Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Tempation of a Kiss ~ Chapter 13

~ Chapter 13 ~

Brook stared at the broad posture of his back until he disappeared down the path into the foliage. She hadn't realized it but she finally took in the breath she had been holding.

What am I do do with this? Chase him? Beg for his attention like a dog? She paused and gazed up to the glass ceiling. The stars twinkled through the panes. The memory of every one of his words would haunt her now and she dreaded the thought of them creeping into her head, her dreams, and worse yet her heart. No, he wants me to pursue him. I will never again do that. Not for him or any other man. To risk it all for one night with him is madness. I mean it is not as if he even truly cares for me, not in the way I had hoped he would. Just when I think I see it in his eyes the fact that he will never marry outside his circle reminds me that to him I am simply someone to pass his time with. The game...a chase. Brook suddenly stood to her feet gathering up her skirts in her hands. I need some fresh air.


Long thin finger warped tightly around his cane before the men in front of him. Black hollow eyes glared at them sending a cold chill straight through them to what was left of there hearts. Every one of them dare not look to the evil before them. Words remained just whispers inside their own heads not tempting the wrath of being heard.

Four men remained one captured from discovery. All five feared failure and what it promised for not only them but their families.

Drop to your knees,” his voice hissed.

All four heads darted up to see his long yellow nail pointing to the man on the left end.

Crawl to me,” a low tone echoed in the dim lit cabin. “Now!” He roared with a strike of his cane against the gray wood under his feet.

The man crawled forward daring not to close his eyes yet praying he had the courage to do so.

Where is the fifth?”

Here on the property, my Lord,” the man said. The growing sound of his own heartbeat nearly drowned out his words. Terrified he may not have spoke clearly enough he added, “He is reachable if you desire it, my Lord.”

He slid the tip of his cane across the floor to the man and raised it to his chin. Slowly he pulled his face up to meet his eyes. “Will you fail this time?”

The man gave his head a slight shake as he fought the sting of tears peaking in his eyes. The hard strike across his cheek was worth the pain if that was all he was to receive. Again his eyes remained to the ground. His body trembled. His cheek dripped blood but his tears stayed where the belonged, hidden from the sight of him, his master.

He stood with swift anger. “Bring to me the fifth and also one of the younger women close to my dear niece.” Turning from the men he gazed out the window to the faint glow coming from the estate. “We will pick them off one by one until only she remains. The men will be drawn out in search and easier to kill if alone. Save both Price's and Sarah for last. As for the rest, take them to the designated place and send word for me once you have completed your duty.” He spun around to the men. “Is this understood?”

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