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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 8

Chapter 8

Jagger rubbed Kate's arm as she sobbed into his chest. Damn you. She never deserved this, any of this. You should have told her.

Kate composed herself as the carriage arrived at her home. "I feel so foolish. Please promise me you will forget what you saw."

"I would have never went to find Bellford had know what? Let us not have further mention on the subject Kate." Jagger tried his best to smile for her comfort but inside her was mad, bloody mad.

Kate said her farewells, darted to the front door and then stopped. She turned and gazed back out over the street. I could've swore I felt someone staring at me. The sidewalks were empty not a soul to be found. A rush of air blew her skirts and Kate spun around.

"Little lady you are going to catch your death standing there like this," Nelly scorned her all while yanking her inside. "Honest to Betsy you are soaked clear through Kate." Nelly untied the ribbon on Kate's bonnet. "Do not move child. I will run a bath."

"I think you to be a mind reader Nelly," Kate said as she watched Nelly disappear around the corner. Standing there in the foray she was quiet. Almost feeling like a stranger in her own home or a child waiting for directions.

Before Nelly returned Kate had removed all items except for her dress and piled them neatly for Nelly to take. Catching her own reflection in the mirror she noticed her dress was not quit right. Oh dear God. She heard Nelly's heavy foot steps approaching. Kate took a shawl off the coat rack in front of her and wrapped herself, just barely get it around her as Nelly turned the corner. She offered Nelly a sweet smile.

"Alright dear, up the stairs with ya love," Nelly motioned with her hands.

Once up in her room Kate quickly unbuttoned her dress and striped it from her wet skin. Before long she was in the tub and alone. Although it was late afternoon the room was dim. The candle light played with the slight motion of the water around her. Soft glimmers danced on top of the water. Beneath appeared black and bottomless, much like the way she was feeling at the moment.

Nelly dashed in startling Kate to death. "do you no longer posses the gaging of time child?" She strode towards her tipping her fingers into the water. "Out with ya," she snapped. "Sitting a chilled bath water is no better than standing in the poring ran child."

"I had not realized it had draw cold," Kate said softly. She watched Nelly pull out her evening dress for her. "Nelly."

"Yes love," Nelly said.

"I do not feel much like having dinner tonight. I am quit spent and would like to go to bed early."

Nelly walked over to Kate and placed her lips to Kate's forehead. "Well, you are not running a fever." She turned and pulled out her nightgown." She helped Kate dress. "Get into bed and I will send for a spot of soup," Nelly raised her eyebrows,"That you will eat love."

Kate knew better then to protest Nelly's orders. She has yet win an argument with her.

Three days later Kate was still in bed and now with a cold. "Nelly what day is it?"

"It is nearly Friday," Nelly said.

"Oh no. How am I to attend my own birthday party like this in two days time? Do I look as retched as I feel?"

Nelly giggle. "Well love aside from your swollen runny nose causing you to sound like ole man Drowsing, puffy eyes, paler than usual completion, and let us not forget you are breathing like a are breathtaking."

Kate let her head fall back to the pillow. "I'm doomed," she mumbled.

"Do not fret child. I have sent word to my sister and she has made you a special tea," Nelly said.

"As cheerful as you are by the news Nelly, I prefer to wait out my cold." Kate sneezed into her pillow. Nelly pinched down her eyebrows to Kate at that. She took it in her weak hand and slide it to the edge of the bed. "Auntie Fern's last concoction put me to sleep for two days. If you not remember you thought me to be dead and Gary was furious with you."

"Oh hosh posh child! This one will be fine. Your brother need not to know of it." Nelly gazed at Kate with a smirk.

Kate let out a sigh and buried her head under the covers.

"Besides love, your brother has invited company for dinner tonight and you are expected to be in attendance," Nelly added.

Kate flew out from under the covers. "What!" She grabbed the pillow at the edge of the bed and sneezed twice into it and then threw it to the floor. "Who is coming?"

"Child you have a cloth on the bed side table for that."

"I cannot reach it," she answered quickly. "Who is to attend?"

Nelly laid out her clothing on a chair fearing Kate may grab it to sneeze into. "i was not given the pleasure of that information even though I had inquired. He gave me a number of four extra."

The knock at the door drew their attention. Nelly opened the door. Kate watched a maid come in caring a tray and pinching her nose closed.

"Thank you dear, "Nelly said.

Kate sniffed the air. I cannot smell a thing. She watched Nelly pour a cup and then hand it to her. "Why was the maid holding her nose?" She asked gazing into the tea.

"I have no a clue love now drink it," Nelly ordered. "You must drink the whole pot of it within the hour and one more beginning an hour after."

"What odd name has she given this one? The last one she named was sleep away."

Nelly poured Kate another cup. "I cannot say."

"Kate laughed. "Can't or won't Nelly?

"My love just drink it and hush your your mouth," Nelly said.

Three hours later Kate was dressed and ready for the guests. "I feel amazing Nelly. I look even more amazing!"

Nelly smiled at her in the mirror. "Yes you do love now it is time to await your guests down stairs."

"No I think I shall make a grand entrance after everyone has arrived." She smiled at her own reflection. "I am beautiful aren't I?"

"Nelly pulled out her chair and said, "Everyone is awaiting you now child."

Kate turned to Nelly and hugged her. "I love you so very much. I think you to be the sweetest, cutest, little chubby woman I know Nelly." Kate released her and walked towards the door with dramatic fashion. "I think I shall be the talk of the party tonight Nelly."

Nelly picked up the tray after Kate had left and gazed down at the empty tea cup. "Good lord what was I thinking?"

Down in the kitchen one of the staff approached her. "Nelly, what are we to do with this tea labeled Conceded Truth from you sister?"

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