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Romantica Short Story ~ One Night of Passion ~ chapter 10

Chapter 10

The room fell silent. A deafening sound that choked Kate. She starred at Jagger's expression that was nothing but blank. No shock or panic, just simply blank.
Her own voice rang out again in her head. Feeling her bottom lip start to quiver, Kate just gazed at him waiting, even hoping for salvation from herself at this point. He had to say something. She felt the sting of a salty burn emerge.
What have I said? What have I just done? A single tear fell down her cheek dropping to the floor. She watched Jagger follow it as it fell. His gaze slowly drew back up to meet her. Jagger please don’t look at me like this. I don't need your pity. I need help. I need-
A hand closed around Kate's arm and she knew who it was. "Come with me Kate." Her gaze never left Jagger's as she was pulled out of the room, she also did not shed another tear. Her fate was sealed and the reality of it smothered her quickly. The grim notion that the man who was unfit to be a husband to any woman was her future now.
Within seconds she was guided rather roughly into the study and sat in a chair facing the desk. "Explain to me what the hell you think you are doing?" Gary shouted. "You better pray Beckum has not changed his mind Kate."
She closed her eyes. The pungent stale cigar smoke rose up filling her senses. I could run away before the party. I can tell him it is my fever and I am sorry. Perhaps my fever will return and I will be lucky enough to be taken by it.
"Kate!" He slammed his fist to the desk.
Her eyes flew open as she was startled by the sudden noise. She stared at him with wide eyes not having a clue of what he just said.
"Beckum wants a word with you," Gary said.
"I-I am not feeling well Gary. Can you arrange for him to visit tomorrow?" Kate gazed down to her hands in her lap. They were trembling with fear, anger, uncertainty, and sadness. "I will give my sincere apology to him. Right now I feel quit nauseas to be honest." Without looking at him she awaited his answer. He had not sat down and was pacing the floor behind her.
"I will take your apology now," Beckum said from the doorway.
Kate heard the door slowly creek as it began to shut and then the click of the gadget locking in place as it closed with an echo. The sound struck her like a death sentence. She stood and turned to him. The room was dim and Gary was gone. His dark figure shadowed the door behind him.
Beckum's arms crossed over his chest. His stance was solid. A hard cold glare set on Kate. She knew this was going to be the moment that would change the rest of her life.
"I am sorry." She said with a steady tone. He didn't respond or move. "Please understand I was not aware of Gary's plans to marry me off. It was brought to my attention only recently."
"You have known for two years. I have paid a considerable amount of money to secure the marriage. At the time I was assured you would be agreeable. At this point I could care a less what you want. We will marry and you will be agreeable to it," Beckum said.
"Why? Why would you want to marry a woman who has no desire to marry you?" Kate asked.
"It is not a matter of what you want Kate. I have paid for you and you are now mine. I own you," he said. Beckum took a few steps closer to her. "I could have held out longer but I felt I had waited long enough." He chuckled softly almost as if to himself. "I was the one who sent word to him Kate. I was the reason he left the island. I was also the one who had him killed."
Kate couldn't speak. A thousand things raced through her mind and all she heard was he killed him.
"He was never on that ship. He boarded the ship I sent for him. The one I own. To ensure I would not lose my investment...I had him thrown overboard where he meant his fate," Beckum said.
Kate rushed towards the door and he took hold of her arm swinging her around towards him. "Do you know how easy that was for me Kate? So easy I can arrange for others around you to disappear as well, and no not your brother. People, um, let's say more dear to your heart."
"You are a monster," Kate whispered.
"I've been called worse. You are going to announce our engagement and you will also from this point forward be quiet and respectful," Beckum hissed.

Kate struggled in his grasp. Beckum chuckled loudly at her feeble attempts. She stomped on his foot and twisted the skin on his arm between her fingers.

He shook her violently and then raised his hand to strike her. The door opened and Kate turned her head to see Susiana standing there.

Susana locked eyes with Kate and held it briefly. "Pardon me." She said and gazed up to Beckum. She turned and walked back through the door. Before it clicked shut she heard the slap Beckum gave Kate across her face. Susiana paused, straightend out her skirts and patted her hair in place at the sides of her head. She than continued down the hall passing Gary on the way. "He is nearly finished with Kate."

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  1. wooooaaaaa!!! i really like it....


    1. LOL yes they are but in the end she has her happy Ever After Ending. I will confess to you that jerks are fun to create and write about :)


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