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Erotic Short Story ~ The Night's Sinful Secrets



The Night's Sinful Secrets

Erotic Short Story


~ Chapter 1 ~
Athena giggled to herself as she ran through the Marquis’s maze. She heard the hushed ramblings of boots pounding the dirt in the far off distance. It has to be him and a few of his men searching for me. They didn't sound close enough to catch up with her yet.

She ran deeper into the maze at a playful pace. The image of shock flashing over him pushed her further to the limits of just plane naughty foolishness and if she was honest with herself, she loved every second of it.

Jase's pulse tore through his veins like a raging river. He stopped at a split in the maze. “Quiet,” he shouted out. “All of you go to the entrance and wait for me there.” Gaze back at his choice before him he stilled his body, listening for any sign of her.

Damn it Athena. If I had known you would take me seriously I would have never dared you to do this.  A vision of Athena hiking up her skirts as she removed her shoes all while gazing at him with playful determination and then dashing away down the stone steps barefoot, crept up in his mind. Floating lavender chiffon whirled behind her as she ran towards the maze.

When Jase called out to her she paused for a brief moment. Wild long waves chestnut hair fell lose as she removed her clip.  Even in the moonlight from a distance he could see her mischievous smile. “Are you too kingly to pursue what is your true desire, Grand Marquis?”

He hated when she teased him with the title.

To the right the trail looped back to the middle leading to the entrance. And to the left the path headed into the secret depths of exotic confusion. If one finds himself lost he may stay lost for days. That was the way it had been designed by his great grandfather. 

Jase strode in the direction he knew she would head, left. To her going right would be pointless. Within minutes he saw what he hoped wouldn’t. Taking up the purple scarf in his hand Jase squeezed it into a ball. Foolish woman. Does she not know there are other people wandering in the maze?  Shaking his head he quickly corrected himself. No, she knows because it was all part of the bet I made her. And she will stop at nothing to prove me wrong.

“Good evening,” she said passing a couple walking by. I guess I am not alone out here. A small laugh emerged. I can’t believe I am doing this. He will without a doubt refuse the marriage now. Father is going to be so cross with me.

Athena traveled further down the trail with little thought as to what tomorrow will bring for her. She had objected to the arranged marriage pleading to her mother she wanted to marry for love and although she truly cared for the Marquis, Athens was positive he did not share her passion.

Tonight will be the night the Marquis changes his mind. His insistence of duty and nobility is not something I will ever base a marriage off of…ever.

Ten minutes later Jase came upon a stocking and then another one twenty paces from that. “Blood hell,” he muttered. He shoved them in his pocket and kept walking.

Not far from there a couple bowed and said their greetings. Jase barely acknowledged them as he mumbled, “Yes you as well.” A firm scowl situated upon him now. He couldn’t help it.

Everything I have been planning is about to be ruined along with my reputation. Love, ha. Passion is for the foolish with unrealistic ideas.  I mean I can be more than passionate but I do not feel the need to show it like a school boy, especial in public.

Athena turned the corner to the left. Beautiful sculpted hedges of loving couples arranged in a circle drew a small crowd. Lit by lanterns they seemed to almost dance in the moonlight.

I’ve never seen such a display.  Her eyes widened as she entered the circle. After a moment she gazed around to the others surrounding her. I am the only one here who is alone.

One particular sculpture reminded her of him. She reached out and grazed her fingers over the form. It’s an amazing liking to him. Closing her eyes Athena saw his face. Strong square jaw with a slight clef on his chin. Perfectly formed lips she was positive would be very kissable. Sensual large deep green eyes that hid within them a devilish fun side he never allowed out. Fashionable longer blond hair that Athena wanted to touch on so many occasions but couldn’t. “You are almost perfect,” she whispered.

She took one last glance and left but not before discreetly making a point to the Marquis. He won’t be able to miss that.  Athena bit up her bottom lip as she continued on.

~ Chapter 2 ~

Ten minutes passed and Jase rounded the same corner Athena had. He walked past the hedge display heading forward with focus. Wait. Jase turned back around and strolled through figures. A few people were lingering about but there was no sign of her in there.

On his way out he passed by a striking piece. He remembered it from his childhood. His sister often sat by it. Jase gazed down and saw Athens’s undergarment that should have been covering her lower half lying at his feet. With a couple now behind him he kicked it under the hedge.

Does the woman not have an ounce of subtlety?  He ran his hand through his hair. I really almost want to walk away from this. I mean look at me. She has me chasing her down in the dark as she throws bits of her attire off her body.


  1. Do you have more of these stories?

    1. I do. If you look to your right, scroll up or down and find the pictures of sexy people. These are a few links to other short stories I have. Some are on my other blogs.

      Thank you for asking and Happy Reading!



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