Monday, July 1, 2013

Posting chapters failed

I write all my stories on word program and when I went to post the chapters last night all of them were scrambled and a mess. I started rewriting them on blogger. This is going go take s while :(

Sorry everyone I'm trying. We are looking at Thursday night now.


  1. Why does it seem like everything is against the posting of the chapters?
    I was on my toes yesterday waiting for you to post.I guess I'll have to hold my breath until Thursday hoping that I won't die till then!:p

    1. Vivienne, my internet id down for my laptop! I posting this from my phone. Something is erong eith my windows 7 it won't let me open the progrsm for my internet. I'm going crazy brcsuse I have 2 laptops snd the other one I'm locked out of. Pray I figure this out by tomorrow morning otherwisr I'll miss the Thursday chapter post :(

    2. Hey cary...please post them soon...its lik hanging om forever...tired of waitin...

  2. we are still waiting the posting of temptation of a kiss hope it will not take much longer

  3. Hey Cary, I have started reading your stories few days back, and I am so so so attached to each and every of them. I feel sorry too because you have to rewrite your chapters again. I am a BIG BIG BIG and HUGE FAN of your writing and I am so very much addicted to the temptation of a kiss. Am looking forward and we all are waiting patiently for the posts

    Love Mohini <3

  4. I have read all of your stories and now I'm addicted. I have a need for more!! I read everything like 5 or 6 time each. I nearly have some of them memorized and got my mother in love into them. Love Love Love your writing. I can't to read more!!!~KrissyLove

  5. I don't want to sound mean or hateful but we're still waiting for some news about when you might add more. PLEASE I going crazy waiting. Need am update please.You have gotten me hooked and I have fallen in love with your stories. It's no longer a want it's pure desire and an almost painful NEED for more. I'm getting desperate.-KL-☺♥♥♥♥☺


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