Thursday, December 27, 2012

Romantic Story

His Fingertips Trailed Down My...

   The warmth of his breath is hotter then the night's summer air around me. He here standing behind me, waiting for my response. What am I to say to such an offer? A lady would never reply yes, but a lady was not what he wanted. Within  me she is here somewhere. The woman who can be seductive, playful, and teasing, all while remaining in control of the passion growing inside for him that had been long lost. To not let him see this side is part of the game. But how am I to shield him from seeing it in my eyes?

   Remain standing with your back to him. He is but inches away. I hear nothing other than his long breaths waiting on me. What am I to do? I feel the soft spray of it drifting down over my neck. Closing my eyes I smell the strong scent of his essence all around me hanging in the air. I want to bury myself within it, within his arms, but I mustn't. He wants nothing more then just this night. I cannot possible do this.

   "Do you?" he whispers.

   I have forgotten the question. "Do I what?" She replies with a playful tone as she turns her head slightly over her right shoulder.

   "Do you want to know how I would seduce you? There is no harm in telling you. If then afterwards you desire me to show you, I may be persuaded to do so," He said in a low tone that was teasingly pushing against her bare neck. He watches her soft ringlets of hair move with his every breath onto her skin.

   Does she have any idea what her smile does to a man? Those lips. The way those long lashes of hers tantalize thoughts of the impurest kind. The visual image she provides while she walks about a room nothing more than torturous. Hips slowly swaying. Delicate movements of her shoulders as she stands before me laughing.

   His finger moves up towards the back of her neck. She takes in a deep breath and he stops realizing she is not his to take. She is untouchable. Promised to another years before they had even met. He had nearly ruined her once and yet there was no one around to stop him from attempting it again. A foolish boys actions caused him to be banished. After all these years away she is the one thing he held to. The only desire he has never let go of. She and she alone is the sole reason for his return.

    "I think I must take my leave now." Her voice was barley a whisper in the dim lite room. She squeezed her eyes closed and prayed he would not persuade her otherwise and yet wished he would do nothing but take her.

   "You think? To me that sounds unsure."

   She hears only a hushed murmur of sound coming from him and then what followed was nothing more than the withhold of a forbidden touch as his fingertips trailed down her neck.
   The softness of his touch forces my body to acknowledge his absence as I lean into it. An unwilling motion to stop it renders me helpless underneath his spell. Strong firm fingertips caress my exposed skin tantalizing every sense within me. Slowly and teasingly, he draws out of me what has for so long laid dormant.

   Awakening is the woman I've never known. This stranger wants nothing more then to allow his desires to over take me. An unfamiliar feeling of freedom arises with a single stroke of his fingertip. A deep seeded addiction to the way his skin feels on mine is consuming my every thought. This erotic creature inside me is clawing her way out hidden in the depth of what I tried to deny.

   Lust, passion, and seduction plagues me with promises of fulfillment. As his fingertips trail down the back of my neck his wicked tongue lingers after it. Hot moist breath skims over past his lips to meet my bare neck acting as a hypnotic mist steadying my trembling body.

   I need salvation from this. I want release from his wicked graze across my naked skin. He draws out of me a panting that is tainted with sinful thoughts.

   His mouth taunts my flesh. His hands rip at my resistance. In a moment of surrender my clothing finds it's way to the floor. Puddled around my bare feet lay the only wall of safety I held. The woman who I thought to be so strange within me is now here. A heightened sense of passion is all I feel in this moment as the unwillingness to want him gives way to the buried desire for him, for his touch.


To Be Continued