Monday, July 4, 2011

The Temptation of a Kiss

   How is it possible to stand in the same room with the very person whom consumes your every thought? So close to her and yet not able to utter a word to her.  Can you stop yourself from gazing at her? Do you even hear the person who engages you in conversation? Or are you thinking of the one you want, no need? The sound of her voice draws you closer. The sensual scent of her skin pulls you in further. And then her hand grazes yours and the sudden surge of desire over whelms you completely. A soft whisper in your head says take her. Kiss her now.

   Landon Fields is a man with no rules. To him women have very little use outside his bed. Until now they have all been very predictable, over emotional, and easy to charm. He loves women. He just has no reason to marry one.

   Brook O'Brien does not fit into any category Landon knows of. She is unpredictable. Always in complete control of her emotions. And impossible to charm. She is strong willed and independent.

  The Temptation of a Kiss is the second novel in the series Whispers of Desire. The story of Landon Fields and Brook O'Brien is continued from the first novel "Surrendering".

   Landon and Brook are a perfect match in every way but socially. Landon's family is well established. Brook is the daughter of a poor blacksmith. Both have been engaged in the past and both have been hurt. Giving into their desire for one another is the beginning of the end for both of them. Each one secretly deep in love with the other. They both know they have to walk away with a promise never to look back.

Reminding you that a new chapter from "The Temptation of a Kiss" is posted here every so often. You can also read it from the very beginning. Pages are available at the sidebar to your right on this website. Enjoy!

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  1. I fell in love with Landon and Brook as I did with all the characters from Surrendering. I can't wait to share it with all of you! It's coming soon.



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