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Monday's Escape Into Romance Is..."Surrendering"


Chapter 30

“Was that an oh no you can not believe how fetching I am from behind or was that an oh no, that had to do with the snap I heard?” Landon asked.

“Oh no the second.” Brook remained working on the cuffs. “I have broken off the pin inside the lock.”

“Well, what ever are we to do now Red?”

Brook popped her head out from the side of him and looked up at Landon. “I can fix this.”

“How are you going to manage that Brook?” Landon started to chuckle.

“Do not wander away. I will be but a moment,” Brook said as she left the room. After a few minutes, Brook entered the room to find it was empty. “Where did he go?” she mumbled out loud.

“I am here,” Landon said from behind the bar top.

“What are you doing? We have to remove you from those cuffs.”

“I was hoping you might have had something else in mind with the butter you are holding Brook.” Landon walked over to her and whispered, “Lock the door Red. I promise I won't utter a word.”

Brook stuck her foot out and tripped him as he was walking away from her. Landon let out a loud groan as he hit the floor face first. Brook knelt down next to him and began to smear butter all over his wrists and hands.

Red have you ever done this before or are you simply a natural at it? I feel like you are taking advantage of my situation. I kind of like feeling violated by you.”

“Landon, say one more word and you are never getting these cuffs off you...ever.” Brook moved to the bottom of his body and began to pull on the cuffs slowly that held his hands behind his back. “Landon I almost have them off.”

“Good because it will be your turn to wear them next.” Landon started to chuckle at the thought of her in them. Amusement soon turned to arousal.

Mr fields, I will leave you here in these cuffs. Do not undermine me. I am a woman of my word.” Brook pulled one last time and they came free. As Landon stood up he grabbed Brook on the shoulders. Brook glared down at his butter covered hands on her dress sleeves. Her mouth formed a straight line as she glared at him with clear irritation. Landon smiled down at her. Brook felt his fingers moving around on the fabric of her dress.

Brook said, “Do you mind?”

“I do not one bit, but thank you for considering me though.” Brook then walked away mummbling to herself.


Devon sat with Sarah on the chaise lounge. He was hesitant to touch her given all her injuries. The doctor had not wanted anyone to move her so she was covered by a thin sheet. Devon went to get a blanket for her. As he gently placed it over her, the sudden realization of what had happened to her began to surface. Devon began to feel the fury build up inside him again.

How could I have allowed this to happen? Some husband you will make. I can't believe she will never remember our night together. God...if I had just sent for the documents instead of leaving her alone.

Devon looked down at Sarah and saw her staring up at him. “I did not mean to wake you. I'm sorry." Sarah shook her head in protest. “Would you like some tea or water?” Sarah shook her head yes at him. “Water?”

   "Yes.” Her voice was weak and scratchy sounding. “Brook?” Sarah said.

“Would you like to see Brook? I will fetch her for you.”

Sarah smiled slightly at him and Devon left. Sarah picked up the empty silver tray from the coffee table and gazed at her reflection in horror. Sarah tossed the tray to the floor and began to cry.

Brook came up to Sarah's side with Devon. Sarah turned away as best she could from both of them. Brook quickly looked to Devon.

“Sarah listen to me, the doctor said you will make a full recovery. Are you in pain again?”

She did not answer her. Sarah's hand was covering her face. Devon moved towards her and stepped on the tray lying on the floor. He realized Sarah must have saw her reflection. He walked over and touched Brook on the shoulder. Brook stood up and made her way to the door.

Devon sat down next to Sarah. “I had the most amazing night of my life last night Sarah. I can't begin to describe how I felt and still feel right now. I had asked you this once already Sarah. And after last night...well honestly after these last few weeks, I would ask you every night if it brought you happiness.”

Devon put his hand over her hand and eased it away from her bruised face. Devon got up and move to sit in front of the direction she was faced. She would not look at him. So Devon sat on the floor in front of her so they were now face to face.

“Sarah,” he whispered. “Please look at me sweetheart?”

Her gaze flew to his. Devon could see the confusion in her eyes. He slowly leaned in and kissed her so very gently. Then he whispered, “Sarah you told me last night you would be my wife and now I pray you will remember. I cannot live without you in my life Sarah. I have never loved someone so much before. Please share your life with me?”

Sarah took his hand in her hand. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she did her best to form a smile. “I love you Dev,” she said softly. “I am sorry I cannot.”

“What?” Devon searched her eyes as to why she would say that. “You just said you love me why will you not be my wife?”

“Please leave me Dev. I do not want your pity. You are no longer bound to your promise to my father.” Sarah turned her head away from him.

Sarah I do not ask you out of pity...I love you with everything I am inside me. How can I convince you? Is it proof you require, is that it?” Devon stood up and left the room.

Why is he doing this? I want someone who truly loves me not a husband who married me because he feels sorry for me. Does he not know how much this hurts me? I would do anything for him, he has to know that.

Sarah heard the door open. Brook entered the room and then Landon, Grams, as well as Richards, followed by Devon. She looked at all of them.

“My dear child he tells you the truth,” Grams said.

Brook stepped forward. “Sarah you are my dearest friend and you know I would never convince you of false truths.” She handed Sarah the note that came to Sarah with the dress from Devon. “I watched you open your gift in the new room you share with him now.”

Landon said, “I am usually the last to know when it comes to matters of the heart. Earlier this day you were a smitten woman in love.” Landon stood over her and added, “Devon is the most honest man I have ever known Sarah.” Landon bent down and kissed her softly on her forehead.

Devon sat beside her and pulled out the marriage license. “The date on this was dated for yesterday Sarah. Not today's date.” Devon leaned over her and said, “I have struggled the last few weeks since I laid eyes upon you to deny myself the love I feel for you. I shoved all the fear I have about loving you this much and saw how foolish I was acting.” Sarah still wouldn't look to him. “Sarah please look into my eyes.”

After a moment she turned and faced him.

Grams grabbed Brook's hand and squeezed it tightly.

Devon said, “I sit her now before you surrendering my heart to you to hold. I am asking you to love me the way you said you had...please.”

Sarah saw a tear roll down his cheek. “You are my Sarah.” Devon gazed at her with longing for her to say something.

“Dev” Sarah swallowed slowly then said, “I promise I will never leave you. I love you from the deepest part of me.”

Devon put his forehead to her forehead. “You do remember,” he said softly.

Sarah smiled and said, “When you said that, it came flashing in to my memory. The way you gazed into my eyes is the same gaze you look upon me now with.”

"I will forever look at you this way Sarah. I love you." Devon said. Never again will I shut you out of my heart...Sarah, you are my heart and have been for some time. I-I am a foolish man and do not deserve-"

Sarah placed her hand to his check. "You are perfect in every way Lord Devon Price and I love you."

Devon remained with Sarah for as long as it took her to get back up on her feet. He had a bed brought down to his study along with a soaking tub. After a few weeks Sarah was up walking around. Devon never left her for longer then ten minutes at a time. He cared for her. Read to her and of course told her grand stories from his past with her father.

The doctor came every other day because Grams insisted upon it. His final evaluation was at the end of a long month. Behind closed doors with no one but Sarah and the kind doctor he told her the news.

Afterward he updated Devon outside the door with all the general of progress but Devon noticed something was being held back from him.

The doctor turned to leave and Devon reached out and placed his hand on the doctor's shoulder. "I need to know what you are hiding from me Doctor. Sarah is to be my-"

"Sarah is my patient and she will share with you what she wants to." He gazed down for a moment and then back up to Devon. "It is not my place to delivery news that may change lives Lord Price. Sarah will tell you if and when she chooses to. I am truely sorry Sir." He turned and left.

Devon approached the door to his study. It was left cracked open and he saw Sarah wiping tears from her eyes. His heart sank and he wanted so much to leave for a while to get some air or honestly just to run from any possible hurt.

Sarah's gaze flew up at the door opening and saw Devon's smile. She did her best to compose herself, but she knew he knew her too well to hide anything from him now.

Devon stood in front of her. He said nothing and Sarah could not bring herself to look up to him. He noticed her hands trembling in her lap. He slowly reached down and covered them with his as he got on his knees.

"Sarah, what is it?" He barely got the words out fearing the answer to follow.

It took her a long few seconds to answer. Sarah looked him in the eyes. "The doctor believes I will never be able to have children Dev."

He closed his eyes and released the breath he was holding. Devon shook his head. "Thank God Sarah."


Devon looked to her. "I thought you were going to die or something. We can adopt children Sarah. You are what I care about right now. We will worry about kids later."

Sarah was relieved by his words but still upset. "You are not upset about the news Dev?"

"It is nothing compared to lossing you Sarah. That I could not live with."

Sarah reached up and wrapped her arms around Devon's neck and he held her tight, but not too tight.

Nearly a month after that dreadful night, Sarah is almost completely recovered. She sat on the sofa in the sitting room with Brook, Grams, Richards, Landon, and Devon. The ladies were making wedding plans and the men were playing cards.

Marvin, the new butler entered the room. “Sir there is a Captain Morris who wishes to speak with you.”

Devon looked to Richards and Landon then back at Marvin. “I will receive him here, thank you.

Captain Morris came in as Devon walked to greet him. “May I offer you a drink Captain?”

Morris frowned slightly. “I really should not, duty you know. Well I suppose one small snip would not hurt.”

Devon smiled and said, “It will help shake off the winter chill.”

“Ah, that it would I dear say Lord Price.” Captain Morris glanced about the room and saw everyone's glare on him. He gave all of them a swift half smile and drew his attention back to Devon.

“So what do we who this pleasure for Captain? Devon asked.

Morris looked at Devon and then gulped down his whiskey. After setting his glass down he said, “I felt it was my personal duty to inform you that Lord Mcmay has escaped and is on the run.” Captain Morris ignored the gasps coming from the rest of the room.

Devon remained calm. “Do you know of where he may be headed?”

“Not at this time Sir. My sincere regrets on the matter Lord Price. I felt it was only right all of you be notified in person Sir.”

Devon patted him on the back and said, “You are a thoughtful man and I thank you captain.”

Morris held out a note to Devon. “This was written to Lady Sarah, but I felt it better that you handle it seeing that you are engaged.”

He took the note and captain Morris left. Devon stood against the bar and opened it. Everyone was watching him. Waiting to be told what the note said to Sarah.

To my brother's child,

You have stolen what is rightfully mine by birthright. You should have died that night. Your last breath should have been done and gone like your father's and Devon's father was. They both payed for their mistakes with their lives and so will you Sarah.

I want what is mine. All of you will suffer. I will make you watch me kill everyone whom you dragged into this. And in the end, when you are alone surrounded by your dead friends, I will kill you slowly as I did your father.

He died by my hands and so will you Sarah. I will hunt you, follow you, seek you until I find you.

Devon did not finish the note. He folded it up and placed it into his pocket. He walked over to Sarah and said, “I will never allow him to come near you again.”

Sarah stood up and hugged him tightly and whispered, “I know Dev. I know.”

The End

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