said to him.

Connor composed himself. “I must tell you something even funnier.”


“The man who shouted those things was me!”

“What? No!” She hit his arm a couple of times as she laughed again. “I received an ear full for that one. My mother is still not speaking to me.”

“My mother did not know what to do with herself. My father on the other hand, well he sent me out to the country for the last month,” Connor said. “She is here you know, Miss Haggerty.”

She gazed up at him and said, “We should both be sure to stop and greet her before we leave this evening.” She shook her head up and down at him nodding yes.

“What?” he asked her with a smile. "My father would surly drive me out of the country."

“We are probably the only two people to ever insult Miss Haggerty. And we both did it within an hour of each other.”

“This is true. And to think, we both end up here, standing together under the half shy-half daring moon, talking about it.” Connor leaned back down on the balcony. “I have to say I’ve never met a woman like you before. I am glad you decided to come out here and share a balcony with me tonight.”

“So am I.” She gazed down at his hand on the balcony. “Please promise me you will go with me to pay our greeting to the old miserable hag.”

He chuckled and said, “Yes I promise. Now what was it you were going to ask me before?”

She giggled softly. “Oh you are causing my shyness to reappear.”

“After what you just told me.” He teased her. “Hey, not only do we now share a balcony we are forever bonded with Miss Haggerty. You cannot possibly be shy with me now.”

“No I suppose that’s true.” She paused. “What will you do if I was to cross the line?”

Connor leaned in closer. “That I have not yet decided.”

“Oh I see.” She looked out over the night sky. Slowly her foot slipped over the line and bumped his boot. He glanced down and back up at her. She had not moved her eyes from the sky. She slid her hand over the imaginary line of the balcony ledge. Her finger tips grazed his.

Connor chuckled. “A mire minor offence my lady.” He watched her smile widen. She took a big step and half way crossed the line.

Connor stood behind her and examined the position of her body verses the line. He walked back over to where he had been and said, “Well, now you look like the moon, half and half.”

She threw her head back and giggled. Connor took her in his arms. “Now I have you on my side and you can never go back.”

“I think I like it much better over here,” she said.

Connor kissed her with a tender touch. He felt no need to rush. It was as if he wanted the moment to last forever which was not like him. She ran her hands up into his thick black hair. He pulled her closer. “Oh you are definitely never going back over there,” he said through their kiss.

His hands slid down her back and cupped her bottom. She let out a soft moan and kissed him harder. She pushed him against the railing.

Connor broke the kiss. “This isn’t the shy half is it?”

“Shut it and kiss me,” she said. Connor laughed. He couldn’t help it. She was funny.

She slid her hands down and cupped his bottom. She whispered, “Your backside is firm.”
Connor grabbed her waist and said, “Ok not shy.” He kissed her neck and trailed his tongue down to her shoulder. He heard her take in a deep breath.

“Do I kiss bad? I have never done this before. Would you like to go into the gardens?” she asked him. “I know of a little house in the back of the maze. I use to visit her as a child.”

Connor stopped. “You haven’t and you what?”

“Yes I-

The French doors started to open and Connor flew six feet from her. Heath stood in the doorway.

He pointed to Connor. “You stay away from her Welling.”

“Welling?” she repeated.

Heath looked at her and said, “Let’s go Missy.”

“Missy?” Connor repeated.

Heath took her by the hand and started to pull his sister through the doors. She gazed back at Connor and he could see she was as shocked as he was.

Connor stood at the edge of the balcony. The last hours events running through his mind as he tried to make sense of it all. He looked at the doorway and strides towards it. He pulled the door open and stormed out into the room. "Ashton!" Connor screamed with brutal strength over the crowd below him. He pointed at Heath Ashton at the other end of the room.

Ashton stopped with Missy at his side at the threshold of the door and turned to face Connor.

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To be continued Every Monday.

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I realize Blogger has encountered an issue with the comments section. I am desperately hoping it will soon be repaired. Some of you have emailed me and I thank you very much for doing so. Your comments are very important to me.

Cary ~ Mizz Romantica

Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 7

Chapter 7

Kate was mortified. She knew who it was without even looking. It was the man who's words she had hung on for the last two years. How could I have let this happen? What am I doing?

"I-I am terribly sorry," he struggled and abruptly turned about. "Had I known I would have never approached."

Bellford rose to his feet and held his hand out to Kate. She stood on her own and turned from both of them. Occupying herself in an attempt to hide her whelming tears she brushed out the mangled dress draping her body. The murmurs of the two men at her back were trailing off. Kate closed her eyes tight with dread. So many things ran through her mind right now. Questions of what she was doing with a man she barely knew ran rampid. The embarrassment of what was witnessed by a man she called a close friend.

Their voices vanished from behind her giving her the courage to turn around. Kate quickly gathered her possessions by the large tree next to her. She gazed down at the blanket where she was just laying in a strangers arm. She imagined it was still warm with a passionate fire that was minutes ago all she wanted.

Kate bit up the corner of her lip for a brief moment then slowly stood straight. As she did her gaze locked with his.

Her wide glassy eyes told him everything. "Are you alright?" Bellford asked softly. A long silence filled the space between them. Nervously his fingertips ever so slightly brushed back and forth against his palms catching Kate's attention. He watched her eyebrows pinch and she studied his hands. He immediately stopped.

The questioning look she gave him caused him to turn from her and begin to pick up the blanket. He could feel her gaze on his back burning into him. Finally he said, "I thought we had the property to ourselves. He has given his word for silence. I have known him my whole life so I can feel secure in the fact he will honor it."

The sound of rain drops made a loud ticking sound on the canopy above his head. The unexpected pouring from the heavens was not welcomed in Bellord's mind. "It would appear we may have to wait out the rain here. I have always loved this big old tree." He gazed up at it from it's base. Idol small talk is not going to bring her any comfort right now. She must be upset because she has not uttered a word yet. I knew how difficult this was going to become from the beginning with her. Bellford's mind drew silent. His heart was pounding with fear and confusion of his truth and what he was going to have to tell her. Damn it! I need to tell her. She deserves to know the truth about me.

Bellford turned to her a he said, "Kate I want to tel-"

She was gone. Letting the basket fall to the ground he took off running down the path. Stomping through puddles that quickly filled back in after his boot exited them he imagined she would be not that far ahead. The earth under his feet was growing soft and slick with every passing second.

Through the haze of rain he saw her up ahead. "Kate!" She did not stop and turn to him. "Kate! Wait!" His voice bellowed in the mist out to find her.

Kate felt hands close in around her upper arms seizing her from moving. Their bodies emerged as one. Bellford did not release his grip from her. He held her back against his chest in the pouring rain on a muddy path among the wild flowers around them. A soft panting escaped past her lips and it caught his breath.

He watched the rain cascade from her sodden hair to her neck. His lips touched her moist chilled skin gently. Against her whispered, "Katie please."

Tears hidden by rain drops fell from her eyes. The warmth of his lips kissing her name to her skin felt so right to her. Torn by the love of her past and the man who held her in the present left her numb. How could she feel so much for a man she had just met? A man who reminded her so very much of the love she had lost.

"Don't run from me, from us Katie."

She turned out of his arms and gazed up to him. "You remind me of him Bellford, but you are not him. I can't let him go. I thought I was ready to. I do not think I will ever be able to." Kate took a few steps back. The look in his eyes was saddening. She could see she hurt him. "I'm sorry," she whispered to him through the roar of rain.

He watched her disappear down the path towards the house. Stunned by her words he stood there letting them repeat them selves in his head.

Kate opened the carriage door and took a seat. The man waiting for her in there was quiet avoiding any eye contact with her. He handed her his coat.

She reached out and took it from him slowly. He felt her hands trembling as they touched. He looked to her and saw a deep despair in her eyes. "Kate, you have every right to move forward."

Kate's lips started to quiver and she felt the tears stream down her face. He moved off the seat from where he was and sat next to her. He pulled her to him.

She let her head rest into his chest and she let out every emotion she kept guarded to herself.

"Jagger, I can't let him go. I don't want to. I miss him every moment of every day I breath," Kate cried the words into his chest.

© copyright 2012

by Pages of Romance Publishing

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A Forbidden Love

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How To Write a Romance Novel

What you put between your pages
stays between your pages. So make it great!

Have you ever picked up a book because the cover was eye catching, you then quickly thumb through the first couple of paragraphs making sure you see "white spaces." Decide to buy the book, get it home, sit down with your cup of coffee or large glass of wine, and begin reading past the first couple of pages only to say to yourself, "How did this book get published?" I have gone as far as to throw the book at the garbage can.

We have all done that. What an utter disappointment though. I mean really, at this point are you going to get up from the cozy position you have yourself in and go back to the store for another You’re going to walk over and take one of the books you love off your bookshelf and reread it. It's sad though that a book can seem so promising at first and then...nothing. I always ask myself, “What happened? Where did the writing go?"

We never get a second chance to make a first impression. Do not let your beloved book be one of those disappointments. The reader will remember your name and believe me; she will hop on that phone and tell of the complete let down your book was to her. I've done the very same thing myself. And she will do it until it is out of the system, which can mean a lot of people now know your name.

So first and foremost.

Tip 1. Keep Them Hooked and On the Line

Always start a chapter with a "Hook" and end the chapter with a "Hook". For Every Chapter. Not just the first chapter to get the reader to pick it up and throw it in her cart. Come on now ladies. You do not mess with a woman and her eagerly awaiting romance read.

The "Hook". A hook is something that grabs a reader and will not allow the reader to turn away from it. They have to know what is going to happen next. Start your first chapter in the middle of the action scene of something that is taking place. Example: Historical romance writer might want to start the first chapter as a carriage is rolling over or running off the road, which I have done in one of my own books. But think about that. What a way to grab your reader's attention. Do keep in mind though, it must carry on throughout your book and not just stop at the end of chapter 1.

Tip 2. Show and Don't Tell

See, Hear, Touch, Smell, and Feel. Please do not narrate your entire book to us. I want to hear your characters have a turn to speak. Show us by communicating through all of the senses. What is the character in the carriage hearing? Can she smell the fresh scent of mud and torn grass? Can she see through a window or has the door flung open and she is able to see a river at the bottom of a hill they are headed towards. Does she shout anything or pray? Don't tell me what their world is like in every moment they are living it.

Tip 3. No Ones Perfect And Neither Are Your Characters...I Hope.

Readers connect with characters that have bad habits, odd and funny corks goofy catch phrases they say all the time. Make them human. A funny way a character stands or a gambling habit. Perhaps your character fidgets when nervous or bites their nails. OK, that one maybe grouse but a lot of people do it. Find or give something for each character that people may see themselves in and therefore can relate to right away.

Tip 4. "Huh. You talking to me?"

Turn off the spell checker! No one talks in formal or proper grammar when speaking to a friend or relative, so neither should your characters. Slang, broken speech, and catch phrases are all apart of how we communicate all while adding our own personal voice to what we say.

Read your dialogue out loud or better yet have someone else read it to you out loud. I personally always have my daughter or sister read mine to me. You will not believe how different it sounds. Catching mistakes or seeing where more needs to be said is so much easier this way.

If your character has an Irish background then tint his dialogue with it, but don't kill it. Heavy slang such as this is very hard to process for a reader. Play with it and have fun. Watch movies that sound as your character needs to sound and take notes while you are watching.

Tip 5. White or Black

White Spaces. A reader will open the cover of your book and immediately decide if the book is worth reading by judging how much white spaces they see on the pages. This tells the reader if you have more dialogue or if your book is filled with one page after another of black ink from you narrating. Review your work and see how much white space you have. If you see more black ink then white space, it is time to go back and add a lot more dialogue.

This is the first thing I look at when I pick up a novel. When someone is telling a story at a party, do you pay more attention when he is acting out the story as he tells it? No one I know wants to listen to someone tell a story that goes on and on with the same monotone voice with not a lick of expression on their face. Would you? Well, that is what it is like for a reader reading as you narrate pages of the story. They will eventually get board and put it down.

There is no need to smother your readers with facts, back story, time lines, or personal thoughts. Let all these things be revealed to your reader through the story. Please no long ten to twenty page prologues. Your reader will wonder what will be left of the story to tell or honestly, when on god's green earth it is going to start.

If the need is there to do a prologue, then at least have some dialogue and action in it for your reader. Not many people enjoy history lessons.

Tip 6. Fact is Fact

Get your facts straight! Any historical romance reader who has been reading for any length of time will know if you are wrong. Do the research for your Historical or Regency romance novels. Time lines, wars of your era, famous buildings mentioned in your novel, how people spoke, clothing worn, house hold items used, and anything you can think of for your novel.

If you take some time and check out Amazon or the Internet you can most certainly find all the information you need for your time period. Books, websites, and blogs are full of information. If not, find an expert on the subject.

Make an outline of all the information you might be using in your novel and then research it on the net or at a library. Honesty, it really does not take that much time.

Tip 7. Location, location, location

Move your characters around. Walks, rides in the country or through the woods, fishing on a pond or a stroll down a London busy street, and move them in and out of different towns. Your novel will grow very tiresome played out in the same room or in the same house but just in different rooms.

Tip 8. Wow

A unique story line is a must for any novel. Wow your readers with unexpected twists and turns throughout your novel.

Perhaps the first time your hero sees your heroine, she is standing at the top of a long staircase. As their eyes meet, she begins to walk towards him down the stairs. In romantic moments like this what if you break the tension by having her slip or worse yet, tumble her way to meet him for the first time down the stairs. Or chicken out and run back up the stairs to her room. She will then later at some point have to face him and whoever else saw what she had done.

Maybe your hero believes she is looking at him, but she isn't, she is staring at the man behind him. So when he goes to approach her to take her hand, she is surprised because she had not even noticed him standing there.

Be creative with all your chapters, scenes, and characters. This is your creation so have fun with it.

Add to the list. What else do you think chapters need to keep your attention? Post your comments please. I would love to hear from you.