Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Erotic and Romantic Story ~ Surrendering

~ Surrendering ~

For some people falling in love is simple. It feels fanciful to them or even mystical. In a dim lit room filled with strangers, she is suddenly struck with the warm sensations of butterflies that flutter up from deep within. One is not able to help but gaze at the cause across the room from them.

For others, falling in love can be confusing and at times torturous. The desire to reach out and touch the one that consumes their every thought drives them to madness. Feelings of desperation and a burning need, to just once, be able to feel her lips on his for a brief moment in time.

Just one kiss, one small gentle graze of one's lips on the others, an intimate suspension in time giving into the soft whispers of surrender that calls out in the night.

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