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Monday's Escape Into Romance Is..."Surrendering"


Chapter 27


    With a now very angry Sarah in the carriage, Devon instructs the driver to take them home. Sarah just stared out the window into the black night. Devon at a couple of different times almost brings himself to say something, but then stopped. He remained silent on the journey home. When the carriage stopped in front of the estate, Sarah did not wait for Devon or the driver to open the door.

   Sarah threw open the door and fell flat on her back when her sleeve caught on the handle of the door. She hit the ground with a loud thud.

   Devon jumped down and nearly landed on top of her. “My God, Sarah are you alright?” His voice was filled with panic.

   “I am fine. Do not touch me.” Sarah pushed herself up on her hands.

   “Are you hurt? Don’t move, let me help you.” Devon put his hands on her arms.

   Sarah swatted them away hard. “I said do not touch me Devon! Go away and leave me alone, you are good at that.” She pushed herself to her feet and went inside.

   Devon caught up to her in the entry. He could see she was still under the effects of the champagne somewhat. “Sarah wait. I want to talk to you.”

   Sarah kept walking down the hallway to the drawing room.

   “Stop damn it!” Devon screamed at her with frustration.

   She was startled by the strength of his voice. Sarah remained still with her back to him. The click of his shoes on the wood floor caused her heart to begin to race.

   As he drew closer to her he said, “There is something I have been wanting to tell you.”

   Sarah closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. With her back still to him she said, “What is it Devon?”

   “You do not have to marry a stranger Sarah.” Devon’s voice was soft.

   “Why is that?” Sarah asked. Her body grew tense as she waited for his answer.

   Devon took a moment then said, “Landon has discovered your father’s will on the estate and he left everything to you.”

   With Sarah’s eyes still closed she said, “And?”

   Devon paused to answer her then said, “Well this means your uncle owns none of it. You are a rich woman. You and Grams do not need to find a suitor now.” Devon felt himself growing warm. That was not what he had intended to say to her.

   Sarah’s eyes flew open and without even thinking, she turned around and slapped him hard across the cheek.

   He did not move. Devon knew he deserved it. He saw nothing but a deep hurt and despair in Sarah’s green eyes. He realized that he had just broken her heart. The fear of loving her and maybe one day losing her was paralyzing for him.

   Sarah’s tears began to stream down her face. “You dragged me away from the ball to tell me this? I was having a perfectly wonderful time with the Duke, who shows interest in me and you go and make a big scene, causing what is sure to be a scandal, to say this to me?” Sarah wiped her tears that were rapidly falling. “You are ruining me Devon. What will people think about what you have just done? Everyone saw it. The worst part is, you do not even care. People will say you are my jealous lover and I will be ruined. I wish I had not been in the park that day. I wish I had never met you Devon . . . ever.”

   She turned and started to walk away. Sarah could no longer hold in the pain that was crushing her heart and she started to cry loudly. She had not cried like this since her father’s death, to her, this is what it felt like, a death. He truly did not want her and she had convinced herself he had. What she thought was, had never really been.

   Devon was starring at her as she walked away from him, bracing herself against the wall as she walked along the hallway. As he listened to her began to cry hard, his heart shot out a deep pain throughout his chest. Devon placed his hand over his chest and let out a, “Um.”

   Sarah without warning collapsed to the floor. Devon ran to her side. Sarah pushed him away. She was crying so hard she was unable to form words, she just shook her head no. Devon knelt behind her as she stumbled to her feet and held the panels of the wall for support.

   He had never heard someone cry so hard before. Devon listened to her gasps for a breath between her moans of pain. He heard the sounds came from deep inside her and it was killing him.

   Devon reached out for her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Sarah turned to him and managed to say, “Don’t please.”

   He did not recognize her. She was grief-stricken. It was difficult for him to look at her. What was he doing to her?

   Sarah continued to walk backwards into Devon’s study. Devon walked forward and took her in his arms as she began to fall over a chair. “Sarah.” His tone was worrisome.

   “Devon please, you are tearing me apart.” Sarah pleaded with him through her deep sobbing tears. “L-let me go.”

   Devon gazed into her eyes and whispered, “I love you Sarah.” His own voice was shaking as he began to realize how much the woman he held in his arms meant to him. “Be my wife and end my torment Sarah. I will never be able to live without you.” Devon wiped away her tears and said softly to her, “You are everything to me, my Sarah.”

   Sarah crumpled in his arms. Devon picked her up and placed her on the chaise lounge. He sat next to her. As Devon gazed into her eyes, he found himself leaning towards her. Then he kissed her as if he would not live if he had not. Sarah kissed him back just as intense. She was still crying fairly hard.

   Devon climbed on top of her and laid himself between her legs. “Promise me you will never leave me Sarah.” He said through their kiss.

   “N-never.” Sarah whispered. She took a deep breath in.

   Devon cupped her cheek with his hands and said, “Please stop crying.”

   Devon kissed her deeply with passion. A feeling he had been holding back from for too long. His need to be with her was powerful. His body shook from the forcefully clear love he held for her.

   He pushed himself onto her hard and Sarah let out a moan. He repeated the motion again as he began to rock with her gently.

   Sarah could feel his entire body shaking as he held her in his arms. She was trembling just as much. She felt Devon reach around and try to undo her buttons on her gown. After a few moments, she felt the dress rip open down her back.

   “I will buy you a hundred new ones but, this one has to come off now.” Devon said with a heavy need in his voice.

   Sarah began to giggle as it broke the tension. Devon started laughing and said, “I am sorry. I cannot deal with a thousand of tiny buttons at this moment. Your new dress will have very large buttons on them.”

   Her giggle turned to laughter. “I could also walk around naked if that is easiest for you?”

    Devon began to kiss her neck as he said, “I do not think Richards will approve of that, but we can try.”

    Devon pulled her dress down over her shoulders moving it past her beasts. Devon left her dress where it was as he then went to take off her shoes. Next went one of her stockings. Devon reached up and slowly peeled down the other one. He moved his hand up under her dress and pulled away Sarah’s undergarments, tossing them to the floor.

    He sat up kneeling at her feet and he took off his coat and then unbuttoned his shirt. Sarah watched him slowly remove layers of his clothing. Devon smiled as he watched her watch him. He had thought about this moment so many times over the past few weeks. It almost didn’t feel real. He saw Sarah bite up her bottom lip, which always drove him nuts.

    Devon quickly fell to her, holding his weight from her and hovered over her lips with his. “If I could eat your lip I would.”

    Sarah smiled. “Why would you ever want to eat my lip Lord Price?”

    Devon grazed his lips against her bottom lip, them whispered, “Because from the moment I first saw you bit up your bottom lip, it drove me crazy with desire for you. How is that for a reason Mrs. Price?”

    Sarah kissed him with all the happiness in her heart.

   “How do you think Sarah Price sounds to you?” Her smile was enough of an answer for him and he kissed her bottom lip that he loved so much.

   He began pushing away the dress until it feel to the floor. Devon took the sight of her in for a moment. “God, you truly are lovely Sarah. You are more then I had imagined you to be.”

   “You thought of me?” Sarah asked.

   Devon kissed her shoulder as he said, “You consumed my every thought.” Moving down to her breast, he placed his lips gently over her nipple and said, “I nearly went mad.” Devon sucked her in and squeezed her breast. Releasing her from his mouth he said, “You have no idea what I thought about doing to these beautifully full breasts that taunted me daily.” Devon took her up again and Sarah let out a deep moan as she arch up towards him.

   More than anything, Devon wanted to make her moan with pleasure and he intended to do whatever it took for her to make louder noises. Every one of her short gasps and deep breaths of delight turned him on further.

   Devon moved to Sarah’s other breast teasing it with his tongue playfully. Sarah could not help it; she grabbed his hair pulling him closer to her. He reached down and moved her legs open to him. She immediately made an “Oh,” sound as he pushed up on her naked body. His pants were still on but she could feel his desire for her through his pants. He was firm and long.

   Taking her deeper into his mouth, he kneaded her other breast with a firm grip. Devon pressed her breasts together as he ran his tongue over and around both of her nipples.

   “Dev.” Sarah moaned to him.

   Devon nibbled her slightly and she grabbed his head with pleasure and surprise at what he was doing with her body. He then released her from his hot moist mouth. Devon gazed up to her. Sarah’s eyes were closed and her head was back. He watched as she licked her lips.

   A smile broke out across his face and he began trailing his tongue down over her belly. Devon made his way to her hip and ran his lips around to the side of her thigh. He could see her hands grabbing up the material of the chaise lounge she lay on.

   Devon continued passing across the top of her thigh. First the outside and then moving to the inside of her mid thigh. He proceeded up her inner thigh. Devon paused over the middle of her as she was spread wide open for him. His breath was hot across her moist skin that longed to be touched. He let his mouth hover over her as he listened to her begin to pant with need.

   He slowly moved to her other thigh as he trailed his tongue everywhere, except for where Sarah most desired him to go. After torturing her for a few more minutes, Devon ran his lips to the top area where her leg stopped. He again paused as he let his breath caress her gently.

   Devon moved his lips softly against her velvety moist skin. He heard Sarah take in a loud deep breath and hold it. She was so tender under his tongue as he spread her open. Sarah was trembling with a yearning for more of him. He ran his tongue up until he hit the right spot. Sarah jarred up and Devon grabbed her and held her hips down.

   Moving slowly he brought her into his mouth and gently began to suck her in, every part of her. Sarah let out a loud gasp. Devon then placed his finger at her opening and traced around it. She was already very wet. He slid just the tip of his finger inside her.

   “Devon!” Sarah half moan and half shouted. “Oh my God you have to stop. I can’t take this Dev.” Sarah begged him.

   He slid his finger in deeper and then back out, moving so slowly. Devon worked his finger in and out until he could go no further. He began to move faster. Sarah moaned with a crazy need for release. Her body was tight and she was overwhelmed with longing for Devon to fill her more.

   Devon removed his finger and slid his tongue inside her wildly. Sarah’s body tensed as she was beginning to peak. He held her hips down hard against the chaise and she screamed out his name.

   When she came down Devon quickly removed his pants and laid himself on top of her. He positioned himself at her opening and then kissed her hard. He felt himself slid into her.

   Moving slow, he was careful not to push too hard or fast. Sarah was digging her fingertips into his shoulders. Devon made a another push and reached her even deeper inside.

   “Oh Dev.”

   He held himself there for a moment allowing her to get use to his size.

   “Are you alright?” He asked.

   “You are not going to get any bigger are you?” She asked.

   Devon said, “No.”

   “Then I will be ok,” Sarah said.

   Devon chuckled slightly. “You have just said what every man wants to her a woman tell him.”

   “What, that he is too big for her.” Sarah said and then giggled.

   He answered yes and then kissed her. As he moved in and out of her, Sarah's breathing grew heavy. Devon reached down and pulled her leg up higher. He slowly pushed in deeper. Sarah grabbed the sides of his hips and let out a, “Ohm,” of surprise. She had thought he was not going to get any bigger.

   “Dev, you got bigger,” Sarah said.

   “I was not inside you all the way.” Devon said as he kissed her neck.

   “Are you now?” Sarah asked.

   “Almost.” Devon replied as he pushed a little deeper.

   “You are too big Dev!” Sarah moaned.

   Devon knew it was too much for her on her first time and he pulled back. “I am sorry Sarah. Did I hurt you?” Devon was looking in her eyes.

   Sarah wanted to say yes, but she smiled and shook her head no. “I am alright.”

   Devon could see she was lying. “You have to tell me if I am hurting you Sarah.”

   “ok then, yes it does hurt.” Sarah lowered her eyes to his chest. She felt foolish. Her lower lip began to quiver. She wanted to please him and now she thought she would not be able too.

   “Sarah there is nothing wrong with you. Hay, look at me. You are perfect. I do not have to go inside that deep yet, alright.”

   “You will not feel good if you don’t though. I am not right for you. We do not fit together.”

   Devon saw a tear falling down her cheek. “That is not true Sarah. It will take time for us to fit together. It never happens the first or even the second or up to the fifth time. Do you hear me?”

   She shook her head and he leaned down and kissed her hard. Devon started to move again. He was careful not to push to deep against her inside.

   He pulled out of her and rolled Sarah on top of him. “You can control how much of me you want in you.”

   Sarah was surprised. “I can, how?” Her voice was filled with excitement.

   Devon leaned up and kissed her as he said, “Take me in your hand and slid me inside you, but go slow at first.”

   Sarah placed her hand on him and put him at her opening. She pushed down on him slowly. She could not believe how different he felt. Sarah liked this better.

   Devon took her breast into his mouth and sucked with force. Sarah slid the rest of the way down on him and moaned deep at the pleasure of him filling her. He grabbed her hips and slid her across the top of him, showing her she did not have to only go one way.

   “Oh this feels so good,” Sarah said. She began to move slow while pushing against him harder. “Dev, Oh Dev, I am going to.”

   Devon could not hold out any longer. She was moaning and panting as her breasts rubbing against his chest and he began to release himself inside her at the same time her body gave into it's need. He stiffened and she tightened for one another, until they were done.

   Sarah lay on top of him out of breath and exhausted. Devon wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “I love you Mrs. Price.”

   She lifted her head and gazed into his eyes and said, “I love you Mr. Price.” She then smiled.

   Devon rolled them over so she was under him. He reached down and grabbed his shirt. He pulled himself out of her and placed his shirt there. “Hold this here for a few minutes.”

   Sarah understood what he was talking about and she tucked it under herself.

   Devon got up and went to the couch for a blanket for them. He walked back to Sarah and lay back down next to her, covering them both with the blanket.

   “How long shall our engagement be?” Sarah asked as she curled her back into the front of him.

   “Do you want an engagement because I don’t?” Devon said and kissed her neck.

   Sarah squirmed as she giggled. “It will take time to obtain a license, will it not?”

   “I already have one for us.”

   “You do? When did you get one?” Sarah was shocked by the delightful news.

   “I went after our argument and got one this morning.”

   “But I don’t understand you were upset with me. When had you decided you wanted me as your wife?” Sarah asked.

   “Honestly the first night you were here, if I am truly honest with myself, but I decided this morning I could not live without you as my wife for one more day. When you were pounding on my bedroom door and I opened the door naked, I could see it in your eyes you felt the same way for me.” Devon kissed her and then pulled back. “I am sorry for hurting you Sarah. I have never felt this way before and I-”

   Sarah stopped him with her lips. She broke their kiss and said, “I would have waited my whole life to hear you say that, Dev.”

   Devon thought he could not love her more than he already did. She had just made his heart leap again. “I am the luckiest man alive.”

   “Yes you are Mr. Price.”

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