Friday, May 18, 2012

You Deserve More...

I feel all you my loyal readers deserve more of an explanation on why I have been gone for so long and why the weekly stories came to a standstill. Some of you have been with me since I started this blog back in 2010 and in my mind a few brief posts and an "I'm sorry" somehow just doesn't cut it. So here it goes...

August 15, 2011 my daughter who had just turned 16 years old gave birth to my grandson and as you can imagine needed a lot of help and extra hands. Understandably I put writing on hold given I had a new life to care for in my hands.

After a few months I was back on track and writing again. Was very excited to meet a wonderful gentleman, and he is every part of the word gentleman, who was interested in co-writing a romance novel with mwah. We began collaborating and came up with a story. Then it computer crashed with little warning. Two complete novels and every short story as well as 30 plus outlines for more novels were all gone. The geek squad failed to be geeky enough to save all my writing. I, being who I am, did not think I needed to back up anything. Yeah, lesson learned tenfold. This was in mid-March right before my life totally started to spin down into the depths of hell!!!

Using our tax return money we decided to go out and purchase a new laptop on the 16th of March. All three of my teens are thrilled thinking mommies will now stop crying...ha-ha never happened? My girlfriend came over to visit. I made some pizzas, burnt them of course, we ate and had a great time. Sitting in the kitchen with both of us on our laptops doing our best to harass FB world and the lights above our heads keep flickering. It is an older home and I just didn't think much about it. After blowing two fuses my husband gave up and said he would look at the panel box in the morning.

In minutes after my girlfriend leaves to go home my husband then decides to pull down the trap door to the attic in the laundry room. As soon as he does smoke comes pouring out and within 3 minutes the house is filled with smoke. It’s funny because you think you know your way around your own house and when you hear all the stories about people getting lost and not being able to find their way around the house....totally true.

Firemen show up...mistake number 1. I should have let the house burn down to the ground. Even with my "Gold Package" insurance coverage with American Family Insurance that has the extra coverage we needed, they refused to cover electrical code up grades outside of where the fire did damage. The county came in and said the entire house needs to be rewired....What?

We are then from this point moved to a hotel after having to stay in the house for two days because American Family Emergency Hot Line connected me to the auto claims department, which I needed home owners, when I called the day after the fire and would not let me speak to a manager seeing that they were short staffed...LOL. Yes you read that one right.

So from this point we are hotel hopping having to move 6 people including a 6 month old and oh by the way, we had lost all the baby stuff in the fire and was told to leave everything behind that we owned. Cloths, personal belongings, baby stuff, etc... All of which needed to be replaced ASAP.


All I can say is it turned into a night mare and was only getting worse by the day. We finally were moved into a two bedroom townhome. Small yes but we would now stop hopping around from place to place and town to town....I'll take it!

The damn thing flooded with not normal rain water or even sewer water. Oh no, this my friends was the water from the toilet down stairs. A special sub pump for the lower level of the townhouse below ground level took a shit and let it run all through the downstairs.

My story does not end here. My husband and I of 24 years decided we need a divorce. I have been with him since I was 14 years old and in our darkest hour of our marriage he just up and left!

So to recap for you...Laptop crashed holding hostage all my writing...House caught on fire...Insurance company does not want to cover the damage and/or code upgrades...we are hotel hopped for over a month with baby Mason...townhouse floods fill itself with shit (lol)...Husband walks out on us...And now here I sit writing you.

If I happen to disappear again for a while please know it is not because I want to. I will be moving in the next two months I hope to TN. From now until then I will be here weekly with you working on short stories, rewrites of my novels, and a new blog I was compelled to launch, Erotic Pages of Romance.

 All my love,

 Cary ~ Mizz Romantica

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