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Monday's Escape Into Romance Is..."Surrendering"


Chapter 19


   Sarah smiled and said to him, “You cause me to blush in a far different way Dev.”

   Devon questioned her no further on the subject.

   They continued to talk with one another sharing stories and telling jokes. Sarah gazes around the table feeling at home. Two months ago, she would have never thought she would have found such kind friendship so close to where her home was. That house was also filled with happiness once upon a time.

   “Sarah is something wrong?” Grams asked with her with a sweet round face full of concern.

   “I was thinking how blessed I am that Devon had come across me in the park last week. Your kind friendship has been one of the most important in my life Grams.”

   Grams reached out taking Sarah’s hand in hers. “As is yours to me my sweet Sarah.” She gave Sarah a loving smile and squeezed her hand.

   Afterwards everyone moved to Devon’s study. Grams and Sarah sat on the sofa. Landon and Devon took a seat across from the women in the club chairs.

   “Sarah and I have been discussing the ball Landon my boy. I was thinking if you could take the first dance with her, then we can see who else may be interested. After hearing my story earlier, she has confided in me that she is open to seeing who may be out there of interest.”

   “I believe that is a good plan.” Landon stood up and walked to Sarah and said, “Have you not taken me into consideration though?”

   Devon’s heart was racing. He watch as Sarah looked from Grams to Landon and then back to Grams.

   Landon reached down and touched her hand. He placed his other hand around her hand as well and fell to one knee before her. Landon waited for a moment then said, “I am sorry, I felt no warn rush consuming my very soul. Did you?” Landon then flashed her a smile.

   Devon was nearly ready to jump out of his chair. What he was going to do after that he had not thought of.

   Sarah started to laugh. She was fanning her red face. “Landon I thought you to be serious. I had no clue what to tell you. A little devil is what you are.”

   Grams laughed and slapped his bottom as he passed by her. “You had me going as well, you fiend”

   Landon turned and said, “Can you spank me again?”

   “Will you be bare bottom when I do?” Grams started laughing again.

   Sarah gasped at what they said. “I think I shall learn more tonight from you two then I care to know.” Sarah was shaking her head back and forth at how in proper they were speaking to one another. She secretly loved it though.

   “Shall we play a card game?” Grams asked.

   “Grams, must you insist on playing cards with every guest who comes over?” Devon teased her.”

   “Shall I just stare at you all night. Oh Devon you are right, that is much more fun.”

   “I will if you would like me to...Devon.” Landon said and then laughed. “Did you tell Grams of your new friend Eli?”

   “I had not planned on it.” Devon said through this teeth at him.

   “Perhaps that is a story for later.” Landon said with a wiry smile at Sarah and Grams.

   “Sarah my dear, with the upcoming ball we must freshen up on your dance steps,” Grams said as she had grabbed Sarah’s arm. “Landon, would you please help Sarah to freshen up my boy?”

   Landon shoved his drink at Devon and said, “It would be my pleasure. Hold this would you, I have been waiting for a reason to touch her.”

   Touch her and I think I may be forced to break your hands, old friend. Devon shot back Landon’s drink.

   Grams was standing next to both of them in the middle of the room. Devon watched as Grams was instructing Sarah on where to place her hands on Landon. Devon cringed the moment Sarah placed her hand on Landon’s shoulder. He saw Landon whisper something in Sarah’s ear, she laughed and turned to him, and Devon turned away. Bloody hell!

   As Sarah and Landon began to dance about the room, Landon drew Sarah closer to his body. He then stopped and dipped her.

   “Oh!” Sarah shouted with surprise. “What dance is this?”

   Landon smiled at her with his devilish smile and said loud enough for Devon to hear him. “I have a name for it and I believe it allows a man to gaze where he wishes to, at the woman he is holding.”

   Sarah shook her head and said, “Why was I foolish enough to ask you that”

   Landon threw his head back and laughed. “This one is called the devilish dip. It is a move and not a whole dance. You should travel to Spain Sarah. The type of dancing they do is not anything like we partake in here. The women dance with their entire bodies. Like in the story Devon was telling us about the young woman in Egypt.”

   “I still cannot picture what it may look like.” Sarah said to Landon as they continued to dance.

   “You have been to India, right?” Landon continued as she shook her head yes. “Have you not seen the women dance in India?”

   “I understand now. No we would never dance it that fashion here.” Sarah giggled.

   “Well, at least not in public view. Behind closed doors is another story.” Landon looked to her and moved his eyebrows up and down at her.

   Sarah slapped his arm and said, “You are supposed to be using this on Grams, not me. I am rooting for you remember.”

   “Ah yes, the contest. It will take a lot more than that to bring forth a blush on that dirty old woman.” Landon smiled.

   “I heard that.” Grams yelled from across the room.

   Landon and Sarah laughed louder.

   Devon took a seat in a club chair after pouring himself another drink. Grams sat back down on the sofa and was sipping her drink as she watched them dance about the room. Devon was watching also and was not comfortable with were Landon had been placing his hands on Sarah. He swore Landon was doing it to get a rise out of him.

   “My boy, why have you been so pouty the last few days?” Grams asked Devon.

   “I have been asked to leave my home every night. That could be reason number one perhaps.” He did not bother to look at her.

   “Well I do believe I told you too but, you may come back as soon as we find Sarah a special someone. We must consider her reputation Devon. This way no one will question her innocence in the future.” Grams gave Devon one of her, I am sorry smiles.

   All of the sudden Sarah was hanging in front of Devon’s face. Landon had dipped her nearly into Devon’s lap. Sarah started to giggle as she was nearly upside down, suspended in Landon’s arms over Devon’s lap.

   Landon held Sarah in front of Devon and turned to Grams who was laughing at Devon’s expression. Landon said to Grams, “Dance with me my impure woman of my deepest desire.”

   Grams got up from the sofa after letting out a loud burst of laughter.

   Landon looked back at Sarah and said, “I do apologize, my true love awaits me.” Then he glanced at Devon and said, “Hold this would you?” Landon dropped Sarah in Devon’s lap.

   Devon caught her. “Landon!” Devon shouted at him.

   Landon paid Devon no attention. He walked over to Grams and spins her up into a dance.

   Sarah lay in Devon’s lap still giggling. She started to push herself out of the chair but could not without pushing against Devon. He waited a moment then said, “Perhaps you truly do not wish to leave my lap, Lady Sarah.”

   Sarah felt bold and said, “Perhaps you are right. Perhaps I wish to sit on top of you for the remainder of the evening and into the next morning, Lord Price.”

   Devon had not expected that answer and he laughed. “Would you care to dance?”

   “Would you like to do it from the chair?” Sarah gave him smile.

   “Sarah Mcmay. You are as dirty as Grams. Wow.” Devon was shocked and amused at what came out of her mouth. She had no idea what she had just implied to him and why it was so funny.

   “What did I say? What did that mean?” Sarah was surprised at his laughing towards her. She began to hit his shoulder and demanding that he tell her.

   Devon grabbed her hand in his and held it for a moment. Devon began to lean into her. “Will you dance with me Sarah?”

   Sarah shook her head yes. She had noticed how his entire body language had just changed. He had looked at her with such intensity. Sarah could feel her hands begin to tremble.

   Devon asked Sarah if she knew the waltz. Sarah had told him no. Devon then asked Grams for some assistance in teaching her. Devon and Grams demonstrated the moves for her.

   Sarah watched with delight as she thought she would like this dance very much. Grams then handed Devon over to Sarah.

   Devon could feel Sarah’s hands trembling as he took them in his. As they started, Sarah continued to watch her own feet.

   “Sarah you will miss step if you keep starring at your feet. Look up to me and let me lead you.”

   Sarah started to become frustrated with herself. “I am not sure if I can do this dance Dev.”

   “You can and will, just look up at me. You cannot very well stare at you feet while dancing the waltz with someone you do not know.” Devon encouraged her to trust him.

   As they began, both of them moved through the room with ease, until Sarah looked down again. She missed a step and landed on Devon’s foot.

   “I am sorry Dev. Did I hurt you?” Sarah was blushing.

   Devon chuckled. “No, I have another foot I can use. Why did you look down?”

   “Because I had forgotten which direction we were to move next.” She smiled and shrugged her shoulders slightly.

   “That is why you follow my lead. I, meaning me, and you, meaning you. Who leads?”

   “You are to lead.” Sarah said while rolling her eyes.

   “Who follows?”

   “I follow you.” Sarah was annoyed at his teasing.

   “Alright are you ready to begin? You have to look at me Sarah.” Devon squeezed her hand. “You can learn this. Look me in my eyes and do not look away to your feet. Keep you gaze on me.” Devon said to her.

   As they both began, Sarah found it quite easy when she looked Devon in the eyes. She did not think, she just followed his direction. She started to think how very blue his eyes were.

   “Grams my tainted love, my I have a private word with you?” Landon asked her.

   “What about my dear sinful sweet?”

   “It is about Devon and his intentions towards Sarah or I dear say lack of. I have an idea but I will need your help.”

   “Shall we go look for a snack in the kitchen?” Grams asked with a giggle.

   “My dear love, who needs food when you have this to feast on.” Landon smiled at her as he waved his hand down the length of his body at her.

   Grams patted him on the arm while saying, “Landon my love, I would chew you up and spit you out.”

   Landon laughed as they left the room arm in arm.

   Devon and Sarah had not realized they were alone as they continued to dance beautifully. Devon was beginning to regret telling Sarah to look him in the eyes. All he could think about was kissing her. Kissing her lips, then moving down her neck, and pausing at the base where her long soft neck met her shoulder. Devon’s gaze was on that area.

   Sarah asked him, “What are you looking at?”

   “You.” It was all he said to her.

   Devon’s gaze flew to Sarah’s lips as she bit up her bottom lip.

   Sarah slowly let her lip slid out from between her teeth, as she was aware Devon was starring at it. She began to feel foolish.

   Devon thought about taking her bottom lip up between his teeth.

   Devon released her from his arms. He was still staring intensely at Sarah’s lips. “Sarah can you walk away for me, please?”

   Sarah stepped back from him and turned to the sofa. “Where did everyone go? Shall I go find them?” Sarah was still looking about the room.

   Sarah looked to Devon. His eyes were wild looking to her. She took another step back and turned to leave. The look in his eyes was making her uncomfortable. He looked odd to her.

   She started for the door. Devon reached out grabbed her arm and pulled her to him.

   “Devon.” Sarah was startled.

   Sarah pushed against his chest. Devon whispered, “Don’t go.”

   She felt weak. Her knees began to buckle. Devon caught her and held her in his arms. He gazed into her warm jade colored eyes.

   How am I to ever give you up to another man Sarah? Tell me how I let you go. I wish you could see that I am no good for you Sarah. That this is wrong…that we are wrong. Can you not see you are turning me towards madness!

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