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Sinful Seductions of the Season


 Sinful Seductions of the Season

Let me just say this...
Perhaps I should start at the very beginning. Life has a way of bringing together people who are meant to meet. Some fall into a loveless affairs for no other reason then to be with someone. Others simply lust for what they can not have. There are those of the London ton who find the deepest pleasure in nameless faces with willing bodies to share the night's allure for playful acts. And then there are those who find the perfect someone. A true love if you will. A person to make everything in their lives finally make sense. 
All and every single one of these examples happens everyday her in our modern time as well as in times past where it was all very hush hush and secretive. The price of getting caught while unwed with a man not to be your husband or worse yet a stranger, it could cause your family to lose everything leaving one to ask is it worth the risk. 
I assure you the temptation of some can be irresistible while the lustful pull between others is undeniable. Two strangers meet and what the season holds for them is any one's guess.
London 1811
The start of the London season is in full swing. Parties, balls, operas, all adds up to who is who and where you are invited to. An invitation from the infamous Michael Rowlands would make any lady squirm with delight and it has done just that. As for the men on the receiving end of such an invite it yields hopeful promises for larger dowries and contacts to only the utmost successful and royal families of the ton.

Longing’s Gate is but a four hour carriage ride outside the city of London. Total number of the guest list is fifty five.  Michael Rowlands is throwing his annual late summer gathering. In years past it has lasted anywhere from two days to two weeks. The invite never says how long the visit will last only that you are, for this year, a special hand picked chosen guest by one of the most eligible bachelors in London for the last 6 seasons...Lord Michael Rowlands.
Now let's introduce you to some of the guests.


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