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Monday's Escape Into Romance Is... "Surrendering"

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Chapter 17

   Sarah laid awake in bed. She could not understand why he continued to tease her if he did not want to be with her. He had brought over Landon to meet her then became jealous of him. The whole thing was not making any sense. He did not want to consider her and yet no one else was able too as well.

   She had thought that maybe Grams was right about her becoming open to the possibility of love. She did not want to be alone for the rest of her life, and she wasn't getting any younger. Sarah knew that at some point in her life she wanted to share it with someone. Maybe she could have that with Landon or someone else she shares common interests with. Why not Landon, they enjoyed the same things. He was very handsome man. He was smart and witty. Could it possible hurt to try? Sarah did not feel anything for him though. She wanted to be loved by someone she loved. She wanted that to be Devon.

   Devon started his trip back to the flats. He was still aroused and it was difficult for him to ride. He needed release. Four long months without a woman was not good for any man. Then he remembered MaryAnn. Devon grew angry with frustration.

   What had started out to be a good friendship is ending with him angry and her hurt and confused. He should have never kissed her. If he had stopped himself, then neither of them would be feeling this way. He couldn’t stop himself and that was the problem. If Sarah had not nearly fainted, he would have taken her tonight. He would have pushed her dress down to the floor and touched every inch of her beautiful luscious naked body.

   Devon finally admitted to the fact that, until she sets her sights on someone else, the only relief he will receive is from his own hand.

   The following morning after breakfast, Grams announced she had a few things to do and planned a visit with Lady Wilcox. She would not be returning until late afternoon. Sarah picked flowers in the garden for a while. She read a chapter or two out of a book. Then she decided to change her clothes and go for a ride on Runner.

   Sarah changed into her custom-made riding pants. She made her way to the stable and found Runner. “Hello boy.” She greeted him. Runner began to tap his hove on the ground. Sarah placed the reins on him and guided him out of the stable. Without a saddle, Sarah mounted the large stallion and began to trot him to the riding area. It had been so long since she had practiced anything with him and she was excited to start again.

   She began with a few of her old commands for him. Runner listened and proceeded to do as Sarah asked him to do. As they started to graduate from the basics and Sarah began to jump a little with him. After a short while, Runner bent down and Sarah slid off.

   Landon saw Sarah in front of the estate with a horse. He could not believe she was wearing riding clothing for men. He chuckled aloud. Landon rode up and dismounted his horse.

   He stood watching her talk with the stallion. He thought she had chosen a large horse to be riding for her size. Landon saw the horse gallop away from Sarah. The horse then turned at the end of the fence and faced her. The stallion reared up wildly.

   Sarah let out a loud whistle to the stallion, followed by three loud heys. Landon watched as the large stallion without a saddle reared up again. Landon was startled as he felt a pat on his back.

   “It is just me Landon.” Devon said to him, as Landon had turned to see who had done that to him.

   Landon and Devon observed the stallion rear up opposite of where Sarah was standing. She let out another loud whistle. This was Runner’s go queue. The beautiful large white beauty reared one last time out of excitement and ran towards Sarah.

   Landon began to climb the fence to move Sarah out of the crazy stallion’s way. Devon grabbed the back of his coat and said, “She is fine Landon, watch this.”

   Landon climbed back down and watched as the stallion was gaining speed as he drew closer to Sarah. Landon looked to Devon who was watching her and the crazy stallion with a smile.

   He turned back to Sarah who was now turned sideways holding her arms above her head. Runner rode up next to her and she jumped on just as she had before.

   Devon let out a “yeah,” with his excitement. He looked to Landon and slapped his back. “Did you see her?” Devon shouted.

   Landon was shocked. He had never seen a woman to that before. He watched Sarah as she rode up to the fence where they were standing.

   “That was incredible Sarah,” Landon told her.

   “Thank you Landon.” Sarah then smiled at him.

   Devon looked up to Sarah and smiled. Sarah could see it was a true genuine smile from him. Sarah smiled back with just as much feeling to him.

   “Can you do anything else on him?” Landon asked.

   “His name is Runner. I would need a saddle to do anything more.”

   Devon said, “I will be right back.” He started to walk away then he stopped and turned to her and said, “Don’t move.” Sarah giggled at him. “I was actually talking to Runner.” Devon gave her a devilish smile and a wink.

   Landon could see the obvious flirtation between the two of them. He could not understand why Devon would not pursue her. She was everything any man could ever want in a woman. She seemed very easy going, not demanding or bossy. Maybe he did not see her that way though. Perhaps they were only friends. Landon looked to Sarah’s expression as she gazed at Devon walking away from her. That is the same look Devon had for her last night. If that is what the two of them consider a friendship to be, than I would like many female friendships of that kind. Landon then chuckled to himself.

   Devon returned with a saddle for Runner. He climbed the fence and went to go put it on him for Sarah. She put her hands on the saddle and said, “Please allow me to do it Dev. You went to get the saddle, I can put it on.”

   “How are you going to reach up there?” Devon started to chuckle.

   Sarah looked at him and gave him a little sideways smile. “Runner, down please.” Sarah pointed to the ground while standing in front of Runner.

   Runner kicked his front hove a couple of times at the ground. Sarah laughed at him. “Are we done for the day Runner?” Runner shook his head no.

   Landon and Devon stood in disbelief as they gazed at the communication taking place between a woman and a horse.

   “Alright then Runner, I will put the saddle back.” Sarah turned to walk and Runner cut her off with his body and gently nudges her arm. Sarah started laughing at him.

   “Well, you need to make up your mind Runner. This saddle is not light you know,” Sarah said.

   Runner went down on his front knees for Sarah. Devon and Landon listened and watched as Sarah placed the saddle on him, and was talking with him. She spoke as she would to a person. The two of them were amazed about the fact that Runner was responding to her and answering her. When Sarah had finished Runner took off Running.

   “Where is he going?” Landon asked Sarah.

   “I like to let him get use to the weight and feel of the saddle for a while.” Sarah watched Runner with such love.

   Ten minutes or so had passed and Sarah was ready to go. She climbed over the fence and walked towards Runner. Landon and Devon watched her walk. They were both able to see every curve she possessed. Although, Devon last night, had seen much more of her voluptuous curves than Landon ever had.

   “Devon do you not see her?” Landon asked him.

   “What do you mean, she is walking right there.” Devon answered him as if he was stupid for asking.

   “No, do you not see her? How could you not desire her?” Landon repeated it as if Devon was an imbecile.

   “We are just friends Landon. Do I see that she is beautiful, yes but, she is also Benjamin’s daughter?”

   “If Benjamin could choose anyone for his daughter, I would believe you to be his first choice Devon.” Landon said to him then turned his attention back to Sarah. “Perhaps all the numerous hours in the sun has caused damage to your tiny brain, Price.” Landon shook his head.

   Devon had not thought of the situation in terms of that way before now. He questioned if Landon’s point made sense. Would he have approved of Sarah and me?

   Devon looked up to see Sarah mounting Runner. He watched as she performed more tricks. After nearly thirty minutes, Sarah dismounted. She did not want to overdo it with him. It had been a long six months since he had done any tricks like this. Sarah removed his saddle and rubbed her hands over where the saddle had been. Runner then took off running again.

   Sarah laid down in the middle of the field. Runner came up and stood over her body. Sarah began to laugh at him. Runner started to let out loud nays. This caused Sarah to laugh louder.

   “Runner are you not tired from all the riding we have done?” Sarah asked him.

   Runner shook his head yes at her. Devon and Landon could hear her and began to laugh when Runner answered her again.

   “What an amazing creature,” Landon said.

   “He is I agree,” Devon said.

   “I was speaking of her. Blind fool.” Landon shook his head as he gazed at Sarah.

   Devon remained silent. He gazed out at Sarah and his heart skipped. He placed his hand over his chest.

   Runner now had moved his body and began to lie on the ground next to her. Sarah kissed his large nose and laid there with him, her head resting on his neck.

   Devon turned to Landon and said, “Shall we go inside?”

   Landon agreed and the two men went to Devon’s study. Landon had shown Devon where the map was incorrect and offered to show him what it should look like. Landon pulled out of his pocket a correct map to show Devon the discrepancies. The two of them began to analyze why or who would do it. An hour or so had passed. Devon poured them both a drink and walked over giving Landon his.

   Devon and Landon quickly look towards each other as they heard screaming coming from the other side of the door. Devon rush out the door and into the hallway with Landon at his heels.

   “Devon! Devon help!” Grams voice was frantic.

   Devon ran to her and she threw herself into his arms. “What is wrong?”

   “My dear boy it is dreadful. She is dead!”

   “Who is dead?” Landon asked more loudly then he had intended.

   “Sarah she has had an accident on the horse. Oh god Devon!” Grams was beside herself with tears streaming from her eyes.

   Devon took Grams by the arms and spun her around into Landon’s arms. Devon gave Landon a quick glance and Landon nodded in return. Devon took off running down the hallway, and then he stopped.

   Grams and Landon watched as he pulled out his pocket watch and looked at it.

   “What are you doing?” Grams screamed at him.

   Devon turned and walked back to Grams and said while smiling. “Sarah has fallen asleep on her horse.”

   Landon started laughing. He remembered they had left her there with Runner as she lay on him.

   “How do you know?” Grams was confused.

   “We saw her lay down with the horse.” Devon said to her as he rubbed her arm.

   “I will go and wake her.” Devon kissed her forehead and chuckled. “I had forgotten about her out there.”

   Devon made his way quietly over to where Sarah lay with Runner. He knelt down in front of her. A few locks of her hair had fallen in her face. Devon reached down and tucked it behind her ear. He had never heard of such a thing. A woman falling asleep on a horse in the middle of a field, but then again Sarah was not an average woman.

   He had thought of the other night as he stood naked in front of her. Devon remembered the rush of need that had come over him for her to touch him. He also remembered Sarah’s desire to please him. The vision of her mouth wrapped around him caused Devon to tense. As he looked at her now, he wants to do nothing other than pick her up into his arm and kiss her. The feeling was not of desire or lust, it was simply because he-

   Devon stopped his train of thought and looked out across the field. He told himself it was not true and pushed the feeling aside.

   Devon reached down and brushed his hand over her cheek. “Sarah you have to wake up now.” He gazed at her as her eyes began to flutter open. “Just to remind you, it is not morning so the beast inside can remain sleeping.” Devon smiled at her. “Grams also thinks you to be dead right now.”

   Sarah jumped to her knees. “Why?”

   “I assured her you were merely sleeping on the ground, on top of a large horse, as any normal woman would be in the afternoon sun.” Devon chuckled at her when he saw her cheecks grow pink.

   Sarah let out a little giggle. She rubbed her eyes and looked down towards Runner. She ran her hand along his neck and whispered, “Runner it is time to get up.”

   Runner raised his head slightly and looked to Sarah and Devon. Runner then put his head back down. Sarah and Devon began to laugh.

   Grams and Landon stood in the large picture window watching them. Landon had his arm around Grams. She was still so nervous her heart was aching.

   Sarah couched Runner to stand up. She walked him back to the stables with Devon.

   With Landon and Grams watching from the window, Landon said to Grams, “I believe your grandson is in danger.”

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