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Monday's Escape Into Romance Is..."Surrendering"


Chapter 28


    Sarah awoke just as dawn was breaking. She looked over to Devon who lay behind her and could not believe how much she loved him. In her eyes, he was perfect in every way possible. The gaze he looked at her with made her feel so loved and cherished. As Sarah watched him sleep, she thought about the night before and how he had made love to her. She let out a quiet small giggle to herself. Who would have ever imagined anything could feel so good. He did things to her she had no idea even could be done. It led her to wonder if there was anything else, they had not done yet.

   She kissed his forehead and then his nose. Devon began to stir awake.

   Sarah kissed him on the cheek. “Good morning.” She whispered to him.

   Devon smiled at her, his eyes still shut. “Is it morning?”

   “Yes it is Mr. Price.” Sarah laughed softly.

   He pulled Sarah down to him with her back to his front side and rubbed her bare back. Devon placed a long soft kiss on her neck. Sarah’s body immediately responded to him. He ran his lips over her shoulder and down her rib cage area.

   Sarah let out a sound of pleasure to his caresses. He took her leg and pulled it up and over his legs, opening her up to him as he reached down between her legs. She was already wet for him.

   He whispered in her ear, “Are you sore at all?” He touched her gently.

   “I do not think so,” Sarah said.

   Devon slid his finger slowly inside her and Sarah moaned from the feel of it. He moved very slowly in and out of her, pushing a little deeper with every push up. The deeper he went the louder Sarah moaned for him to give her more.

   He loved to watch her expressions; Devon was turned on by them. “Does this feel good?”

   “Yes.” She said with a soft breath out. “I like it when you move slowly.”

   “I can tell you do.” Devon whispered and then smiled as he pushed deep within her causing her to gasp for a breath. He pulled his finger out and placed himself at her opening. “Do you want more Sarah?”

   She shook her head yes and reached between her legs for him. It surprised Devon as his body sizzled from her touch. “Um.” He let out in a deep tone. Sarah liked making him feel as good as he did for her. She rubbed him onto herself and Devon grabbed her breast and squeezed tightly.

   “Oh Sarah.”

   She moved her hips back and forth on the length of him, teasing him as she did. “You like that don’t you Dev.”

   “I do. God you are making me crazy. Slid me in you Sarah please.”

   “No not yet.” Sarah played with him a little longer as she rubbed him all over herself. She soon realized that he was responding to her sounds of her own pleasure and she made sure he heard it.

   Sarah slid him in and Devon took over as he moved slowly inside her. He teased her in return, as he did not push more than half way in. She pulled at him trying to get him to move further within her. “Dev please. I need to feel all of you.”

   “No” he said to her softly with a hot heavy breath in her ear. Devon pulled out completely and then pushed just the very tip of him in. He repeated this over and over until Sarah was in starved craze frenzy for him.

   He reached down and rubbed her as he was still teasing her. Sarah’s body was quivering from his touch on her. She clawed at his hips and anywhere else she was able to grab. Devon slid in a little deeper this time and she grabbed him tight.

   Devon chuckled and said, “Is something wrong Sarah? You feel slightly tense.” He pushed into her completely and Sarah released immediately on him. Devon moved slow feeling her muscles tighten on him. Her release was long, lasting longer then last night. Devon rubbed his hand hard on her between her legs as he began to peak.

   He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “You are amazing Mrs. Price.”

   Sarah laughed. “I love my new name and I love you, Mr. Price.” She then took his shirt and used it as she had the night before.

   Devon covered her with the blanket and put his pants on. “I have to leave for a short while. A friend of mine has the license and the will your father left for you.”

   “I had forgotten about the will.” Sarah sat up. “What did it say exactly?”

   “Your father left everything to you Sarah. Lord Mcmay had a fake will drawn up and has lied to everyone since your father’s death. He has no rights to anything.” Devon then kissed her and said, “I am going to handle everything, do not worry.”

   Sarah smiled at him and said, “You are too good to me. I can never find the words to thank you for all you have given me Dev.”

   “Devon placed his hand to her chin and rubbed his thumb over her lips and said, “You have not seen anything yet. I plan of spoiling you in every way possible, Mrs. Price.” He gazed into her eyes for a moment. “Sarah, you have given me more than I shall ever be able to give you in a life time. You have given me a love I have never felt before. I love you so much Sarah.” Devon's eyes were growing misty.

   Sarah leaned up and kissed him passionately. “I love you so deeply Dev. You are my hero, do you know that?” She watched as he began to blush and he smiled with a wide grin.

   Devon gave her one last kiss and then stood up. “Alright we have to figure out how we are to get though the house without being seen.”

   Sarah stood up and put her torn dress on with the back completely ripped open. She took his hand in hers and said, “I do not care what anyone says. We will soon be husband and wife so I do not see how this at all matters.” She smiled and pulled him to the door.

   Devon opened it and they began to walk down the hallway. Richards appeared out of one of the side rooms. Devon and Sarah stopped.

   Richards gazed at them, observing Devon without a shirt and Sarah as she was holding up what was left of a dress on her body. His eyebrow went up at them both.

   Sarah whispered to Devon, “I have changed my mind. I am embarrassed now.” She stepped behind him and put her head against his back with her hands on each one of his sides.

   Devon squeezed her hand and smiled. “I’m not, I love you.” He then heard her giggle softly from behind him.

   “Might I suggest the back staircase for you two to use, Sir,” Richards said.

   “That is a splendid idea Richards. I am surprised to see you here so early this morning?”

   “Should I be somewhere else, Sir?” Richards asked.

   “You had the night off last night, did you not? I thought the house was empty?” Devon asked.

   “I did, but I did not leave. I was here.” Richards said.

   Sarah gasped and squeezed Devon’s side with her hands.

   “Oh yes, do not fret Lady Sarah, I did not hear you at all last night or this morning.” Richards flashed Devon a smile and turned as he walked away.

   “Richards, you did not have to tell her that.” Devon said as he turned around and walked with Sarah in front of him against his body.

   They reached Sarah’s bedroom door and Devon said, “What are you doing?”

   “What do you mean? I am going to freshen up Dev.” She gazed at him with confusion.

   Devon turned the doorknob on her door and pushed it open.

   Sarah stepped into the room. She turned to Devon and said, “What happened? I don’t understand where are all of my belongings?”

   “In your room.” Devon stepped in and kissed her. “Your new room which is our room.” He could see Sarah was delighted, as she was tearing up. “I had your things moved last night after you had left for the ball. I hope you do not mind.”

   Sarah leaped into his arms and wrapped herself around him. Devon laughed.

   “You really do love me don’t you?” Sarah whispered in his ear. She was becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

   “Forever Sarah, I will never stop loving you.” Devon kissed her and her dress slid down exposing her breasts to his chest. He felt himself growing aroused again. He knew she had to be sore, although, he also knew she would not admit that to him. “Lets get you in the tub and I will get going so I can return to you soon.”

   An hour later, after he washed up and dressed, Devon set out to Eli’s town house. He wanted to tell the world he was in love with Sarah. It was because of them that he found the courage to tell her how he felt. In Devon’s mind, it was only right that Eli and Edward would be the first to know about the wedding.

   Devon reached Eli and Edward’s house and knocked on the door. The butler answered and told Devon they had already left for the morning. Devon decided to set out shopping for a wedding gift for Sarah. He would check back later at the town house for his two friends.

   He found himself at the bookstore browsing through the books. He asked the store owner if he had a copy of Sarah’s book. The man had one copy and Devon bought it. After leaving the store he passed by the dress shop where he knew Grams has gone for fittings. He asked the man if he had Sarah’s fittings. The man remembered her and confirmed he had them. Devon ordered several dresses for her and asked them to be sent to the house. As Devon was leaving, he saw one dress that caught his eye. The dress was a soft white cotton with light pale pink trim all over it. Devon remembered Sarah saying her favorite color was pink. Devon made a special request that the tailor size the dress and send it to the estate for Sarah with a note he personal wrote to her. Devon also made a special request for some unique alternative designs from the tailor.

   Devon then stopped back at the town house looking for Eli. They had still not returned, so Devon left him word that he was looking for him with the butler.

   He decided to have a drink at the Lions Club he use to visit frequently with Landon.

   Three hours had passed since Devon had left. Sarah sat in the drawing room waiting his return. She could see storm clouds approaching off in the far distance from the hilltop the estate sat on. Sarah began to wonder how much longer Devon would be. If he was caught in the rain he would most likely catch a cold.

   “Where have you been all morning?” Brook asked as she entered the doorway.

   Sarah quickly looked to Brook then smiled at her. “I have been in here waiting for Dev to come home.”

   Brook sat down next to her on the sofa. She was starring at her and then she finally said, “Well?”

   She sheepishly turned away with a grin. “Well, I-” Sarah stopped.

   “Sarah I wondered about you all night long. You have to tell me something.” Brook could see Sarah begin to blush red hot. “Oh Sarah! Did you?”

   Sarah put her hands over her face to hide her red glowing cheeks and the huge smile across her face. Brook pulled Sarah's hands down and Sarah gazed at her. The two women started to giggle as they held each others hands.

   “Did he ask for your hand?” Brook asked.

   “Dev wants to make the announcement this evening with everyone. Please do not mention it to Grams.”

   “I do not know Grams well Sarah but, I am pretty certain she already knows. That woman does not miss a thing.” Brook rubbed Sarah’s hand in hers. She was so happy for her. “So, how was it with him?”

   Sarah bit up her bottom lip.

   Brook then whispered, “I am not a virgin you know.”

   Sarah gasped as she turned back to Brook. “You never told me that.”

   “I did not want you to think ill of me Sarah. Do you recall that I had told you I was engaged before I had met you at the library?” Sarah nodded and Brook continued. “Well, he was pressuring me to and I felt if I didn’t, I was going to lose him. The whole thing was not at all what I had thought it might be and he ended up leaving anyway after a month or so.”

   “Brook that is horrible. How long ago was this?” Sarah asked.

   “About three years ago. We were discovered and everyone knew what was going on between us, so he just left. I am so thankful now that he did. As a woman, I would not want to have been married to a man like that. He was not very romantic. I finally realized towards the end of it all that he was merely using me. He was very rough and honestly, he had only kissed me twice the whole time we had been together.”

   Sarah thought about how many times Devon had kissed her since last night and she was unable to count them all. She looked up to Brook and said, “I am very glad you did not marry him as well. I might not have ever met you if you had.”

   “Good after noon Ladies,” Landon said to them both.

   “Hello Landon. Come and keep us company,” Sarah said.

   Landon walked over and stood next to where Brook was sitting on the sofa. “I was looking for Devon but, that can wait a while.”

   “You may be waiting a long while for him. He went to see a friend of his Eli. I will call for some tea in the meantime,” Sarah said.

   “Has he been gone long?” Landon asked.

   “He left shortly after sunrise. He should be returning any moment though.” Sarah said. She got up and left to find Richards for tea.

   Landon bent down and whispered, “Good morning Brook.”

   Brook turned her head and hit her nose on the side of his head. “Ouch!” She reached up and held her nose.

   Landon knelt down next to her and grabbed her face. “Are you all right? I am so sorry Brook.”

   She shook her head yes and Landon saw a few drops of blood fall to the chest of her dress. He pulled out a handkerchief and placed it to her nose. “Blood hell. What have I done to you?”

   “I will be fine Landon. It is my fault; I should not have turned my head so quickly towards you.” Brook said through the handkerchief. She tilted her head back and rested it on the back of the sofa.

   Landon unconsciously placed his hand on her knee. “I will fetch a damp cool cloth.”

   Brook moved the handkerchief away from her nose and said, “Is it still bleeding?”

   “Yes and is beginning to swell.” Landon said.

   Brook rolled her eyes and said, “I am hopelessly clumsy I tell you.” Brook then shook her head with frustration.

   Sarah came in the room and was announcing Richards was bringing tea, until she saw Brook. “What happened Brook?” Sarah could see the blood on her dress.

   Landon looked at Brook then to Sarah and said, “She was getting smart with me Sarah.”

   Brook almost laughed as she said, “He doesn’t like sassy red heads is what the problem is Sarah.”

   “Can I not leave you two alone for three minutes?” Sarah was standing with her hand on her hip.

   Landon and Brook started laughing at her. Landon then said, “I would not advise it.”

   Sarah started giggling with them.

   “What is so funny?” Grams said loudly. “Tell me what I have missed?”

   “Landon is beating Brook for being a red head,” Sarah said.

   “Oh that is nonsense for I happen to know, red heads are his favorite. Aren’t they my love?”

   Landon stood up and gave Grams his seat. He took Grams's hand as he helped her down onto the sofa. Landon then brought her hand to his lips and said, “I only have eyes for you my silver headed wicked love.” He sounded so sinfully wicked, with his slow deep tone of his voice and devilish gaze.

   Sarah saw Brook’s mouth drop slightly open. “Brook close your mouth.” She whispered to her over Brook's shoulder.

   Brook swiftly closed it and smiled.

   Richards brought the tea in with of course, sweets for Grams. “Lunch will be ready soon.”

   Sarah felt herself grow warm. She had not seen him since that morning and she could not bring herself to look at him.

   Richards came up to her and said, “A package has arrived for you. It is waiting in your new room lady Sarah.”

   Sarah finally look at him and said, “Who is it from?” Her eyes were big with wonder.

   “It has an envelope with Devon’s handwriting on it.” Richards replied.

   Sarah asked Brook to come with her upstairs. The two women left the room and made their way up the stairs. Sarah opened the door to see a large box on top of the bed. She opened the note and started to read it out loud.

   Lovely Sarah,

  I am held up in town and I hope to return to you shortly. Put this on.

                                                 I love you, Dev.

   “What kind of a love letter is that?” Brook exclaimed.

   “A Devon style love letter.” Sarah said as she started laughing.

   Brook had tears rolling down her cheeks as she fell to the bed. Sarah was holding her side from laughter. As they began to get over Devon’s romantic love letter, Brook told Sarah to open the box. Sarah lifted the top off and saw the most beautiful white dress with pink trim. She held it up to take a better look. It had a low-neck line with three quarter length sleeves and was very soft.

   “That is gorgeous Sarah. Try it on.”

   Sarah went behind the screen and pulled the dress over her head. She asked Brook to button up the back.

   Brook walked around the back of Sarah to help her. “This is different.”

   “What is?” Sarah asked.

   “The back of the dress. It only has four large buttons running down it.”

   Sarah smiled and said, “Dev does not like buttons.” She continued and told Brook the story of the night before, when Devon had ripped her dress down the back in a moment of heated passion.

   Brook was giggling as Sarah described his frustration as he fumbled and their kissing while he attempted to undo all the tiny buttons. Until he finally just ripped it off. Brook told her she had never heard of something so passionate before.

   They talked for quite some time in Sarah’s room. Sarah and Brook were having such a wonderful time telling secrets and stories until the interruption came. The two women heard yelling coming from down stairs. They opened the door to see two officers coming towards them. Brook and Sarah held each other.

   “Which one of you is Sarah Mcmay?” The man demanded to know.

   “I-I am Sir.” Sarah said.

   “I need you to come with me Lady Mcmay.”

   Brook stepped in front of Sarah and said, “She will not be going anywhere until you explain a reason why.” Brook saw Landon coming down the hallway with two officers coming up behind him fast.

   Sarah suddenly heard her uncle’s voice. She began to panic. Brook shoved Sarah inside the bedroom and shut the door behind them.

   As she locked it she said, “We will wait in here until Devon returns home.”

   Sarah was crying and shook her head in agreement.

   The men on the other side of the door began to pound on it, as they demanded she open the door. Threats were shouted to Brook for interfering as they said she was going to jail. Sarah and Brook jumped with fear as the men began to kick the door in. It was not long before they had rushed in and grabbed the two women.

   Both of them were dragged down stairs with a man on either side of them holding their arms. There were four men carrying Landon. Sarah was brought face to face with her uncle. He smiled at her with a hateful grin and whispered to her in a low hissing voice, “You will pay for this Sarah. Collins is quite eager to see you again.”

   Sarah began to scream as she begged the men to let her go. She wiggled one arm out of the man’s grip and grabbed Landon’s hand. “Find Devon!”

   The look in her eyes was nothing but sheer fear. The officer took hold of her arm again and bent it until she submitted to him. Landon went to lunge at the man as Sarah screamed in pain, but he was held back by three other men.

   Grams buried herself into Richards as she sobbed. Richards watched as they removed Sarah kicking and pleading from the house. Her screams were curdling and unbearable to listen to. Richards knew whatever Mcmay had said to Sarah, he had scared her.

   Mcmay laughed as Sarah was escorted out of the house. Grams walked over to him and slapped him with all her force. Mcmay’s head whipped to the side. He slowly turned back and said, “She will now pay for what you have just done as well as her own actions.” Mcmay smiled at Grams.

   Grams started to pound on his chest. “You are a vile creature. If you harm that child I will kill you myself!” Grams then spit in his face.

   Landon and Richards pulled her back and Mcmay turned away as he wiped his face and left with Sarah in the carriage.

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