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Devon price and Sarah McMay's Story


Devon Price and Sarah McMay

For some people falling in love is simple. It feels fanciful to them or even mystical. In a dim lit room filled with strangers, she is suddenly struck with the warm sensations of butterflies that flutter up from deep within. One is not able to help but gaze at the cause across the room from them. For others, falling in love can be confusing and at times torturous. The desire to reach out and touch the one that consumes their every thought drives them to madness. Feelings of desperation and a burning need, to just once, be able to feel her lips on his for a brief moment in time. Just one kiss, one small gentle graze of one's lips on the others, an intimate suspension in time giving into the soft whispers of surrender that calls out in the night.

Devon Price and Sarah McMay feel a desire for one another they have never felt before. The tension between them is felt by everyone in the room when they are together. One dreams of love and the other resists it.

Sarah finds herself in an impossible situation now that her father has passed away. She needs help escaping the clutches of her greedy uncle and turns to Devon for help. Little did she know he was going to capture her heart and then walk away? Had she known what fates lie ahead for her, Sarah would have never allowed him to kiss her.

Devon promised Sarah's father Benjamin, he would look after Sarah before his friend and business partner was murdered. Devon had not seen Sarah in years and when he did, she took his breath away. Devon is willing to protect Sarah at any price, almost. As Devon realizes he is falling in love with her, he does his best to pull back from Sarah. As he soon finds out this is an impossible task. He wants her but is bound by a promise to help her, not seduce her. He cannot endure the torture of being in the same room with her and yet he cannot leave her unsecure from who is after her.

Sarah believes he will never love her and tries letting him go. She is left confused and heartbroken. He kisses her then pushes her away. He touches her in ways she never dreamed could happen and then leaves with no word of his whereabouts to a sole for days.

In a final moment of unbearable heartache, she breaks down and Devon is left realizing what he has done to her. Sarah's pain is visible all over her face, streaming through in her tears, and trembling through her body before him at his feet.

He cannot take his words back that he befell on her. He cannot undo the unforgiveable hurt he has caused her. He makes an astonishing decision. The only one he can live with.

Whispers of Desire Saga

by Cary J. Davis
Pages of Romance Publishing

Book 1 


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His Whispers of Desire

His deep sultry voice whispers, "You are a desire I can't run from Hanna."

He reaches his hand up and gently burshes a lock of her hair from her cheek. As his finger trails across her he leaves her skin burning with a deep wanting for him. Leaning in closer with his body craddling her from behind he sofly says, "Nor will I try to run from."

She suddenly felt alive. The sound of his voice sends sensations to places inside her she has not yet felt and her body quivers against him.

He touches her arm waiting for her responce. She draws in a quick breath and holds it. "Hanna," he whispers. Her eyes close as she feels the tips of his fingers glidding down her arm. He gazes down and watches his hand engulf her's. Slowly and gently as if in a suppended state he locks his fingers with her. She trembles in his hand and alondside his body. He knows she has never been touched in this way before. It excites him to think he is the first and he knows in his heart, he will be the last.

Hanna feels her head fall back and rest where his neck meets his strong shoulder. His other hand finds her waist and she lets out a quiet soft whimper of suprise. He draws her closer to him.

"Quinten," She Cries Out In A Moment of Pleasure. It Is A Torturous Fantasy That Plays With Her Nightly Ever Since That Night He Whispered Those Things To Her.

3rd Novel coming this fall