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Romantica Short Story~ post 4

One Night Of Passion

Chapter 4

    With her heart racing and her body thoroughly trembling now with shock, surprise, and excitement, Kate turned around.

    He chuckled softly. “I have never seen someone so disappointed to see me before.”

    Kate let her eyes fall to the flowers behind him. “I thought you to be someone else. It seems we have cross paths at another bad time,” she said.

    “What could be so bad? It is a splendid day out and you are here in the fresh air with good company,” He winked at her then added, “That would be me of course.” Bellford then smiled at her. “May I join you Lady Kate?”

    “If you wish to,” Kate said flatly. She sat back down on the bench slouching over with her head hanging in her hands.

    He took a seat within respectable distance next to her. After a short moment he said, “What is it that has you so troubled Lady Kate?”

    Kate let out a chuckle of sorts. “Where shall I start?”

    “From the beginning I suppose. That is quite often where people start a story, although we could go backwards,” Bellford said.

    Kate giggled and lifted her head out of her hands. “I do not even know where to begin. My family, my future fiancĂ© which I loathe, the man whom I thought loved me or the fact that I wish I was someone else.”

    Bellford caught her eye and said, “Start with today and go back.”

    “As you know, I am to marry Beckum. I have just discovered he has already paid my brother Gary for the match more than two years ago. Because he has spent all the money on his mistress and gambling he has no way to pay the funds back to Beckum.”

    Bellford broke in, “Can you not borrow from a relative?”

    Kate shook her head no. “Gary and Susana, my cousin, are my only family that I know of who are living.”

    “I see. Was the sum large?” Bellford asked.

    “Too great for me to pay back. I had no idea this exchange had taken place. My brother is selling me to pay off his debits not to mention the company of his mistress,” Kate said.

    Bellford asked, “Is that all that bothers you Lady Kate?”

    Kate gazed up to the sky. “It is the smallest part of what troubles me.” She paused then said, “I was informed the man whom I had loved has d…died and is not returning for me.” Kate took a deep breath. “I never told him how I truly felt about him. Without him I feel empty. He is all I have ever known and the only one I will ever love.”

    “I am sad for you Lady Kate. Is there anything I can do for you?”

    Kate’s gaze fell to the ground in front of her. “I fear there is nothing left to do Bellford, but thank you.

    Bellford could not take his eyes from her. He felt a strong desire to cheer her up. “I need an escort for tomorrow, would you be interested in being my company for the day Lady Kate?”

    Kate looked to him. “Where would I be escorting you to Bellford?”

    He smiled a devilish smile then said, “That I cannot tell you.”

    Kate’s head fell back with a hard laugh. “How am I to escort you if I do not know where I am to escort you to Bellford?”

    The smile on Bellford’s face widened at the sight of her laugh. He chuckled as she glanced at him and laughed again. “I promise you will enjoy it…immensely Lady Kate.”

    Kate looked at him. “Immensely?” She giggled again. “How could a lady turn down immensely with such promise?”

    Bellford laughed. “I suppose a foolish one would.”

    “Kate! Whatever are you doing? I can hear you from all the way inside the shop. Your un lady like behavior is causing gossip,” Susana said in a harsh hushed tone as she approached them. “And who might you be?” Her glare fell to Bellford.

    He stood up towering over Susana and bowed before her. “I am Sir Bellford. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.”

    Kate rose to her feet. “I met Bellford yesterday Susana. He was kind enough to keep me company while you were visiting with friends.” She flashed Susana a wary smile.

    Susana eyed him up and down. “Yes well it is time for us to return home.” She looped her arm thru Kate’s and began to walk away.

    Bellford reached out and took Kate’s free hand in his. She turned quickly towards him with surprise. He laid a gentle kiss on top of her hand.

    “Until tomorrow morning at ten, Katie,” Bellford whispered.

    Kate’s eyes widened and her heart leapt. She watched Bellford smile at her and then turn and walk away.

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