Thursday, March 21, 2013

His Whispers of Desire

His deep sultry voice whispers, "You are a desire I can't run from Hanna."

He reaches his hand up and gently burshes a lock of her hair from her cheek. As his finger trails across her he leaves her skin burning with a deep wanting for him. Leaning in closer with his body craddling her from behind he sofly says, "Nor will I try to run from."

She suddenly felt alive. The sound of his voice sends sensations to places inside her she has not yet felt and her body quivers against him.

He touches her arm waiting for her responce. She draws in a quick breath and holds it. "Hanna," he whispers. Her eyes close as she feels the tips of his fingers glidding down her arm. He gazes down and watches his hand engulf her's. Slowly and gently as if in a suppended state he locks his fingers with her. She trembles in his hand and alondside his body. He knows she has never been touched in this way before. It excites him to think he is the first and he knows in his heart, he will be the last.

Hanna feels her head fall back and rest where his neck meets his strong shoulder. His other hand finds her waist and she lets out a quiet soft whimper of suprise. He draws her closer to him.

"Quinten," She Cries Out In A Moment of Pleasure. It Is A Torturous Fantasy That Plays With Her Nightly Ever Since That Night He Whispered Those Things To Her.

3rd Novel coming this fall

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